TTC after a Mirena coil?

Apologies if a TMI post!

I need some advice about having my Mirena coil taken out. I had a copper coil for 7 years from 22-29 and started to have really bad cramps with it so had it removed last summer. We then put in a Mirena the same day, so it's been in for about 8/9 months now. 

I get married 23rd April and was due to go on honeymoon 24th May. First appointment I can get to have my coil out is 30th March, so 3 1/2 weeks before the wedding! I've been googling online and loads of women say they just spotted after the removal, but I've also heard some people bleed for 4-6 weeks?!? Having my copper coil out was very uncomfortable as the strings had gone missing.

Has anyone got experience of this that they don't mind sharing? 


  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    I have never had a coil, but I imagine it is like coming off any contraception, you wont know how it will affect you until you do it.

    If you want to be sure you wont have a bleed over your wedding or honeymoon I would leave it in until you get back. You never know you might fall first month off it (my old boss did) or it might take a bit longer, but you wont know until you try.

    Sorry if that is not much help.

  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride

    Apparently Mirena is the best contraception you can have in terms of TTC when you stop as your fertility returns inmediately. I had mine removed in July, had one period beginning of August as the practice nurse advised its easier to date a pregnancy if you have one period and conceived around the end of August x

  • Thanks ladies.

    Do you mind me asking how long you had yours in for Mrskb? And you had no side effects after having it removed? Xx

  • MascaraMascara Posts: 114

    I've got a mirena and want it out after the wedding - I really wouldn't do it before, I've heard so many stories about it taking ages to settle down. I had excessive bleeding for weeks after it was implanted, and I'm just not going to risk it for the wedding. 

  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride

    Had it a few month after my daughter was born so just short of 2 years.

    No bad side effects at all. Didn't hurt but bled a little for an hour or so afterwards x

  • MrsKBMrsKB Posts: 774 New bride

    I would wait til after honeymoon though just in case it affects you differently. As I said I was very quick to conceive afterwards so I'd say its worth waiting x

  • I just had my mirena coil taken out and it was absolutely fine. About as uncomfortable as a smear test. This is how I am spending my afternoon now though:


  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    That's good that it was okay LegacyofMrsM! That looks like a fab afternoon

    I'm so excited for you, I hope all goes well for you ie. No bleeding and quick pregnancy! Another tmi post

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