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Late period, negative test!

Hi everyone!

Ok so my period is overdue by 9 days. I tested on day 2 and then today on day 9 and the result is negative! 

I was on the pill and came off it in June and since then have had my period every 27 days. I used to be very irregular when I was young but I think this was due to being very overweight which I am not now. 

My husband thinks its stress related but I feel something is not right. Husband thinks its stress due to my mum being very ill. She was diagnosed in July, our wedding was September and now everything is a bit more real since we don't have the wedding to distract us plus she has been recently in and out of hospital.

This is my first post on this section of the yayw forum...any suggestions or advice welcome!

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  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    Sounds like your hubby is right. Stress will delay ovulation which in turn lengthens your cycle. Do you get any ovulation indicators? If so, did you get them this month?

  • No ovulation indicators so I have no idea!

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