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Baby after wedding?

How long did everyone leave it till trying for a baby after getting married? 

Unless you already had children etc. This is going to sound daft but just back from my honeymoon and feeling really emotional not sure if its the post wedding/honeymoon blues but just been having baby thoughts in my head. 

Preferably we'd like to fall pregnant next yearish as just married and husband wants some time to ourselves and I have just got a new job too which I think maybe is why am feeling torn. I know there is never a right time to have a baby and if I am waiting for that right time il be here all day just wondered if any1 felt like this? 

Is it a normal thing or am I just a broody bugger haha. I suppose for the majority of people we know its either weddings or babies that are happening so maybe thats it :-/ Going to come off the pill in next couple of weeks so i know it will take a while for my body to adjust etc.



  • We got married last month and I've just found out that were expecting. To say it was a shock is a understatement. I thought that it would take us a while. 

  • MrsLM23MrsLM23 Posts: 924

    We started ttc 3 months before our wedding and a month before I started a new job. It took us 17 months to get pregnant with our little girl and as much as I hated how hard it was I was glad we had that time together to enjoy married life before she came along. I would just say that if you want to ttc do it as 1) it's fun lol! And 2) you never know how long it'll take. Good luck with whatever you decide x

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    We got married in may this year and i was really broody before the wedding but we agreed to try on our honeymoon in august. I have just found out i am pregnant so worked really quickly i was expecting it to take ages. 

    All i can say is you have to do it when is right for you. 

    Good Luck 


  • We waited about 18 months before trying and fortunately got lucky quickly. I found I was broody soon after getting married but for me I realised it was the need for another "project'! I've really treasured the time we've had together as a couple, done loads of travelling etc, though desperate for baby to make an appearance now... 

  • RedVelvetRedVelvet Posts: 1,297 New bride

    I was broody and ready for a baby long before we got married, but with me finishing up my degree and then the wedding 6 months later, a baby before the wedding wasn't going to happen. I came off the pill 3 months before the wedding, and it took us 6 months to conceive, and I'm due just over 2 weeks before our first wedding anniversary. 

  • Many things can be exactly forecast while others can be not!Unfortunately having a baby is the latter one!If you don't want a baby to bother you,then you should take necessary measures.To tell the truth,to have a baby in fall is not easy,but you can have a try.Just go with the flow.

  • Hi Queenie, as everyone has said it's really hard to predict how long these things will take, and you need to be prepared if you do start trying that it could happen straight away. We got married last September, I came off the pill in December and we've been trying ever since. One thing I will say is that if you decide to wait a bit and you're on hormonal contraception, maybe consider switching to condoms for a while beforehand. It took 6 months for my cycles to become,normal after stopping the pill and in hindsight I would have stopped it before the wedding x

  • like rv we were broody prior to the wedding but knew we always wanted kids after a marriage so held off for the ten years of our relationship. I came off the pill on the last day of our honeymoon, i was lucky not to experience much Withdrawl from the pill despite bein on it for 10 years. We caught in our first full cycle trying but sadly mc 5 weeks after conception. We tried again straight away as te mc was complete ad caught again on cycle 2.

    thwre are many theories behind my mc ad in hindsight I wish we had given it another month off the pill before actually trying as I'm sure  the pill being in my system stilll had an input into my mc. 

    but it can take a while so you just need to go with what's right for you. You neee can tell how long it will take or not take.

  • This is an interesting topic, we get married in August and plan to try for a baby straight away, we are undecided on whether to try for a month or 2 before the wedding, or whether we should wait for our honeymoon!

    ive been off the pill for around 2 years and have regular 27-28 day cycles!

  • My advice would be try when you feel ready for it to happen straight away but be prepared for it to take a while in case you're not one of the lucky ones. We were very broody after our honeymoon but husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer a year later. Surgery and chemotherapy meant we had to wait another agonising year for it to be safe to ttc and it then took us 18 months and very nearly ivf before we fell pregnant naturally. We're currently almost 20 weeks pregnant and feel like the luckiest people alive. So on our 4th wedding anniversary next year we will hopefully have a bouncing 4 month old baby. The first few years of married life certainly did not go as planned for us so my advice would be don't try and plan your future down to every detail. Just try when it feels right for you both and very best of luck to you! The journey is amazing and although ours included the most painful time of our lives it has changed us for the better and this little baby will be so special and loved and so very much longed for. Xx

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    Hubby and I have been married six years and are expecting our first. We would have tried earlier but with redundancies and career changes we had to put it out our head and just enjoy our lives together. We were very lucky in that we fell pregnant straight away but we definitely feel like we have had fab times together having time just the two of us.

    I guess it all depends on so many things, ages, money, career etc. I do think it's quite usual to feel down after your wedding but make sure you are completely ready for your lives to change as there's no going back!

  • Hi girls, thanks so much for all your advice. I know its not really one that can be answered just like that but I agree with you all that it just depends.

    Mrs davies am sorry to hear that you and Marc went through that but I bet it had made you both stronger and your right when your wee one comes along he or she will be loved dearly. I can't imagine what you went through etc and I feel bit daft debating over my thoughts when other people are going through bigger things. I think you all are right though might just come off the pill and see what happens so it gives my body some time to get back to normal. I do think it is the wedding/honeymoon blues and that I don't have a project to do etc but I have my hubby so just going to enjoy things the now and see what happens as we don't know whats around the corner imagexxx

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