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Six weeks pregnant and I'm miscarrying :(

Hi everyone. Up until this morning i was 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. i started spotting on Saturday but didn't think much of it after reading that it is reasonably common in early pregnancy. This morning i went to the doctor about it and she did a pregnancy test only to discover that I'm no longer pregnant. I've been in such pain ever since with lots of cramps & blood. i am totally and utterly devastated and feel such despair. I'm finding it impossible to believe I'll ever be a     mum which i know is ridiculous. I feel like my dreams have  shattered and everywhere i look are my pregnancy leaflets and books.                                                            Just wanted to see if anyone has experienced a miscarriage and now feels better? How long does the bleeding and pain last? How long do you think it'll be before i ovulate again?


  • Hi Storm, I am so sorry to hear you're going through this, it is a devastating experience. I just wanted to share my story with you - I had a chemical pregnancy in July 2013 and a miscarriage at 6 and a half weeks in January, I was devastated and it seemed everyone around me was pregnant which broke my heart. I was in a lot of pain on the day of the miscarriage but once I had passed the sac the pain went away and I only bled for a few days although I know this varies person to person. I had a period 6 weeks later (but did not ovulate in this time) and then ovulated as normal after that. We managed to get pregnant on that cycle and because I was still grieving the miscarriage I was frightened it would happen again, however I am now 30 weeks pregnant and things seem to be going well. I hope this offers some hope for you because I thought that I would never be a mummy either. I joined the Miscarriage Association forum which really helped, might be worth you taking a look.

    Big hugs to you and please try and rest and look after yourself over the coming days xxx

  • So sorry to hear you are going through this, I had a missed miscarriage in July 2012 and went to hell n back was very complicated lots of hospital visits and believe it or not is wasn't until the October before all the products of conception were removed (hospital term) I was utterly devastated! I then bled for a few weeks and fell pregnant again in the November and like person above was anxious and nervous throughout but gave birth to a healthy baby boy in July 2013 4 weeks premature but totally perfect! I hope this gives you some comfort and hope, take care of yourself xxx 

  • So sorry to hear this Storm xxx


  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    So sorry to hear this Storm, thinking of you! x

  • So sorry to hear you're going through this storm, I went through something similar in May so I know how truly awful it feels. You will need some time to grieve your loss, it took me a few weeks to stop feeling sad all the time but everyone's different, I know I was completely numb with shock at first. Bleeding for me lasted 3-4 days, much like a normal period and not as heavy as I'd expected. I know how lonely it feels and like no one understands but sadly lots of ladies here have experienced miscarriage so please do use the forum for support xx

  • Thank you everyone for replying. It meant a lot to me. It's really comforting to hear the positive stories from Funkybride and Soon2beMrsM. Thanks so much for sharing xxx I'm trying to stay positive and be kind to myself as i keep feeling like i could sink into dark thoughts. But I'm very lucky to have a wonderful husband and my lovely family around me. It really helps that the pain has eased too. 

    Lots of love to all who have been through something similar xxxx


  • Hi everyone, I just wanted to update you all and tell you that i found out yesterday that I'm pregnant again!! I had a period 4 weeks after the miscarriage and then conceived the next cycle - just like you Funky Bride! 

    At the moment i am cautiously happy and absolutely petrified that it'll miscarry again! But keeping my fingers tightly crossed! 

  • Ahh Storm am so pleased for you!!!! 

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    Keeping my fingers crossed for you Storm, so pleased for you!

  • That's great news storm, fingers crossed it works out for you xx

  • Congratulations! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything will be ok this time x

  • Thanks so much everyone! xx

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