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Due March-May 2016

Hello! I'm Corie, just got our BFP with baby #2, EDD 30th April. We already have a little boy born July 2013.


I've noticed it seems to be quiet around March/April due dates, and with my due date being so late in April it could be a May baby anyway, so hopefully in a joint thread we'll have a few more people...



  • MrsJDH2014MrsJDH2014 Posts: 305

    Congratulations Corie! Has it all sunk in yet? 😊 

    I'm Eve and I'm due with our second one as well! We had a little boy in April 2014. This little bean is due in April as well, might change after scan but at the moment the due date is the same as it was with our boy! I am very excited and thought I'd be more relaxed this time around but it's still scary in these early days! 


    Hopefully we'll see some more ladies joining soon! Xx

  • Glitter277Glitter277 Posts: 129

    Ah mrsJDH congrats, remember you from the April thread! How funny to have the same due date! April babies are fab though, I'm finding it sucks being preggers in the summer! Wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months x

  • CorieLeighCorieLeigh Posts: 609

    Hi Eve  congratulations! How lovely to have them exactly two years apart!


    No it hasn't really sunk in haha, I don't feel pregnant yet! Just have an insatiable hunger and I'm tired, but nothing extremely different from usual. Looking forward to getting some symptoms as reassurance in a way! How are you feeling so far?

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835

    hi all and congratulations! Just hoping over from the due in feb 16 group to say ive set up a fb group for Feb-April 16 mummies (as it seems to be really quiet at the mo!). Was wondering whether any of you wanted to join? Ive put it as a secret group :) x

  • nestypienestypie Posts: 651

    Hi all :) 

    ooh nervous joining this! 

    Yes id like to join the fb group plse x

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835

    nesty- add me on fb, my username is gemmabryan2012 x

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835

    did any of you add me to facebook? A have a friend request from someone I don't recognise! x

  • MrsJDH2014MrsJDH2014 Posts: 305

    Thanks Glitter! How are you getting on mow? You dont have long to go do you?


    Congratulation Nesty and welcome! It is so scary early days isn't it!

    I am not feeling too different at the moment Corie! No nausea, can't make my mind up whether I am happy or worried about that lol. Got a constant ache at the bottom of my tummy though when moving, like something is constantly pressing on the bottpm of my belly, where a csection cut would be, that area! Dismt have that last time, hope it eases soon cause it's making me a bit worried trying to continue gentle excercise!

    I can't wait to get a bit further on, so I feel a bit more reassured!

    I hope you ladies are doing ok, I have joined the facebook group too so would be nice to see you there too! Xx

  • Glitter277Glitter277 Posts: 129

    I'm doing really well thank you, just 13 weeks to go! Slightly scary! Be happy about no nausea definitely, feeding C her baby food made me feel soooo ill in the early days. Luckily she eats pretty much normal food now so we're ok. Will you find out whether you're having another little boy or a girlie this time round? Xx

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 962 New bride

    Hello ladies - tentatively and nervously joining you as it all still feels very surreal to be posting in a 'due' thread! 

    Got our BFP last week, EDD 28th April 



  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Hi all,

    I did start a due in March thread but no one came to join me! I'm due 11th March with my second baby. My little girl was born in April 2014 but was due in March so there will be just under two years between them. I have my 12 week scan a week today - very excited! I'll actually be 13 weeks by then x 

  • Hi ladies. 

    I'm due my 2nd baby in the end of March - still waiting confirmed date when I have my scan in 3 weeks!! 

    I have a little boy who will be one in Nov so busy with him but feeling a bit quesy but no sickness! 

    Hope u ladies are all keeping well! X 

  • CorieLeighCorieLeigh Posts: 609

    Wow Mcdonald you'll definitely be busy with two quite close together! How lovely though.


    Looking forward to seeing scan photos 

  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Hi ladies,

    I'd like to join! I'm due at the end of March. Currently suffering from pretty bad morning sickness - can't waaait to feel normal and not be so well acquainted with my toilet bowl! 

    Because of my irregular periods we had a scan which dated me at 8.5 weeks - was lovely to see the HB. Will be 10 weeks tomorrow.

    This is my first so have started reading about birthing options etc, WOW I'm clueless!

    Nice to "meet" you ladies. 


  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    MrsB, I added you on fb too! I'm Kate Q xx

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 962 New bride

    Urgh I think my morning sickness is on its way...woken up feeling nauseous as hell today 

    Hope you are all doing well ladies xx

  • JulyBugJulyBug Posts: 420

    Oh poor you MrsA6, you have my sympathies! I'm wk 10 and it's getting better but slooowly. How far along are you?x

  • CorieLeighCorieLeigh Posts: 609

    I feel for you MrsA, I'm suffering too  it's been creeping up on me for a few days but yesterday was bad and today's been really bad. Had to stop and breathe a few times to stop myself throwing up. The tiredness is crazy too, I'm almost nodding off if I'm not moving. 


    Hopefully we've only got a few weeks of it!

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 962 New bride

    I'm 5 weeks JulyBug, I was hoping that by some miracle I would escape the sickness lol ah well! 

    And I know Corrie, I am exhausted! Not sleeping very well either so I am like the walking dead at the moment! Hoping it passes quickly! Plus my boobs are so tender, agony. And don't get me started on my mood swings, poor hubby doesnt know if he is coming or going, spent most of yesterday in tears for no reason! 

  • CorieLeighCorieLeigh Posts: 609

    Haha I feel you, I cried and got angry yesterday because I didn't win some petite maternity trousers on eBay (why don't places do petite maternity wear?! Might start up my own company!). Almost started an argument with poor hubby. Thankfully he ordered me off into the bath to relax, and came to talk to me to calm me down. 


    See these things as reassurance that things are progressing as they should be! You've definitely got yourself a proper sticky little bean  do you have any info through yet about midwife appointment or have you not referred yourself yet?

  • Hi ladies

    can I join please? Im due mid April, this is our second, our dd is 7. 

    I'm feeling sick most of the time and it seems to be getting worse! Any tips on how to help the nausea greatly appreciated! Thankfully at the moment I'm not actually being sick too much at the moment. 

    Congratulations to all! 

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 962 New bride

    Welcome Pink_gerbera - no tips here sorry, my first time so I am taking it day by day! 

    I have my first appointment on the 7th Sept Corrie, I had the number from when I booked in last month so gave them a call last week. Do you have one booked yet? xx

  • MrsJDH2014MrsJDH2014 Posts: 305

    Welcome pink Gerbera! with my boy I used the travel sickness armbands and they helped me a little. Not much nausea yet this time though it seems to have started a bit this week, 7 weeks on monday!

    Corie that made me giggle, pregnancy hormones are the worse, I seem to be blubbing at anything now lol!

  • Haha I know, crazy hormones!


    Welcome pink gerbera! It's our second too but I remember just eating plain things like crisps and trying ginger biscuits (ginger is supposed to help?!), I tried the bands but I don't really remember them helping much. Day by day is a reasonable approach, just take it easy and do what you can to help.


    I referred myself to midwifery and got an email saying I'll get an appointment in the post before I'm 9 weeks, so hopefully it'll arrive soon. I'm eager to make it official in that sense. 

  • i was almost sick in my way to work this morning, not good! Thankfully I haven't felt too bad the rest of the day, probably my best in a while but then I've been worrying about lack of symptoms, can't win! The ginger definitely seems to help, I might try the bands but we've not really told anyone yet so I don't really want to draw attention to it! My friend at work already guessed today because I was eating ginger biscuits!  

    I saw the Dr last week and he said he would refer to MW, not heard anything yet desperate to have my first appointment and first scan to make sure all is hopefully ok! 

  • What are you ladies doing about bras? All the maternity ones are ugly, do you think a non wired one would be ok? Can't remember what I did last time! 

  • I've started telling people at work (because of risks involved at work and struggling to hide tiredness/sickness and already showing bump!), we told my family today, and my close friends already knew so they understood why I wasn't drinking at a hen weekend just gone. Last time we didn't tell anybody except family and my closest friend until 12 weeks but we were too excited to say nothing and would have wanted support if anything went wrong.


    I've been thinking about bras, my wires are already starting to hurt! Maternity tend to be ugly unless you buy from places like Bravissimo if you're willing to pay around £30 a bra. Non wired should be fine if it fits well.

    Last time I stuck to nude maternity bras that I could wear under anything and got a new one (or at least got measured properly) every 2/3 months, think I had 4 through pregnancy then bought a few more towards the end that were nursing ones too. Going to dig my old ones out of storage to see if they'll fit, otherwise I'll definitely be buying one (probably from Debenhams or M&S as I found those places best) over the next few weeks. 

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 962 New bride

    Morning ladies 

    Hope everyone is ok and not suffering too much this morning! I am...hubby goes to work at 5 in the morning this week (shifts) so i am slightly woken when he leaves, and as soon as that happens i am a) desperate for a pee b) feeling sick as anything  so then i struggle to get back to sleep, meaning i am now shattered too! 

    Seems everyone has a different way of getting that first appointment with the midwife then - ours are based at the same medical centre as the Dr, and its self referral, i didnt have to see a Dr at all. Hope you ladies waiting for an appointment dont have to wait too long. 

    I hadnt even thought about bra's - my underwires arent giving me too much of a problem as yet, but the thought of not wearing an underwired one fills me with dread, i'd feel naked without them i think lol the girls are quite large to start with, god help me when they do start to get bigger, i'll need shares in Bravissimo i think! lol 

  • Mrs A- just make sure when you book your appointment with the midwife they book you in for an hour. The receptionist at my drs didn't and I had to go back for another appointment!

    Also, big boobs- mine are huge! I found really comfy maternity bras in Debenhams! Also got a cheaper one from asda which actually doesn't look too bad! They are also really comfy!

    Hope the sickness stops soon!

    Just to add- if anyone wants to join the fb group let me know :) x

  • MrsA6MrsA6 Posts: 962 New bride

    Ah thanks for the heads up MrsB - I booked in directly with the midwives so hoping i get the standard first appointment - will have to wait and see. 

    I'll join the fb group hun - guessing its secret so how do i go about it? x

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