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i was was wondering if anyone can recommend a sling or carrier for a new baby? I am pregnant and already have a baby who will be over 1 & a half when this one is born so thinking of getting a carrier or sling for being out and about. just wanting to know people's views on all the different kinds there's so many...... 


  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992

    We have a caboo and I love it! It's so easy and I can feed DD2 in it. I have an 8 week old and a 2 year old, and really wanted something that I could put the youngest in whilst around the house and I couldn't keep a constant eye on the eldest - so like when I need to do the dinner and can't have eyes in the back of my head! 

    We also have a structured cybex carrier that I loved with DD1, but found it's too structured for around the house and I can't see over the top of it etc.

  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    Another fan of the caboo here, especially loving the side carry for carrying him on my hip now he's 7.5 months and too heavy to carry on my front.

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835

    Would it be worth googling a sling library near you? They are places where you can try out different types of carreirs.

    I had a stretchy moby wrap when my little girl was first born but there are loads of options (not to freak you out or confuse you!). Also, not every carrier suits every person.

    Ive never owned a caboo but ive seen them and they do look super easier to use and little one looks comfy :)

    Hope that helps a little x

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