Overweight & on Micronor minipill - conception and pregnancy questions!

Good evening all!

I'm returning to the YAYW site after a long time away (we married in August last year)  as we're planning on TTC after my last pack of pills finishes on February 18th - eeeeeeek and yay!!

I'm really excited about starting a family, and I've already started taking steps to reduce my weight - my BMI counts me in the Obese range so I'll be back to Slimming World in the new year! I was wondering about how long it had taken people to fall pregnant when being overweight? I know it's different for every woman but I'm just interested to learn about other people's experiences...

I'd also be interested to hear how long it took other women to fall pregnant after coming off the Micronor minipill - I've been on it for 16 months (18 months when we start TTC) and it says you have to use extra contraception if you're more than 3 hours late taking it - but does that mean you're likely to fall pregnant more quickly after coming off it? Again, I know it's different for each woman but just an idea would be good! My cycle has remained fairly constant while being on Micronor, there's an average of 34 days in a cycle...

Also - if any of you have been classed as "overweight" during your pregnancy, did you experience any health problems during your pregnancy or during birth?

Thanks for your time - I'm looking forward to chatting with you all!


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