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Antenatal appointments

Hi ladies 

forgive me for being slightly confused 

I've got my letter through today for our first scan (currently 6 weeks ) which means I'll be 12 weeks at the time of the scan 

am I right in thinking I should have one before this though ie 2 hour meeting with midwife to have bloods, urine and discuss history or is this all done at the first scan?

i think I need to ring the doctors Monday and obviously ask for another appointment in between


can anyone tell/ advise me?

thank you x


  • It dependa on your area but chances are yes you need to ring an make an appt. here they only send scan appts via post as bookings made by the hospital.

    Everything else has to be made by the patient so all midwife or go appts will likely be your responsibility to make. After your first one (here it's at 10weeks) you'll have an appt schedule in your gteen notes to follow as a booking guideline ie 16 weeks etc

  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    Every area is different. I assume as you have a scan appointment you've already seen a midwife, or do your GPs refer you for a scan? In my area you have your midwife comes to your home to fill in your antenatal notes and take medical history, then you have a scan and bloods etc at 12 weeks. I know that anther hospital in the area does the notes bloods and scan all at one appointment though. If you're not sure ring your GP and ask for a contact number for a midwife 

  • The only appointment ive been to so far is to tell the doctor I took a pregnancy test and then he said he'd refer me but I thought id have a first appointment to see a midwife first before a scan appointment 

    I'll ring the doctors Monday and ask them because I'm assuming I was supposed to make an appointment but as the doctor never said anything to me I have no idea 

  • SarahLGSarahLG Posts: 313 New bride
    You usually do have your midwife booking appointment before your scan as they need to take down any details of family history etc and they ask if you would like the nuchal fold measured on the scan too (this is part of the Down's Syndrome screening). It is usually around 8 weeks but as the ladies have said above it can vary. Where abouts in the country are you?

    ring up your gp to double check you have been referred... x
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