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TTC thread part 22



  • * no problems!!

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 963 New bride

    Ah that must be a weight off for you Ella xx

  • SarahLGSarahLG Posts: 313 New bride
    Hi ladies can I join in please? I used this thread when I was TTC baby no 1 which resulted in a beautiful baby boy (Oliver) who is now 13 months. I was fortunate enough to get pregnant within 2 cycles of stopping the pill last time. Hubby and I are now trying for number 2!

    im currently on my first post pill cycle, cd12, so I may be ovulating soon. I have been feeling so ridiculously bloated yesterday and today, I can't remember if that is an ovulation symptom or not? I don't remember being this bloated last time I came off of the pill though! x
  • Hi Sarah, My little boy is 2! I was 4 cycles first time round, on my second cycle now got a postitve OV test this morning (thought I had last week but must have read it wrong).

    I am also very bloated today so might be a OV sign - im CD14.


  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride



    i have no bleeding from it so dr doesn't want to treat it. He was pretty annoyed that the gp had actually taken my smear from it and was then shocked when it was bleeding. dr has said he will not my file that the gp must smear from the skin to the side of it. Anyway back to work tomorrow. Took today off just in case!

  • MrsSMcMrsSMc Posts: 384

    So glad to hear that Ellabella, must be a weight off your shoulders! 

    Cd12 dtd every other day image

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    Af still here hoping she moves on soon. Was going to start temping this month but I have just come down with a cold so little point as my temp is sky high anyway! Even worse I have a week off work this week! It also looks like my fertile window will be just when hubs leaves for a week away - have a feeling this won't be the month either image 

  • MrsC14MrsC14 Posts: 385

    Good news Ellabella!

    Welcome Sarah!

    I had my bloods done today, results as follows: FSH: 1.9, L.H 0.6, Oestradiol 883

    Can anyone interpret these? xx

  • SW83SW83 Posts: 411

    Ah sigh of relief Ellabella! Great news!

    I have no clue sorry MrsC!

    I'm 11dpo and due AF in a couple of days, I had some brown spotting yesterday but pretty sure this isn't our cycle as I'm getting the normal cramps image Such an emotional Rollercoaster x 

  • SarahLGSarahLG Posts: 313 New bride
    Thanks for the welcome ladies!

    I've had a little(haha!) read through the thread and must confess I think I have forgotten what is at the beginning! I had a look at my old posts and the last TTC thread I was on number 8! Last time I came off of the pill I had a 40+ day cycle before my first non-pill AF so kind of expecting the same again. Has anyone else had any withdrawal symptoms coming off of the pill? I was on microgynon.

    Fifitrixib: Glad you got a positive opk, have you done them from the start this time round? I'm not sure whether to take it easy for now and if I haven't caught by, say, Christmas then start doing them, as it's just another thing to confuse me!

    MrsTwizbe: Sorry you are feeling poorly, and on your week off too, Sod's law hey? Hope you feel better soon.

    Ellabella: Good news that it wasn't anything that needs treating. It must have been such a worry for you! At least you can relax now and get back into the swing of things.

    MrsC: Not sure about those results, but I had a quick google and it seems that every lab has a different "normal" range. Did you speak to your Dr about the results or do you need a seperate appointment to discuss?

    SW: Could it possibly be implantation? I got cramps just before I found out I was pregnant.

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    hi ladies! So I think my gynae drama has scared my ovulation off. Did not track so no idea what is going on. Cervix still high and wet. Mmmmm. Will start temping in a few days for next cycle I think. 

  • Morning ladies!

    Does that mean you may not have missed this cycke then Ella?!

    Hope you feel better soon twizbe!

    Cd10, another 9-10 days til ov time for me x

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    I have no idea. my boobs usually get tender but they are ok. i have no idea where  at. We dtd on Tuesday and will again tonight. if I ovulated on time then I have missed it but if I was late then we may have caught the end. 

    Also my digital therometer is rubbish. I'm going to invest in a new one. Can anyone recommend one??

  • Hi everyone

    I'm very excited as I finally get to join this thread! We seem to have been putting the TTC on hold for so long it seemed like we'd never get there.

    A bit about us, I'm 28, hubby is 29 and we've been married for 3 years. I came off the pill last December and started taking folic acid. Fortunately I've had regular cycles although the last few have been shorter at around 27 days. I'm not going to temp or use ov sticks for now, just DTD and see what happens. We're out for this month anyway but just waiting for CD1 so we can get on with it!

    I've been following this thread for a while now and just want to wish everyone lots of luck in their TTC journey. Babydust to everyone image

  • Welcome mrs R, hope you're not here for long image

    (Cd1 is first day of your period x)

  • Welcome Mrs R 

    Hubby and I have booked a holiday for the end of the month to try and relax and spend some time together as work for both of us has been crazy. hopefully some R&R will help with the SMEPimage 

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    Hi ladies, hi to the newbies! Glad you are ok Ellabella!

    It's gone a bit quiet in here recently - I am so busy that I pop in once or twice a week myself image 

    must try better lol - i am back to temping again, had a bit of a break from it but it wasn't doing much for me when my af's went stupid.

    It now seems that I have a different pattern to my migraines - last 2 AF's had them around ovulation!  Really is so hard!

  • SW83SW83 Posts: 411

    Welcome Mrs R image

    Fingers crossed you ov slightly later then Ellabella and caught that cycle image

    ah lovely Mrs Jellybean, sounds just what the doctor ordered.

    My ff keeps changing my dates, I was due af yesterday but last night it changed to today, I'm slightly confused and anxious which I'm concerned will delay AF, I really don't want to test until I miss AF completely, so now just a waiting game. At least hubby is back tonight so I have someone to stress with lol x 

  • SarahLGSarahLG Posts: 313 New bride
    Hi MrsR, hope your stay is short & sweet image

    Oooo are you off anywhere nice MrsJellyBean?

    When are you planning to test then SW?

    I'm getting some very early preg symptoms, though it is probably just withdrawal from the pill. Sore boobs, headaches, metallic taste in my mouth, bloody knackered etc. I think I'm about 2dpo so probably way too early to actually have any pg symptoms. I am awful with SS! Did anyone else have withdrawal symptoms coming off the pill? I was on mycrogynon x
  • Hi SarahLG i was on cerazette hun and coming off it knocked me about a bit but itll take roughly 3 months to come out of your system

    Well im 14dpo/cd28 which is unusual for me as im usually a 27 day cycle so if AF doesnt show up by tomorrow morning I will be POAS - dont know whether to hold off until sunday just in case as i did have a 29 day cycle whilst on honeymoon but think the time zones knocked me off

    fingers crossed everyone xx

  • Hi Sarah, sorry for the late reply I am using the Ov sticks just to make sure I am Ovulating and as just come of my pill in July (also microgynon). I am a bit confused though, I didnt use the ov stick last time, just used a baby app which told me my peak days and we fell pg after month 4.

    My experience with my GP was great, I was on cycle 3 told her we were TTC and asked if she could check if I was OV or not - she booked me in for bloods (21 or 22 day bloods I think they call it) that confirmed I had OV and we fell PG the following month (also used concieve plus for the first time).

    TO ALL - I would defo recommend having that chat with a GP if you havent already, if you dont ask you dont get!!

    I am a bit confused though, I did OV test on Monday which came up positive for LH peak and tested again yesterday and it said the same! I didnt expect peak to last 4 days thought maybe 2 so not sure if thats normal, as I said didnt use last time round.

    JellyBean - holiday sounds like a great idea!

    Baby dust to everyone image

  • yes cannot wait image 7 days to go. Sarah symptoms sound promising, i would POAS and see what happens, particularly with metallic taste etc, you never know! Fingers crossed for you!

    I was wondering if any of you ladies have experienced the 'feeling' of ovulation. i have been looking it up and apparently it feels like pinching?  I got a funny feeling on one side this month after miscarriage, and was wondering if it could be that... would make life loads easier if i could just watch out for the feeling, I'm avoiding temping etc as i think i will obsess over it. i know i ovulated right side last time, and the feeling was on the left side?

    random i know but any clues? 

  • i get a pain a certain side each month and thats when im ovulating so theres a theory behind it!

  • Yep, I also get pinching feelings for several days around ov time, have confirmed this is ov by temping so now I don't bother with it, just temp a couple of days later to double check.

    Fingers crossed mrs Hughes! X

  • Oh and also it doesn't always alternate between sides, apparently it's completely random!

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    I get lower back ache on ov day. 

    Got a call from work today that made me feel super guilty for having time off so have had to cancel my day off on Monday! Not a happy bunny.

  • Well ladies AF still not here so if nothing when I get up then will be POAS


    ill keep you all updated

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Fingers crossed!

  • Morning ladies after tossing and turning all night I took the test!



    To say I'm in shock would be accurate!



  • SW83SW83 Posts: 411

    Fantastic news MrsHughes! so happy for you image

    Fingers crossed and baby dust for anyone else about to test, hope this is the start of many image X 

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