Ttc baby number 2

Hi ladies,

I'm not quite a married lady yet but the baby fever in our house has been building and building so we thought let's just go for it! Who knows how long it'll take? I mean it took us 6 weeks with our first?! And there's about 7 weeks till the wedding eeek. Obviously if I do find out we are pregnant for the wedding then we will sort somethingimage but I'm very excited! X


  • SarahLGSarahLG Posts: 313 New bride
    Hiya! Congratulations on the wedding and deciding to TTC number 2! I'm TTC number 2 too. Took us 8 weeks for baby 1 but I think it will be bit longer this time image Why not pop over and join us on the TTC thread? There are LOADS of us over there and we are all lovely image x
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