Does my Daughter have a cold sore?


My daughter (12 months old) woke up this morning and had a small amount of blood on her chin and some on her sheet of her cot, and what appeared to be a bit of a fat lip.  I assumed she may have bit her lip or banged herself on her cot. Throughout the day it was just red and a tiny bit swollen, then this evening a little blister appeared. Does this sound like a cold sore? I really hope not but am very worried about it. Ive added a picture... 


  • It might be, maybe call out of hours for advice. 

  • Take her to your gp. They'll need to do a swab for the Herpes Simplex virus if they think it is a cold sore. 

    HSV is incredibly infectious so be careful if she's  around people who don't have cold sores if you're worried. You can catch it from something as simple as sharing a towel.

  • Hannah85Hannah85 Posts: 209

    Hi ya, thanks for your replies, we took her to the pharmacist as it was a Saturday and he said it wasn't a cold sore and it looked like a clean blister and just one rather than multiple smaller ones. 

    Maybe i should take to gp and get swabbed like you said Michelle just incase. No neither myself or husband get cold sores but daughter is at nursery, so could have  from there. 

    Can doctors still swab when cold sore is not present, as whatever it was has now gone? X

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