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Hey, I've been TTC for 6 months now (came off the pill 9 months ago). I went to see my doctor a few weeks ago as my cycles are still irregular - I know if can take months for things to go back to normal but I went anyway. The doctor was really nice and said I could have some blood tests to make sure everything is working ok.

Yesterday I got my day 21 (more like day 28 in my case because I have long cycles) results back and they say I have low progesterone levels, which means I might not be ovulating!

Has anyone had similar results? This is scaring me half to death - I spent most of yesterday evening in tears. I'm having the test repeated.

Thanks ladies x


  • NooeyNooey Posts: 413

    Sarah, sorry to hear your news. I'm afraid I don't   Know much about these things. First, have you called your GP to find out how low they are? It may just a little low and if not I believe there is medication called Clomid? Or similar to help you ovulate. 

    I know it's very easy to instantly think the worst but don't torture yourself Hun.

    I had my daughter in 2014, then lost a very poorly baby 9 months later. After this my cycles were not quite right for about 9 months after. I found this very stressful which no doubt made it worse. After seeing my doctor they did bloods to check my hormone levels. I was told I had low testosterone. I, like you spent the evening in tears, only to find out it was only a teeny weeny bit low and surprise surprise 4 days later I discovered I was pregnant! 

    So all I'm saying Hun is try to get a copy of your results and speak to a doctor as soon as you can to find out as much as you can.

    Good luck x

  • MrsJRMrsJR Posts: 251 New bride

    Hi Sarah I am getting my day 21 results on Friday so I will let you know how mine goes and will ask my doctor (who is very good) about low progesterone. 

    It is easy to panic (and I do!) but I am sure it will be fine. There is plenty they can do to balance out hormones and it is best to know sooner than later. 


  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    Thanks MrsJR  and Nooey. I'm so sorry for your loss Nooey.

    Good luck with your results MrsJR. 

    It's so hard not to panic and immediately think the worst. I have actually spoken to my GP - she called me out of the blue yesterday to give me the results. I was so surprised she was calling that I didn't really get time to think about what I needed to ask. She did say I could have the test done again to confirm the result. I should have my day 1-5 results back this Friday - hopefully they don't bring more negative news! 

  • DollyBDollyB Posts: 1,733 New bride

    Hi Sarah,

    try not to panic too much. The progresterone is completely dependent on your cycle and should be 7 days after you ovulate. They say 21 days based on an average cycle but if yours are longer that could explain it! My progesterone was low because I wasnt having cycles full stop and they did the tests more to say they'd done them. She said if I wasn't having a cycle it was pretty pointless.

    might be worth trying to repeat on 7dpo if you know when you ovulate? 

    And like the other ladies say, there is so much they can do to help if it does turn out to be a problem! Xx

  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    Hi Dolly, thank you! The doctor told me it had to be 7 days before my next period, not 7dpo. I guess in most people this would equal the same day, but with longer cycles it's not the same day. I am having the test done again this cycle so I'll try to do it 7dpo - I do ovulation tests and I've started temping this month so I should be able to pin point ovulation pretty well (if it actually happens). 

  • MrsJRMrsJR Posts: 251 New bride

    Hello I have had my progesterone results and the doctor said that anything over 30 means you have ovulated. Sorry I didn't get chance to ask questions about it but I hope you have managed to get more information now and are feeling better. It is so frustrating, even when results are fine, so I feel your pain. 

    Good luck and fingers crossed for a BFP soon 👍🏻😃


  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    Thanks MrsJR. I'm guessing your results were OK? Fingers crossed for your BFP soon too!  How long have you been trying for? X

  • MrsJRMrsJR Posts: 251 New bride

    Hello - my result was 53.2 which apparently means I ovulated. Obviously good news but I am still little anxious as don't feel I will get a bfp any time soon. It has been 8 months now. I know in the grand scheme that isnt long but I feel like everyone else I know took about 2 months so can't help but worry - as again I know this sounds ridiculous - but if everything is fine, why haven't I fallen?!!

    Booo. Fingers crossed for both of us. Let me know how you get on and make sure you push them as I think sometimes the doctors only listen when you show them you are stressed with it xxx

  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    I know what you mean, MrsJR. It's so hard to not feel like there's a problem when everyone else seems to fall within a couple of months. I guess it's difficult to know what struggles other couples may have faced. 

    Did the doctor offer you any other tests, or do you have to wait until the 1 year mark? 

  • MrsJRMrsJR Posts: 251 New bride

    I had loads of blood tests as I just happened to be there on cd3. I think they were full blood, FSH, LH, estrodril and a few others. I imagine they will do the same for you if one is showing as low. I would push them too and you could always say it has been around a year x

  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    It's good they're doing other tests for you. I've also had the day 1-5 tests - I had them last Monday so I should be able to call for the results tomorrow - fingers crossed nothing bad shows up in them too! When are your results due? 

    I was wondering about timing the other day - if my day 21 bloods show low progesterone again, I'm not sure if they'll be willing to start some kind of treatment immediately, or if we'll have to wait until we've been trying for a year. So many questions to ask the doctor! 

  • MrsJRMrsJR Posts: 251 New bride

    I have had my results and spent hours looking up what is normal / good 😆 So if you have any questions on yours just ask. I would get the results (so all the figures) as well as discussing with the doctor. They may say something is all normal but it is good to know where you sit within a range.

    Have you already said how long you have been trying? If not, you could always say it has been a year to speed things up. I have read that GPs can prescribe medication like clomid. Alternatively they may refer you to a specialist in a hospital but I bet it depends on the individual doctor whether they make you wait until a year. My doctor said she refers when she can see patient is stressed and I imagine they might if there is a known issue (such as a low hormone).

    Just make sure you push! But don't worry in the meantime as there is loads they can do. Knowledge is power!


  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    Thanks MrsJR  - I will ask if I have any questions. 

    I didn't tell the doctor how long we'd been trying as my main reason for going was to ask about irregular periods - I just said I came off the pill in July and I think she took that as we've been TTC since then! 

    The doctor certainly knows I'm stressed as I burst in to tears when I was talking to her! That's why she said I could have the blood tests! 

  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    Hi Sarah - yes, I had this. As it happened I was having irregular cycles and had to learn when I ov'd (I used temping as my method) and I tried to get it 7 days before AF which was useless as I had a short LP hence low progesterone (which rises on 5 DPO btw). Next cycle I tried 7DPo and got absolutely fine measurements.

    I then had an ultrasound which turned out to be the day after I oved and was told I had a thin lining and had released a rubbish egg (well that was the sum total). I researched and decided I was sitting too much and it was compressing blood flow to my uterus and ovaries.

    Now, it takes 90 days for the egg to fully mature and funnily enough, 3 months after my ultrasound when I'd started standing more, I got my BFP.

    Just to reassure you, low progesterone doesn't mean you're not ovulating, just you've been tested on the wrong day. AND even if you do have low progesterone, they can treat it easily with pessaries :)

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