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Due October 2016



i think I'm due around 3 October, having got my bfp on 29 January. it will be my first baby, after trying for a long time. 

any one else due around tis time?



  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    Hi Dactyl,


    I'll tentatively join this thread too. I'm due 26 September but went 4 days over with my LB so there's a chance this will be an October baby.

    Congratulations on your BFP

  • Hello,

    Ill also tentatively join! due the end of October 

  • I'll join too. By cycles edd was 29 Sep but early scan put me at 5 Oct x

  • Hello mrsM! 

    How are you all feeling? 

  • DactylDactyl Posts: 66

    I'm not too bad so far, gave been feeling tired a lot but only a tiny amount of nausea. The amount Im peeing is really annoying - I thought that was just a late pregnancy thing but apparently not. 


    I had had my booking appointment with the midwife last week. She seems really nice but i was given a high plastic wallet with "now your pregnant" plastered all over it to keep all my bits in so was worried about bumping into anyone I knew leaving the drs surgery as we've only told my parents and sister so far - would definitely recommend taking a large handbag just in case - not sure if this is an area thing or a general thing. I've got a second appointment in a couple of weeks time and my scan just before Easter...will be so relieved to get that over with.


    how is everyone else doing?

  • I'm glad your feeling well.

    What! You'd think they'd realise it's still secret!! Our notes just go in the bounty pack bag so not too big really. And that's only really to keep everything in one place. I'll probably just fold my notes into the baby bag This time. I'm only 5 weeks so haven't even called the midwife yet. We don't see them till 8 weeks here so no hurry. 

    im feeling fine. Tired come lunch time but other than that nothing what so ever  i find it worrying but trying not to think about it too much. 

  • Hi Ladies. I've got my booking in appointment on Thursday - she's coming to my house. I've taken the day off work as I'm running out of excuses for the blood tests and early scan I had - only so many dental appointments you can have. I've even made up a reason for being off on Thurs. It's a very small office I work in and it's hard to have secrets as it's like an extended family.

    We've decided to tell my mum and my MIL on mother's day (dh's idea) which is before we were originally going to, but he really liked his idea of the reveal on mother's day and we've taken the view that if anything were to happen now, we'd tell them anyway. They are both to be sworn to secrecy though. We've got Nanny mother's day cards to give them. Guaranteed their first thoughts will be that they're from our cat 😻! 

    I have more nauseous days than others but no actual sick. Being hungry seems to make it worse. Still thirsty and getting tired of being tired all the time. Oh and I seem to be remembering my dreams at the moment.


  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,915 New bride

    Hi girls, thought of pop over from the August/Septenber thread and say hi and congratulations!

    I'm not far ahead of you - ten weeks tomorrow and due 20 Sept. I've had my booking-in appointment and an early scan at 8+6 due to a bleed. All seems to be looking lovely so far! 12 week scan is on 11 March. The first trimester doesn't half draaaaag...

    Dactyl, I also got given a massive folder! So not discret. It'll keep it all nice though as you only get one set of notes!! 

    Keep relaxed and healthy ladies xx 


  • It’s been a roller-coaster week this week for me. My gran passed away on Monday night. She’d been ill since Christmas and in and out of hospital. Although I’m relieved the whole ordeal is over for her, it’s still been an emotional week.

    I had my booking in appointment (of sorts yesterday). The midwife came to see me to do my bloods and go through my questionnaire etc. One of the first questions she asked was where I wanted to have the baby. I’m between two hospitals so I didn’t really know, although I know that most of the other women in the family have opted for one particular hospital. She didn’t really give me much guidance so I ended up plumping for the one that most of the family have been to. So, that hospital’s procedures are slightly different, meaning that my booking in (incl bloods) doesn’t happen until the same time as the 12 week scan and I have to be referred from my current hospital to the other hospital. The midwife rushed through my questionnaire and I had to point out a few things that I’d raised that she hadn’t noticed on the form. I felt a little overwhelmed by the whole experience and not very guided, as if I’d wasted her time – she kept saying that my Dr could have referred me to the other hospital. How I’m supposed to know when I’ve never done this before?!

    Anyway, moving on to today and this morning I noticed (TMI alert!) when I wiped that I had some pale brown discharge. I phoned the community midwives, no answer, phoned the EPU, no answer and then called my Dr who called me back. I’ve been booked in for another early scan on Mon. Currently thinking what I can tell work to explain why I’ll be late in, if I have any more dental appointments I wouldn’t be surprised if they suggest I call it quits and get a set of dentures!

    With everything going on, I’m feeling a little low at the minute and trying not to worry.

    How’s everyone else doing?

  • I'm sorry to hear about your gran MrsM! And that your having a crappy time! Will you have a different midwife now your at a different hospital? Which one are you going for? 

    I still need to call and let the midwives know I'm expecting! I'm only 5 1/5 weeks though so still ages until booking in. I'm feeling fine. super super tired but that's it. I'm trying to hold onto that 1 symptom as I'm just worrying because I don't have Anymore it's not going to end well! 

    brown blood is old blood so hopefully it's just a little left over from before! Let us know how it goes xx

  • I'm not entirely sure tbh little pickle, I was confused by the time she left and not thinking straight with everything going on. I need to ask really :S. I've got my 16 week appointment with them though. I'm on the wirral and I was under the countess of Chester, but I've opted to be referred to Arrowe Park. Any emergencies or anything like that though and the default is Chester. So I'm back at the Chester epu for my scan on Monday. 

    I spoke to DH about work and I think I'm just going to tell them what's going on. We're a close company and my boss I will tell as my boss and friend. There's not many of us and I think it will just make things easier.

    You could be one of the lucky ones with minimal symptoms FC.


  • I think it's a good idea to tell them. They can support you in what ever way you need. 

    I think im thrown because I had so many symptoms with my son. Xx

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,915 New bride

    Mrs M, I had that brown discharge too at about 6 weeks. Like Mrs Pickle said, that's old blood. Should be just left over from implantation - you had a little spotting then if I remember?

    As I mentioned, I also had a bleed at 8+6. It was red blood and was a gush but apparently caused by the placenta burrowing in and breaking a capillary. There's so much blood being produced that this is normal. Doesnt stop it being stressful though!! But I had a scan at the EPU and it was all ok.

    They assured that unless there's clots and cramping it's ok - so I'm sure everything will be ok. Having said that, another scan will put your mind at rest. Im 10+3 and we've booked another private scan booked for Monday. I don't think I'll rest until in passed my 12-weeks point.

    Keep us posted x

  • Thanks Ladies, I'm sure all will be fine. I was 8+2 when it happened and I've had none since and yes Lou you're right, I had some bleeding shortly after my BFP that lasted a couple of days but all that was ok. Your experience sounded much more traumatic than mine, glad all was ok. It's the waiting that's the killer isn't it! A second scan will hopefully be reassuring though.

    I've had my 12 week scan date through for 22 March, which is just before we go away for Easter with some friends,  so all being well we should be able to share our news after that.


  • It feels like I have forever to go for a scan!! And yes it's killing me!!! My biggest fear is a MMC!!! 

  • KateJessKateJess Posts: 226

    Hello, thought i'd join you guys as well. I'm due beginning of October so currently 8 weeks. Got my booking in appointment on Wednesday which I'm hoping will be good as I've got lots of questions! I had quite a traumatic birth with my son last year so want to see what my options are this time round especially regarding extra mnitoring and possibly having this baby before 40 weeks. We shall see what they say! No major symptoms here, but I didn't last time so trying not to read too much into that!  

  • Hi KateJess and welcome.

    Just an update ladies. Scan was fine this morning. Saw the little bean waving its arm and leg stumps around and there's a good strong heartbeat. Nurse said everything looked perfect. Lots of reasons for the spotting, placenta burrowing in, just a general increased flow of blood in the area and something being disturbed. Unless it's red or very heavy with clots she said not to worry.

    Today's scan put me a few days ahead of where my last early scan had me, so 9+2 today with edd of 1 Oct.


    Told my boss today - she thought I might have been interviewing for another job! Ready to tell our mums on mother's day now.

    Hope everyone else is doing OK x

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,915 New bride

    Yay Mrs M! Lovely news!x

  • Excellent news!!! So glad bean is doing well!! 

  • DactylDactyl Posts: 66

    Great news Mrs M.


    im currently on honeymoon and am 9 weeks today. Have had a really bad cold for a few days and have been paranoid about the little shrimp the whole time, but over the worst of it now and no sign of any issues so fingers crossed it'll be ok. I was so busy in the run up to the wedding I guess it all just caught up with me. We're still having a good time, although I will be relieved to get little shrimp back to the uk!


    my booking appointment had to be before the wedding so they could book my scan so had it at 7+2. It was just bloods and questions. I had hoped I could choose between the two hospitals nearest to us and go to the one closest to my family but that's in a different county and the midwife at my gp surgery is associated with the other one, so if I go to the one nearer my family she can't see me and I'd have to organise my own scans and bloods etc. Think it's easiest to say I'm going to the other one for now and if I decide to change do it late. Both have a midwife led unit near the labour ward and the facilities look similar so it's just ease of visiting if I'm kept in...and OH works away a lot so I'll probably be with my family if he's away near my due date.


    got my first scan just before Easter - the original date was later (would have been near 14 wks), but they were able to move it as we couldn't make that date.


    so far weve only told my parents, my sister and my boss. One of OH's friends has guessed from a comment OH made on his stag when they were teeasing him about kids after marriage. Think I'm gong to tell one friend just before the scan as she'll be on holiday when I have it and I don't want her to be the last to know...she told us at 10 wks so it seems unfair not to and we've been quite close all our lives.


    When to tell OH's parents is proving more difficult. His mum can be massively insensitive so I don't want her to know till after my scan. They aren't local and they won't offer any support. However OH wants to tell them ASAP as he thinks it's unfair that my parents know and his don't. I can see his point, but his mum can be so nasty and hurtful i really want to know it's all ok before she finds out.


    Can't wait until we know it's ok and can tell people generally.

  • Little-pickleLittle-pickle Posts: 1,136 New bride

    I'm glad your having a nice honeymoon! where are you? I could do with a nice hot holiday right now! I'm bloody freezing all the time!!! 

    Id probably do the same and just change late. It will be helpful to have family around. Whamere abouts in he country are you? 

    I have 2 to choose from but think I'm going to choose the opposite to last time. I'm yet to make contact with the midwives though. I'm only 6 weeks so got a while yet x

  • DactylDactyl Posts: 66

    I'm currently in Florida. 26 degrees today :-). Bit frustrating as we were at a waterpark (booked and paid for before I got pregnant) and if I followed the warnings there was literally nothing I could go on, not even the wave pool! Needless to say I went on a couple of the tamer rides - having sent OH down first to safety check them lol and into the wave pool - as otherwise I'd literally have spent the whole day on a sun lounger.


    currently thinking of a holiday just me and OH in the uk before baby arrives to have one last buit of "us time" away, maybe june or early July before school hols, or just after the schools go back.


    im based in the Midlands, literally live on the county border so I live in one county and work in another. We're considering moving if we can find the right house (or garage in OH's case as he's very into cars) so if we do that will put us into the other county anyway as we'd be moving nearer to my family and work to make child care easier. I was also offered the hime birth option but not sure about that for my first and also the mess? So much to think about.


    wheres everyone else Based?

  • KateJessKateJess Posts: 226

    Glad to hear everything went well with your scan MrsM! 

    Very jealous of your honeymoon Dactyl, never been to Florida. It is frustrating when you're told there is so much you can't do when you're pregnant, whats the wave machine going to do?? 

    Had my booking in appointment today which was lovely. I'm going to have the same midwife as last time but I'm also going to be consultant led. I had a partial placental abruption last time (where your placenta tears and starts to come away) and I bled a lot so looks like I'll be monitored slightly more. I'm pleased, everything turned out fine last time but it could have been very different so think I'll be quite anxious towards the end of this pregnancy. 

    Hows everyone else doing? Oh and Im based near Bristol. 


  • Little-pickleLittle-pickle Posts: 1,136 New bride

    Oh it sounds lovely! And good on you for just having a little go anyway. They probably just say it to cover themselves if anything was to go wrong. some people love to sue! 

    I want my booking appointment!! I'll perhaps give them a call tomorrow and get the ball rolling. 

    Oh that's scary!! But good your going to be monitored closely. I'm ok, feeling pretty horrendous sick wise now and soooooo exhausted! I'm sure it worse this time round. Can't wait for an early night and a lay in. 

  • DactylDactyl Posts: 66

    Yeah, I guess they're so afraid of being sued - there are huge bill boards advertising accident lawyers etc out here they're covering themselves. We were at universal studios today and that was a real disappointment. Again, we booked before we knew I was pregnant, but literally the only things I could go in were the cinemas, and only in the static seats (they do 4D cinemas where the seats bounce etc). Was so tempted to ignore some of the warnings, but a lot of the rides have lap bars and we fly home tomorrow so it didn't seem worth the risk. Spent all day siting outside rides and browsing gift shops waiting for OH.


    i seem to be getting a bump already too. I'm a size 8-10 normally (and 5'8" tall) so I guess there's no where for it to hide, but didn't expect to see much change in my body till after 22 weeks. At least I can blame the American diet when I go back to work (even though I've eaten pretty healthily and not excessively out here, which isn't easy!). So feeling s bit fat and down at the moment as I feel bad I couldn't join OH on the rides, which also meant he enjoyed th experience less. Silly as we've had a lovely holiday, great weather and an exciting few months ahead when we get back....and I get to pick my dog up on Friday too, I've missed him!


    sounds like your last experience was pret scary KateJess. Fingers crossed it will be better this time, and it's good that they'll be keeping a closer eye on things which should help. I'm trying not to think about the end bit too much just yet, it's pretty scary! There are times where I find the idea of another little person inside me a bit freaky - nice, but weird!

  • Little-pickleLittle-pickle Posts: 1,136 New bride

    It does get freaky when your in the last trimester and you can see the body parts!!! And the movements can really take your breath away! I used to be able to grab my little boys feet move them and push them in, he used to kick out again and we'd do it for ages!!! Some of the videos I have are crazy!!!! And my god i miss it soooo much!! 

    I'm glad overall you've had a lovely time. And yes soo many exciting things ahead!  many weeks are you now? 

  • MrsMest2014MrsMest2014 Posts: 251 New bride

    Sounds like you're having a fab honeymoon Dactyl. I'm waiting for work to confirm our maternity policy (I'll be the first one to use it), subject to that we may book a holiday abroad. I'm the main earner so we've been saving so that I can afford to take the time off. I'd like 9 months off but the big weigh up is holiday versus more time on maternity.

    KateJess, glad everything turned out OK last time and that must be reassuring that you're being monitored closely this time. I'm a first time mum and like Dactyl I'm trying not to think too much about the end :S.

    I seem to be experiencing extreme bloating at the minute making me look like I have a bump, but it's definitely bloating because it changes. My skin is bad at the minute but the nauseous seems to have eased #glowing.


  • DactylDactyl Posts: 66

    I'm just over 9 weeks, having my dating scan just before Easter so will be a nice Easter surprise for my granddad -he's in his 90s and this will be his first great grandchild So I think he'll be a bit excited lol.

    currently waiting for the plane home :-(. It has really all gone so quickly, cant believe I've been married for almost 2 weeks.

    Luckily my work has recently improved their mat policy, so I should be able to take 9 months to a year, maybe 13 months by the time I've tagged on the last of this years holiday entitlement (legally youre still entitled to your full AL entitlement while you're on mat leave, which will work well :-)). My OH is self employed though so mine is our only guaranteed income so we'll have to see how it goes.


    i think our brek later in the year will be cheap and cheerful (OH thinks camping...Im not so sure!) but I think the time together before bump arrives will be good...depends on his work though. 

  • Little-pickleLittle-pickle Posts: 1,136 New bride

    Omg!!!!! i have never ever in my life been so embarrassed and mortified!!!! Went to do the food shop this afternoon after dragging myself out the house feeling sooo sick...a man walked past whilst in the shop, ive never smelt a smell so bad!!!!! vommed everywhere!!!!!!!! Safe to say that once someone came to clear it up I've never moved so fast in all my life!!!!! My little boy didn't have a clue what was going on!! 

  • KateJessKateJess Posts: 226

    Oh god little pickle thata awful!!! You poor thing. How old is your little one? 

    The whole baby inside you thing is quite strange especially when then start kicking but it's also lovely! I remember my stomach rolling when he shifted position and being able to feel his elbows sticking out. also, don't worry about the end and labour, what happened to me was very unusual and everyone I know had normal fairly straight forward deliveries. I just think about it only being a day or two of pain etc which in the grand scheme of your life is nothing!

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