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Ovulating after a chemical pregnancy

hi ladies I'm looking for some advice. After 6 months ttc baby no 3 I got a strong bfp on a first response  on Saturday & the same on Sunday did a different brand on Monday to check the line was getting darker (as you do) it was virtually impossible to see but still there so I knew something was up started to spit Tuesday night after being to the gym then yesterday started like normal af did a pg test this morning & negative so I'm presuming I've had a chemical pregnancy at 5+2. This was supposed to be our last month trying until February (we have family holiday booked with my sister & parents) but I've managed to convince hubby to have one last try this month. Anyway I've been rambling my question is will I ovulate as normal do I count yesterday as cd1 so much conflicting advice online & was wanting to know anyone's personal experiences. Thanks in advance xx


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