Double buggy


can anyone recommend a double buggy suitable for a new born and a toddler (1&1/2 yr old) Im just thinking abut looking imto them for when I have my baby next year.... 

Preferably one that I can clip the car seat into and my little boy can still sit in too. 


Thank you 


  • Glitter277Glitter277 Posts: 129

    Hey, I have the uppababy vista 2015 for my 16 month old who will be 19mths when new bubs arrives in November.

    It is a tandem but the back seat is higher than the front so they can both see. You can have a variety of combinations but you do have to faff with adapters etc so we'll prob just stick to one or two configurations, one of which being car seat & 'rumble seat' which my toddler will sit in at the front. 

    So far I have been using it as a single with my daughter & love it - it feels amazing to push & my daughter is super comfy In it. It is also fairly heavy but can be wheeled around when folded so you don't have to lift it. I have also treated us to an ergo baby 360 carrier so am hoping to be able to use that some of the time too! X

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