So so hard! 1st fertility clinic appointment - solihull womens health unit

Hi Ladies, 

So Ive had my first appointment through at the fertility clinic and its hit me like a train. 

I cant quite believe that we are in this situation, I know you probably all get it, all those years of trying not to get pregnant and now we are married and ready to start a family its not happening. 

Its been 18 months of trying and now we are seeing a clinic I think I should be relieved that the wheels are in motion and Im sure that will come but just this morning I feel so so sad. 

The thought also that this is a long hard battle that is just starting just feels so daunting. 

Sorry just had to share with some people who just get it! 



  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    I'm sorry to hear this Hun. I had my first appointment back in April after 14 months of TTC. less than a week later I poas and got my bfp. I'm not saying it'll happen for you but there's something about relinquishing control to the specialist that stops you worrying about it so much.

    lots of ladies on here are going through IUI and ivf, check in with the "why am I broken?" Thread, there's lots of support on there. Really wish you the best of luck for the journey ahead x

  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761

    I've been through it myself, so I understand how you are feeling! You will have lots of ups and downs through the process, but focus on the fact that things are happening now and you'll be at the end before you know it. 

    Its only as hard as you make it, try and stay positive, I really believe that this helps us achieve our dream so quickly once we started our treatment. I found all the waiting the hardest part.  The actual treatment and appointments were pretty straightforward, but maybe I was lucky in not having many adverse or extreme side effects. 

    Best of luck to you x

  • luckygalluckygal Posts: 518

    Thank you ladies! 

    Hope the pregnancy is going well babyZebedee!!

    I'm sure there definitely will be lots of ups and downs, just in a little bit of disbelief I'm here. 

    So what stage are you at the moment blenkiboo? Are you still having treatment or have a happy ever after good news story? 


  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761

    We started our IVF (ICSI) treatment in March and I am now 26 weeks pregnant, so we definitely have our happy ever after good news story. I am aware that were were terribly lucky - we were successful first time. 

    It did seem crazy that we had to go down that route at the time, like you say a bit of disbelief - it took us 3 and a half years but we finally got our BFP and took weeks for that to sink in. Take it one step at a time and try not to let it take over everything. We made sure we still continued with our life and did the things we normally did as much as we could, which helped keep us sane xx

  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride

    I couldn't agree more with what's already been said. My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer not long after our wedding and we were told that his sperm count was so low (less than 100, 000) that we'd never conceive naturally and icsi was our only hope. After waiting for the chemo to clear for a year we then ttc for 18 months before starting ivf appointments. To us it was exciting as we believed it was the only way to have a family. Each appointment felt like another step forward. However much to our amazement (and the doctors too) we fell pregnant naturally a week before starting our first cycle. We relaxed completely once we were accepted for ivf as we felt the future was less uncertain and under the control of doctors rather than nature which had been so cruel to us. I believe our relaxation and relief that we were getting help was what did it for us. Obviously we were incredibly lucky, but it can happen (I didn't realise you had a similar story babyz!). I know it's very difficult but try to continue with life and see each appointment as another step closer. I stayed away from forums during our years of cancer treatment and infertility as it would have pained us too much to hear others getting good news and it puts too much pressure on. However for others forums really help so do what's right for you. It's so unfair and so hard but I believe that everything happens for a reason. You will get your baby and when they come along you won't want to change your journey as it will have resulted in your baby and will be so special and dearly loved. I wish you all the luck in the world. Perhaps keep a diary as something to look back on to reflect just how much you progress with every step. 

    On a practical note, I'm not sure which area you are in but we found appointments came through really fast. Our first visit to GP for referral was in March and 3 hospital appointments later we would have started our first nhs cycle in the June.

    All the very best of luck and take care xx

  • LolemLolem Posts: 959

    Hi lucky gal, it is all a bit scary and daunting at first and there are a lot of ups and downs - I've been smiling during an appointment then walked into the changing room and burst into tears! - but it does get easier. Once you know what is happening and realise that something is being done to help you it seems a bit better. I still find it overwhelming and still have my moments of disbelief and anger that I am even in this situation but they seem to be becoming less frequent as we get used to it and get on with the appointments. 

    Come and join us on the broken thread - the ladies on there are amazing and have been such a help and support to me. I think they have kept me sane to be honest!

  • I had my first appointment at the assisted conception unit at the end of August and I remember feeling apprehensive and wondering how, as a fit and healthy 28 year old, I was there! I think with the mention of IVF and further treatments it can seem a bit scary. I was told I had PCOS and my hubby panicked at hearing the word 'syndrome' because PCOS wasn't something he knew about!

    What you've got to think is that there are various things they can try. The nurses at the hospital I go to have been very helpful and explain things. I'm on my first month of clomid so probably am just ahead of you in terms of what happens next.

    Just take each day as it comes. Every time I go to the clinic it is always busy so there are plenty of others who need a little help too. Fingers crossed everything goes ok for you x

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