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Using top cash back?



has anyone used the website top cash back for shopping? If so is it worth it and safe to use? X x 


  • I have been using it for over 2 years and had over £500 back from it. 100000% legitimate and safe to use, totally free no catches. Its exactly the same as Quidco but they have different rates and clients so i check both to see who is better when i'm shopping online.xx

  • I've been using it for about 3 years and have £200 to collect, it really is what it says. Sometimes the retailers don't pay out which is annoying as there's not much you can do but I just see it as A bonus when they do!x

  • How does ur actually work? Do you pay as normal on site then they pay it bk into your account on their site and then you withdraw it? 

  • It's one of my favourite websites - I've been on it 5 years and has made over £1000 - free money!

    Before buying anything on line - and I mean anything - insurance, clothes, pizza, holidays I always go to TC first. Click on the store that you are going to shop at and it transfers you to that store where you shop as normal. Pretty soon after you've bought something you'll receive an email saying you've got a credit on you TC account and you'll see an amount of money credited to your account. The amount you get varies from 1 or 2% to £30 for taking a new car insurance.

    You'll have to wait a while before the cashback has cleared before you can transfer it into your bank account but when it has you just click on a button and the money gets transferred.

    I've told so many people about using it, I should be on commission!!!!image

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