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confused..advice please

Hi ladies, bit of background..ttc for 2yrs this november, i did fall preg 2yrs ago as soon as i came off the pill but sadly ended up with mc, since coming off the pill I've had long cycles which seem to be on average 36days... Anyway I had a big night out last night so wanted to check I wasn't pregnant, but was testing early so didn't think anything would show anyway as it was only cd33 and to my absolute shock a faint 2nd line appeared!! 2 tests later, one being a clear blue as I needed to see the words and I started to believe it image now my question is how do I work out how many weeks I am/due date etc? Clear blue says 1-2 weeks, I think we may have conceived on the 4th Nov but can't be sure...I'm sorry this has gone on so much I've tried not to waffle on, thanks for reading!xxx 


PS to just add to my insaneness(?) When should I expect symptoms? as I feel fine just tiered but I'm always tiered!


  • congrats hun! 

    if clearblue says 1-2 weeks you're actually 3-4 weeks, not quite sure why they work like that?! 

    symptoms could start (or not!) at any time, i had violent morning sickness before i even missed a period! in terms of the common symptons to expect from 4-6ish onwards, morning sickness, insane sense of smell (usually of the smells that trigger your morning sickness haha), tends boobs, loads of stretching pains in your tummy. 

    the tiredness will probably only get worse for a few weeks, sleep whenever you're tired and it's feasible, remember you're growing a human, that takes an insane amount of effort before your factor in day to day life! xxxx

  • first of all congratulations!! 

    Clearblue tell you from ov but rhe instructions dp state to add 2 weeks to result so you shall technically by their count be 3-4 weeks pg. this is to include the two weeks prior to ov. So you can take it as that, buy bare in mind they're not entirely accurate and you may be more than this as hormone levels change daily. 


    gp will calculate from lmp so will put you wildly ahead of your expextatiobs until you have a scan. They may send you for a scan earlier than 12 weeks due to this as they very rarely pay ATM to anything you say about your cycles. first thing to do is to call them and explain. They'll them advise what plan of action to take re appts. You should just be able to ask for a call from dr at this stage as won't req an appt.

    But basically you will likely only resolve this question with a scan. Like I said gp will most likely arrange this from your lmp so don't be shocked to find you most prob will not be 12 weeks at that scan and will have another arranged on the findings image so bonus scan image 

  • As do synptoms everyone differs. I found I was absolutely starving and tired from 4 - 7 weeks, sporadic sickness after 7 weeks till around 11 and then no appetite from 11 - labour. Random pains and aches upo 12 weeks.

  • MISSFMISSF Posts: 123

    Thank you for the replies, we've decided to take it day by day as were both apprehensive that it could end in mc but keeping our FC everything goes OK, I worry about my lack of symptoms but being so early on I don't think its unusual to not have any yet xxx

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    Omg missf, that's fantastic! About time Hun, fingers crossed for a healthy 9 months.

    just count from last period, you'll get an early scan at when they think your 12 weeks. That's what happened to me image brilliant news x

  • ongratulations!!!!


    Just to add, don't focus too much on symptoms, or lack of. If I hadn't had a beech ball for a tummy or felt my little girl move, I would've been adamant that I wasn't pregnant. I had absolutely no symptoms, well, except for heartburn and sciatica from about 32 weeks.


    Good luck!! 

  • MISSFMISSF Posts: 123

    Thank you ladies image I'm trying to stay positive, I just want to get past tomorrow as that's when AF is 'officially' due. We've decided not to tell anyone this time until we've had the 12week scan so I might be posting more on here to try and stay sane!xxx

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