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baby choking when feeding - need some advice


I need advice as its getting me down now.

My 8 day old lg is struggling with feeding so badly. She can't cope with my flow and so constantly chokes and gags so doesn't feed for long and gets upset. Also she's got constant hiccups and is quite sick now and seems to suffer terribly with trapped wind so constantly grunting. I am exhausted as she gets so upset she pulls away so wants food all time. I have tried expressing and she chokes on bottles and I have tried laying back against flow and expressing the spray off before I feed her but nothing works

Anyone experienced this? Pls tell me it gets better?


Sarah x


  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737

    It sounds like  reflux. My little one had it, but it was only mild. A doctor can prescribe infant Gaviscon if it is reflux. Not sure how  this works with breast feeding. I had to mix the sachets into formula. I do know a friend of my husbands had a little one with very bad reflux and had to stop breast feeding earlier than she had planned. Most Babies tend to grow out of reflux by around 4 months I think.

  • MrsLM23MrsLM23 Posts: 924

    Definately sounds like reflux. My little girl had it from about a week old and it's only just starting to ease now (she's 17 weeks today) We've tried all different things but infant gaviscon worked well. Pop her to the doctor and theyll be able to help and advise you image xx

  • howards21howards21 Posts: 286

    Just worry about gaviscon constipating her. It could be reflux as my first daughter had it, shes just been sick but swallowed it,  I could hear her gulping image I do have some gaviscon at home from my first child thats still in date, maybe I should try some. Will speak to midwife tomorrow??????my lg had

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