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Pregnancy supplements?



so, I'm newly pregnant and was taking conception supplements, which say you can continue to take them in the early stages of pregnancy, but I want to switch over to some proper pregnancy ones, as they should be more suited to the current situation. However there are so many available I'm findi g it hard to decide which to get (this is my first baby). Does anyone have any views or recommendations? Hopefully the midwife will help with this sort of thing when I see her in a couple of weeks as my gp was hopeless!


  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Pregnacare :) or just folic acid alone is a cheaper alternative. The other vitamins in pregnacare are great if you have a deficiency or if you dont eat a balanced diet. But if you eat well and are generally healthy then you will be getting them in sufficient amounts through your diet. Folic acid is the main supplement recommended in pregnancy to avoid neural tube defects.

  • I took the boots pregnancy ones as they are often 3 for 2 and the swapped to the breastfeeding ones once little one was here and took them until i stopped nursing a year later. No side affects or anything (some can make your wee really smelly) 

  • DactylDactyl Posts: 66


    i had looked at pregnacare orginal (3 fir 2 at tesco) but was wondering if I should be getting the plus or the max to be safe, but sounds like original will be fine as long as I eat well. will go for some standard ones for now :-)


    there seems end to be a lot of choice with everything baby related, I'm finding it all a bit daunting at the moment and the pregnancy came as a bit of a surprise as we'd tried for so long I'd give up and want to make sure I look after this little one now.

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,907 New bride

    I take the pregnancare plus ones with omega 3 😊 I agree, so much choice but folic acid is the most important part xx

  • Geek GirlGeek Girl Posts: 145

    I take the Pregnacare with Omega 3 (only ever bought on three for two because the prices depress me so utterly!). What I would say is it's worth trying samples you get in your Bounty pack etc if they're offered. A friend pointed out that Boots do a Max strength type one which has all the stuff the Pregnacare one does for a much more reasonable price. I picked *that* up in the three for two but the first time I tried it the smell of one of the pills made me violently ill. No matter how I tried I couldn't swallow them, money totally wasted :/

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I just took normal Pregnacare. If you have a decent varied diet, which I do, then you won't need anything more than that. :-) Congratulations on your pregnancy x

  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431

    I did actually speak to a consultant about this when we thought there was a problem with my baby & I was blaming myself for not taking folic acid soon enough & for drinking (baby was a complete surprise - & is now fine, 23 weeks pregnant today & all looking good) & she actually said if you eat healthy food like Brown bread, lots of green veg & fish you don't even need folic acid. Which really surprised me. But anyway, like the others say if you eat properly normal folic acid on its own is fine & all the supplements are quite similar. You might find a particular one makes nauseau worse though, so maybe just buy a small pack at first .


    Congratulations btw. I hope you have an easy 9 monthsxx

  • NooeyNooey Posts: 413

    Folic acid and vitamin D are a must. Boots, tesco, superdrug all do an own brand pregnancy multivit from £1.50 a pack and up. But you should definately take additional folic acid as a bare minimium. I had the horrendous experience of losing a baby 14 months ago due to low folic acid levels. If your levels are not high enough your baby can have problems with the neural tube forming.  

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