planning to 'start trying' in Jan 2016

We're planning to start trying for a family in Jan but just wondering if anyone has advice on how to prepare and when I need to think about coming off the pill/any vitamins to take etc?

I was on the pill (microgynon) for 8 years, then implant for 3 years and been back on the pill (Levest) for the last year. i  know it's different for everyone in terms of how long it will take for my cycles to return to normal, but I'm just after any advice as to when I should think about coming off the pill and at what point should I start taking any vitamins etc?

thank you xxx



  • Little-pickleLittle-pickle Posts: 1,136

    I'd suggest coming off the pill now so you can give yourself a good chance to get back to normal and to figure out what your normal is. Vitamins wise, never to early in my eyes. Just make sure you take folic acid a couple of month before Trying so it can build up in your system. 


    Good luck!! 

  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    Thank you Mrs S image I really appreciate your reply and sounds like great advice. I was thinking about coming off the pill but wasn't sure if it was a bit soon. But like u say it will give me time to figure out what's normal for me which is a good plan xx

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    We are planning on starting TTC next year too, the next 12-18 months or so. Only got married a month ago and EVERYBODY keeps asking me when! I actually think my cousin was a bit disappointed that I planned on waiting "so long!" I haven't been on any kind of hormonal contraception for about two years, I was on the depo injection and it stopped my cycle completely so when I met my now husband (still exciting saying that!) We agreed to just protect using condoms. I downloaded mydays app on my phone and genuinely found it quite helpful. It took me probably 5-6 months to start having any kind of semblance of a cycle again and maybe a year to get into a pattern but everybody's different. It tells you when you're going to come on approx and you can chart it and see when you're ovulating. I bought the cheapy tests and try one on my ovulating days. When I first came off I was only ovulating once every few months and now it's fairly set and I do ovulate regularly. 

    But its been super helpful cause now I can predict more easily. I've been doing some reading and am a lurker on the TTC pages on here. I'm not quite sure about temperature and whatnot as I'm not at that stage (mentally) yet. But I take multi vitamins and folic acid  and eat a lot of iron rich veg (slight anaemia.) So I'm getting my head round the idea of the possibility of TTC. 

    I'd definitely say its not to early to come off your contraceptives and tracking as then you have more of an idea of what's normal for you. My theory being if we did start trying and nothing happened I'd have at least a couple of years worth of knowing what my body does to go on that I could take to a doctor if need be. (Im

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    I'd stop the pill now and monitor your cycle so you get to know what's normal for you and let it settle down. Even if you just write in a diary when your period starts etc.

    id start taking pre conception tablets about three months from when you start but no harm in starting earlier either. 

    Do you plan on tracking ovulation with ovulation tests? 

    lurk about on the ttc thread too. 


  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    think I'm going to stop taking pill next month and use other methods until we're ready to start trying. Not sure about tracking/ ovulation tests, hoping things will return back to normal but if not might try them after a few months so I can better understand my cycles. I've been lurking on the TTC threads too and feel like I've learnt quite a bit from everyone on there! 

    Thanks everyone xx


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    We are also planning on trying within the next year (got married 6 weeks ago). We were planning December/January time too but thinking about it a lot already! I came of the pill (microgynon) at the beginning of the year to get the hormones from my body and get it all back to normal to get ready to conceive. I downloaded the Clue app for my phone/tablet which is really useful in tracking your cycle etc. I never planned on tracking my cycle or anything but it's actually really useful/interesting/easy. 

    I have also been looking for information online so will hopefully get some information on here too image


  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    Thanks for the info Lauren I'd not heard of the app before coming on here but I'm going to download it now image 

    were also planning for Dec/Jan to start trying but wouldn't be a huge issue if it happened earlier. Sounds daft but I'd love to be able to tell our parents and grandparents at Xmas that were expecting. Hubby's grandpa isn't in the best health and we know how happy he'd be if we announced the news. saying that, we know it doesn't happen for everyone straight away and could take us a long time, just things were considering while planning image x

  • Lau80Lau80 Posts: 12

    Yeah, sounds exactly like mine and my husbands situation. A friend of mine thought it would take a few months but got pregnant straight away and another was trying for about 7 months before it happened. I think my husband thinks it will happen straight away but think I'm more realistic! image

  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    Haha same as me and hubby image 

    he's excited about us getting pregnant but also terrified I think! 

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    Hi Ladies, nice to see a conversation about what was in my mind! You all sound so organised and knowledgeable... We got married just over a year ago, having been together for about four years. We've talked about kids right form the beginning but both known we weren't ready yet at the same time.

    Yesterday my hubby decided to tell me he wanted kids, and not "in the future" but kinda now ... It's understandable, although Im 26 he turns 40 in December and I think it's been playing on his mind. We have a few different friends of ages in between us who have been trying to have kids and all of them have struggled, one couple having to go down the IVF route numerous times to conceive.

    Ive been on hormonal contraception (to minimise my periods which were always horrendous) for 12 years now, the most recent 6/7 on the implant which has been great for me. We have recently moved into a proper house, bought new furniture and a new kitchen on credit, so money is pretty tight although we both earn a decent wage, and will be for the foreseeable future. We also have two relatively young and active dogs bouncing about the place!

    I've read some stuff today on the NHS website "ready steady baby" which was really interesting but it surprised me as to how involved ithe TTC process all was - me being naive of course! It never occurred to me to track my cycle etc. Now I'm quite overweight and just about to go on a dietician-controlled weight loss programme for 12 weeks and I'm thinking it makes sense to not try to have a baby until after this, probably not until Christmas/New Year ... But when do I make an appt to have my implant taken out?? I know there is no way we would use other forms of contraception once it was gone, but my mum got pregnant very quickly once they started trying and I don't want to put a baby at risk. Equally I'm concerned that perhaps we might have problems trying to conceive and therefore surely the sooner the better?

    ... My head hurts (and obviously I'm not sleeping, look at the time!) and I'm sorry to jump on the thread but hoping you might be able to offer some advice?

    thanks in advance! Xx

  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    Hi Sarah

    sorry for the late reply!! When having your implant out your cycles may return to normal straight away so every chance you could get preggers straight away. If you're not ready to conceive maybe consider other methods of contraception until you are ready? We're using condoms for now, the 'real feel' ones are actually not that bad (sorry if TMI!!) think the technology has improved since i last experienced them!! 

    I also need to lose weight before trying so I've started slimming world. It worked wonders in the past and because it may make it easier/healthier for me and baby (when that happens!!) im fully focused on sticking to it. 


    I came off the pill at the end of my last pack on 25th july. Had what I'm assuming was a withdrawal bleed on 30th for 2 days then nothing for a day, then appeared again for 2 days. Not had anything since but my Clue App tells me Im due to ovulate anytime now. Did an ovulation strip test yesterday and negative. We're not trying yet anyway just want to figure out what's going on with my body before we do start trying :) will do another test later today. 

    Looks like we might start trying in the next few months so a little earlier that originally planned :) currently taking pregnacare conception every evening and will continue to monitor OV


  • Hi everyone we got married just over 3 weeks ago and have been together almost 9 and half years. I'm 26 and hubby is 32 and we are both keen to start a family. My last pill in the last packet was the day we got back from honeymoon so we now going to use other means like yourselves as had already decided months ago to start TTC December/January! So looks like we will all be on the TTC thread together. Which preconception tablets are you going to take? Is your husband/partner going to take some too? I've just started tracking my cycle as having my monthly withdrawal from the pill so fingers crossed will have cycles back to normal soon. Apart from talking about the wedding and honeymoon, trying for a baby is all I can think about right now but I need to not put pressure on us as I am a planner and going to have to prepare myself for the disappointment if it doesn't happen straight away. X

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    Hello everyone! We are also planning to start ttc next year. I'm going to come of the pill after my next pack is finished so that I'll have a few months for my cycle to settle down. Are you guys planning on taking any vitamins or supplements? I know it's probably a bit ridiculous but I want to do everything I can in advance that can give us the best chance when we do start trying x

  • Hello Ladies

    Hubby and I got married last May having been together for 7 years and we plan to start TTC in December. I finished my last pill packet last month and I've been taking seven seas trying for a baby since then - I've read that starting supplements anywhere from 3 - 6 months before can be beneficial as they take a while to get in your system. Hoping to have a few normal cycles before TTC.


  • Hi, Can I join your conversation? My hubby and I are planning to start TTC at the end of the year as well. I came off the pill about 2 months ago now in preparation. It's all so exciting! I hadn't really thought about supplements, but I guess this is something I should start doing now. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's news :)


  • JCL1JCL1 Posts: 129

    I am finishing off my last pack of the pill (microgynon). How have you ladies found it being off the pill? Have things returned to normal or is it taking a while to get back in the rhythm? X

  • My cycles seem to have returned to normal straight away! Had a normal period when I came off the pill (levest) and again end of August although it was only 3 days long and I had quite bad cramps. 

    ive been doing my ovulation strips and got a positive last month and again on sunday. We didn't BD and I felt like we were wasting a chance even though we're not trying yet?! think I'm becoming crazy baby lady already!!

    Still taking pregnacare every evening. Hubby isn't taking any supplements yet but may look into it if we don't conceive within a few months. Looks like we're going to start trying in November :)

    JCL1 it's not ridiculous at all :) always good to plan ahead. I was on microgynon for years and then Levest which is the same thing under a different name (so I'm told) and I've been fortunate to have returned to 'normal' straight away 

    Mrs Rolands I'm also a planner and keep finding myself checking what my due date would be if we conceived in sept/October/November! 


  • I get married in April and we are hoping to try straight away on honeymoon. Has anyone got any experience of TTC after a Mirena coil? I had a copper coil for 7 year but switched to a Mirena 2 months ago after lots of problems with the copper coil. It is so exciting! Xx

  • Lovely to see so many of us will hopefully be able to go through TTC together and fingers crossed pregnancy. I have begun taking Teso Folic Acid and am going to replace it and start taking Pregnacare in December when we start trying.


    Mrs Denby what ovulation kit/sticks are you using. I'm hoping my first real withdrawal as you'd put it will be next week so want to start using ovulation testing after that really. I've been calculating due dates too Mrs Denby if my cycles end up 28 days long. Also been counting how many weeks until we start trying. It is all I can think about at the moment.



    Emma x

  • Hey Emma :) 

    i know exaty what you mean! It's always on my mind at the moment. We're having work done to the house at the minute too so we won't have to scrimp and save for those things once we do get our BFP!

    I'm using One Step ovulation test strips from Amazon. Think they were about £6 for 50?! seem to work fine for me :) x

    Legacy - i have no experience of the coil but hope the wedding plans are all going ok? :) x

  • I've just purchased these off Amazon and thought some of you may be interested in the offer.

    Pregnacare Conception His & Hers which are 3 for 2 in Tesco at the moment but £18.99. Amazon only £9.49 so bought 3. Have also purchased a clear blue ovulation test kit but will buy some like you MrsDenby to test now before we start TTC. I'm only taking folic acid supplements for now and going to switch to the Pregnacare a month before trying. Hoping it will help us get our BFP quickly as read great reviews.

    Emma x


  • So after my first month off the pill, AF should (by my calculations if (here's hoping) everything works out perfectly :S) be due around tomorrow - don't think I've ever been so excited for a period haha! 

  • MrsLjCMrsLjC Posts: 1,224 New bride

    Hi :-) 

    I'm still a year before I'm planning ttc but saw this thread in latest posts and felt the urge to post!

    Have you girls who have been on the pill come off a few months before ttc? I keep changing my mind about what I'm going to do next year! Plenty time to decide but just wondered what your experiences were?

    Many thanks x

  • JCL1JCL1 Posts: 129

    Ha ha MrsM I know what you mean! I got AF today and although it's the withdrawal bleed I actually feel excited about being able to start chatting! i think I've lost the plot!!


    hi AutumnBride! We'll be TTC Jan/Feb next year but I wanted to come off the pill a few months in advance to give my body some time to get used to being off the pill: I've been on it withhout a break for 15 years so I have no idea what my natural cycles will be like.



  • It seems very early but I'm joining this thread anyway! I think we want to start trying early next year, although it slightly depends on my work. I'm planning to discuss with my GP but sounds like I should be thinking about vitamins pretty soon.

  • Hope AF appears today MrsM for you! After my first month off the pill I am due AF tomorrow if going to have 28 day cycles and I'm feeling quite excited and anxious hoping it is going to come between tomorrow and the weekend at least. I'm also a bit worried about period pains as used to suffer terribly before the pill but they will be worth it. I took my last pill the day we came home from honeymoon as was conveniently the last in the packet and we are going to TTC afer my AF in December xxx

  • MrsLjCMrsLjC Posts: 1,224 New bride

    Hi JCL1 thanks for the reply. 

    So have you decided to start ttc in a certain month to let your body settle or is more personal circumstances? Hope I'm not being too nosey just for me I want to start trying straight after my wedding (seem to be a bit anxious about it and still to work out why!) so that's why I'm unsure if I should come off before or after wedding. Been on it for about 12 years now. 

  • Ooh how exciting for us all! 

    We got married last month (still strange to say I'm a Mrs!) and originally I was going to come off  the pill straight away, but have to be referred to the heamotologoy department as I have a blood disorder that makes me prone to clots and increases chances of late miscarriage and other things so they will probably want be on injections throughout pregnancy.  

    I've been on the mini pill and was told my fertility and cycle will return to normal as soon as I come off it. Hopefully we'll hear from the hospital soon and I can come off in October. 

    Hadn't even thought about vitamins though, am going to get some today! 

    My hubby is younger than me (I'm 36 and he's 30) he really wants kids, as do I but thinks we should wait as lots of changes at work at the moment. I keep telling him it may be more difficult because of my age and we should just get trying!!

    I have also downloaded the MyDays app 


    Good luck everyone! Xxx

  • JCL1JCL1 Posts: 129

    Hi AutmnBride! I was going to come off the pill in advance of TTC because before I was on the pill my cycles were all over the place so I wanted to get an idea of what they'll be like but I've finished my pack so decided not to get anymore from the doctors. When's your wedding? X

  • Well AF has actually hit me this afternoon but never been so excited to have it before. I'm hoping that this is a good sign and am going to start testing for ovulation this cycle now. I've bought the dual hormone indicator clearblue ovulation kit and using fertility friend app to decide when I should test. I'm so excited just kind of want to try now but am going to wait until December. X

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