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Morning Sickness and Working

Hi everyone, looking for some advice. Just gone 6weeks and the sickness has well and truly started image have had to take the day off work. Feeling so lousy. Haven't physically been sick but think that is because I'm resting and lying down but feeling like I could be any minute. I've been trying the usual tips of eating little and often but it isn't really helping. Feeling guilty about taking time off work and don't really think I've got a bug excuse will last much longer. Help! Seeing the midwive tomorrow so hopefully she will be able to help xx



  • How are you feeling now?

    I was about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant this time last year and it was hideous trying to work. I went to the doctor who suggested I signed myself off work for a week (I said it was a really bad sickness thing & I'd been advised to recover properly) & that helped a lot as I want worrying about work & could rest. I started feeling better the following week & went back to work. It was still hard but by October I felt much more normal.

    What's your job? I'm a teacher (currently on maternity leave) and it is a pretty hard job as you're stood up a lot & restricted on when you can have breaks.

    Don't be afraid to take tine off if you need it though. Look at Kate Middleton! Xx

  • Hi Ellie Kate thanks for your comment. How funny, I'm a teacher too. I've bern off all week and not sure if I'll go in tomorrow. The sickness has eased but I now think I have a uti, great!! Doctor has given me a weak dose of amoxycillan that he assures me is safe for baby. Feeling pretty miserable though, just want to enjoy being pregnant. Also have the horrible guilt of not being in work, feel bad for the kids as when supply teachers are in they just teach whatever. Scared that this is a sign of things to come and I'm going to be off more. Will probably have to tell work soon. Congrats on your babies, such lovely names image xx

  • Hi Bridetobe, I felt sick constantly for 8 weeks and then was sick until about 18 weeks! It was so hard when the pregnancy was a secret, I used to eat lunch with others and it was v difficult to disguise my disgust at the smell of their lunch! I survived on dry crackers and lost a stone.  I'm not sure which was worse, the weeks I just felt sick or when I actually progressed to throwing up. I know it's horrid now but hopefully it will ease off around 12 weeks for you, and when it does it is just AMAZING. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy x

  • Hun you need to tell work asap just in case youre still bad ongoung. They cant take you down normal disciplanary  routes for pregnancy related illness but theycan for anything pregnancy related that is prior to you  notifying them. Dont feel guilty, i know i did so easier to say thando, and take time off if you need it. Xxxx

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