Preparing for baby

so I'm very impatient & have not even got wedding out the way & im discussing babies!!

luckily hubby to be knows what I'm like.

what have you saved into baby fund? 

Also anyway to prepare life for parenthood? 


  • Raksha92Raksha92 Posts: 215 New bride

    I know exactly how you feel! I have baby on the brain at the moment lol and it doesn't help when it seems like everyday there is a baby on the facebook page. Me and my h2b have decided to start trying when we get married (as long as the circumstances are right). 

  • yeah we are the same. We get married next March 

    we are doing the house up & every room gets done & I get more broody. 

    I sat & priced up pram & nursery furniture!!! We need to do a lift conversion before a baby!!! 

  • I get married in April and we are hoping to start trying when we get back from honeymoon in June. 

    I am trying to lose weight so I am healthier. I find the looking good in the dress doesn't motivate me, but being healthy for a baby does! I've been to the DRs to get an MOT and am having blood tests to check my thyroid levels. I'm really glad I'm doing this now as thyroid problems can stop you conceiving.

    I know what car seat I want, what bedroom furniture... In fact when I managed Mamas and Papas through a closing down sake I brought loads of stuff! We have baby clothes, all the Millie and Boris bed set etc. Tbf they were 75% off so would be stupid not to, but we are definately excited about trying!

    Probably more excited about a baby than the wedding :)

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    I know how you feel - it is so exciting to think about starting a family.

    But - I am the voice of caution. I have been TTC for 2 years with no luck. We have a 'baby fund' but are starting to look at alternative uses for that money.

    I would say, take one step at a time. Get the wedding done and then see what you can save towards a family, but have a plan B in mind just in case (and that plan B could be private IVF)

    Good luck and I hope you don't need the plan B.

  • We are telling ourselves it will take about a year as that is the statistical average and we are trying to keep thr pressure off. Obviously we know it can be longer or shorter, but we don't expect it to be instant. We have planned to go on holiday after six months if we haven't caught yet, gives us something to look forward to and hopefully allows it to stay a positive experience.

    Babydust to you Mrs Twizbe, I hope it happens for you soon xx

  • Raksha92Raksha92 Posts: 215 New bride

    We won't be figuring out most fertile dates or anything because I know stress can make it harder to conceive. We will just stupid using contraception and see what happens :)

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