Pregnant while planning a wedding

Do you really need so done else to tell you what you need to do in this situation?



  • If you're going to be a bitch sayitwithvodka, at least have the decency to type properly.

    Becci5, congrats! I can't really give you any advice unfortunately but I think as long as you're happy about the pregnancy then you will find a way to figure out the rest image

  • Congratulations! I have been ttc for about 18months now but we have had a couple of months break so wouldn't be due too close to the wedding. But if it had of happened like it has with you i would try and move the wedding forward or back. Be worth a try. 

    Good luck and i hope you manage to sort things out. X 

  • There seems to be a few with a slightly meaner attitude on here at the moment. congratulations, i would push the wedding forward or back a few months? I'm 5 weeks 3days pregnant and our wedding is in 16 days. I think you just have to do what is best for you. There 2 big events and can be quite stressful, you know how much you can handle, x



  • MisshapeMisshape Posts: 117

    I was about 7 weeks pregnant (was a surprise) when I got married and it was ok - but obviously I could still wear my planned dress and enjoy the day (just without alcohol). I can't see what you originally wrote to know the dilemma but I think pushing the wedding back or forward is the best idea as you really want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

    Congratulations btw! I know you must be pretty shocked and worried - but it'll be ok and everyone will understand!

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