Due December 2015

Thought there was a December thread set up, aw well here goes. Looking 4ward 2 many ladies joining me. Been TTC no2 since coming off pill in December and just got our BFP fertility friend says I'd be due around 18th December but I think I ovulated later. Fingers crossed all goes well and wee baby sticks xXx



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    Congratulations MrsGallacher! Happy and healthy 9 months to you. Hope you're feeling well, and here's hoping you'll get others joining you soon x 

  • Thank you mrssandison  had prepared myself for it 2 b much longer. So excited. Hope u r well image xXx

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    It's strange how timings work, we were actively trying for 2 months, I was only on my second cycle after being on the pill for 9+ years so we didn't expect it to happen quite as quick, but my goodness we were so happy when we found out. 

    I just can't believe you've started the December thread! Eek... Means time is definetly moving forward! 

    Good luck to you and you're little bean! x 

  • Its such an amazing feeling ay, just done a clear blue says 1-2 weeks so think I'm right about ovulating later than ff stated, how many weeks r u now? xXx

  • Hi

    I got my bfp on Saturday, EDD 22nd December. This is our first pregnancy, has been a difficult road to getting here! I'm 27, slim with PCOS, pretty much never ovulate. Started fertility treatment in February with clomid which thinned my lining. I was due to start IVM in Oxford this month but incredibly we got pregnant naturally!! Still can't really believe it! So far just nausea, few cramps and lightheadness. 

    congratulations Mrs Gallacher! 

  • Hi Charlotte congrats 2 u, aw that's amazing that you have conceived naturally you must b over the moon. Just off phone 2 doc they've booked me in 4 1st appointment and scan and gave me an edd of 20th december. I've just had cramps and so tired thought AF was on the way. Cried for nothing on sat which made me think xXx

  • That's really good they have booked everything in for you. Have to see the GP next week before midwife referral. We are going to have an early pregnancy scan done privately at 8 weeks, we are both doctors so know too much about all the potential complications! At the moment Nausea seems to go away as soon as I eat which is nice! Xx

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    Congratulations Charlotte! Great news image Happy and healthy 9(ish) months to you! x 

  • The early scan is a good idea seems like so long 2 the 12 week 1. When I was pregnant with my son I had some bleeding at 6 weeks and had an early scan xXx

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    Hey guys,


    Im also due in december - hope to stick around this time... Have suffered recurrent miscarriage since dec 2013... This is our last shot before our wedding next year so hoping its a sticky bean.

    Be amazing to have an early xmas present!!

    how is everyone feeling? I feel pretty crap... SO tired, bloated, nipples hurting and nausea seems to have kicked in today (6weeks today)


  • Welcome cakeybride and congrats keeping everything crossed 4 u. Docs has placed me at 4 weeks yesterday I'm just really tired struggling 2 stay awake xXx

  • Congratulations Cakeybride! I'm also 4 weeks, mainly feeling unusually warm, slightly nauseous when hungry and lightheaded. 

  • Thought we could share some Info about each other, get 2 know 1 another. I'm 26 27 next month I have been with my husband coming up 9 years will b married 4 5 years in September. We have a 2 year old little boy called Cameron who is currently on holiday until Friday with his grandparents. We decided in December 2 start TTC no2 after 2 cycles here we are xXx

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    Ah cakey that's great news I hope it works out xx

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    Flower - how are you doing? I've not been around the boards much and only just seeing you've lost your bean ?????? How are you hun? God why do we have to go through this -- I'm hoping there's a light at the end of the tunnel for us!! 


    Im feeling so exhausted!!! I've got my recurrent miscarriage appointment Friday, not sure what they will say or if it's too late to put me on a treatment plan.

    im 27 (young to have fertility issues apparently!) and have a dd who's 6. We have been ttc since she was in full time school with no take home baby yet. We are getting married next July and were hoping to complete our family before then! 


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    Hooray a December thread image congratulations everyone. And Yey Cakey, I'm keeping everything crossed for you hun.

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    Nausea has kicked in and if I don't eat every hour I'm retching awful!! 


  • Aw cakey nausea is awful, thurs Fri I was feeing a bit sick but alright 2day apart from sore boobs noticed it more when I took my bra off xXx

  • Nausea is awful! Hope you are feeling bit better! Mines getting steadily worse, lemonade and lucozade are my friends at present. went out with some friends this evening, so hard hiding it from everyone! x

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    hi ladies can I join?

    been stalking all the TTC forums since getting married last year.

    we got our BFP on friday. Wasn't expecting it if I'm honest, it was my 3rd cycle off the pill so I just thought they were taking a while to sort themselves out. Fertility friend puts me at ovulation in the 2nd May but I wasn't tracking dtd but I'm 70% sure we only dtd on the 5th so im not sure. 

    For or the time being my estimated due date is the 23/12/2015. Going to call the doctors tomorrow image



  • Welcome KH2B and congratulations hope you are well xXx

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    I'm good thank you mrsgallacher! A little tired, ridiculously thirsty and slightly nauseous but other than that I can't wait to get my midwife appointment.

    how are you?

  • Congratulations KH2B! 

  • I'm the same as u kh2b, nausea kicked in on Thursday hoping I won't b as bad this time round. 3 weeks on Thurs until my 1st appointment feels like forever away. Did u phone the docs this morning xXx

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    Oh poor you, if I keep nibbling on food I don't do too bad but on a night its terrible. Luckily with my first I didn't have any sickness but I'm thinking I won't be as lucky this time round. 

    That's good, how far along will you be then?

    I did she has taken my details and said the midwife will call me tomorrow as she likes to book her own appointments so by tomorrow afternoon I should have a date. I'm thinking around another 4 week tomorrow or onwards like you


  • GP was great today, was able to make a booking appointment for 3 weeks Sunday so my husband can come too. I will be almost 9 weeks then. Do you have different hospitals to chose from? x 

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    It depends on location I think Charlotte, where I am there are a choice of 3 hospitals and they let you call the appointments line to make appointments for scans etc for whenever suits you and which ever location is easiest. Hopeully it is somewhat similar where you are.

    how exciting that you have your appointment 


  • I'll b 8 or there abouts at my booking appointment. Any1 else's boobs sore? When I take my bra off I'm like omg lol bought a sports bra when I was pregnant with my wee boy think I'll need 2 look it out again for bedtime. Got the choice of 2 hospitals, hone birth or birthing center think I'll just b picking the closest hospital. How old is ur 1st kh2b? Aw that's god Charlotte that they've booked u in on a sun 2 accommodate. I told my husband he doesn't need 2 come 2 1st appointment this time but he's adamant he wants 2 come 2 them all xXx

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    Aw that's nice of him mrshgallacher! 

    At the minute my boobs aren't bad my back is killing though. 

    My LO has just turned 4 image I don't know where the time goes. It will be like being a first time mum again though. What about yours?

    Is everyone finding out the sex or staying team yellow?


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    Just had a nosey through and I think we all have close EDD!

    I think I'm 23/12 


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