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Hi ladies

My sister is 3 months pregnant and as it's her birthday in April I was thinking of putting together a gift basket with all things to help her out during the pregnancy! Can anyone who was/is pregnant give me any ideas of what to put in? So far I was thinking a copy of 'What to expect when you're expecting' and some nice smellies for mums-to-be (any suggestion on brand?) but then I get a bit stuck. Can anyone let me know what you would have liked to recieve when pregnant?


  • Mrs17Mrs17 Posts: 834 New bride

    What a lovely idea! Congratulations on finding out you're going to be an auntie

    Haven't had any myself, but Bio-oil, pregnancy cupcakes, voucher for a pregnancy massage and cute slogan t-shirts always seem to go down well at baby showers I have attended!


  • jemmykins09jemmykins09 Posts: 618

    bio oil, cute t-shirt, face masks/bath stuff (asda do their own mum to be range which is lovely), a nice blankets/pjs for when they're feeling fat and fed up lol), something little for baby (a countdown/picture frame for scans etc), sick bands if she's having a rough time sickness wise, alcohol free wine (i hear the weight watchers one tastes the same just minus the alcohol), a noice box of her fave choccies x

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,924 New bride

    Thanks for the ideas- especially the Asda mum to be range! I was having a google but it all seemed really expensive so hopefully the Asda range will be more reasonable. She's diabetic so I'll have to check the sugar content of the wine- sometimes those alcohol free options are packed with sugar!

    I had a look for mum-to-be spa days but they were all about £100 :(

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,808 New bride

    That is a lovely idea! What about a scented candle? When pregnant we are told to avoid bubbles baths and some bath oils as they aren't permitted so a scented candle will enable her to bathe in a nice scented room! Anything to enhance sleep is always a bonus as she's probably going to be knackered! And a good girlie book will help encourage her to chill. Maybe some cinema vouchers to give her something fun to do that isn't drink related? Xx

  • heartsxheartsx Posts: 11

    Hi sammykate,

    I'm currently pregnant and would appreciate the following:

    Mum to be toiletries - personally I've been given Palmers and the Sanctuary and like both brands.

    Books/magazines - I'm so tired that resting takes up much of my day so this helps pass the time. If there are any deals you could even do a subscription, perhaps to the mother and baby magazine, as long as she isn't worried about being superstitious!

    Jewellery - just costume stuff from Accessorize, Primark, etc. Clothing can be a nightmare and it's nice that jewellery always fits and jazzes up my basics a bit.

    I've been given a sort of baby journal where you can record doctors appointments, vaccines, and that sort of thing which I hadn't heard of before, but again depends if she is superstitious. You can also get pregnancy journals if it's her sort of thing.

    Pregnancy pillow - really helpful to sleep with. I have a dreamgenii one which is quite expensive but you can always just get a cheaper one from Wilko's or somewhere - I've heard they are just as good. I like to sleep with something between my legs so a long straight pillow should do.

    Eye mask - sleeping through the night is hard!

    Hope this helps x

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,924 New bride

    Thank you so much heartsx! Some amazing ideas there. Although she is only 3 months I know she is struggling with feeling tired all the time- I think having diabetes makes it worse. So anything to help sleep will be fab. I'll also have a look at those pregnancy pillows!

    Lou 85 it's crazy the amount of stuff you can't do while pregnant! We went to a wedding show together and while I knew she couldn't have cocktail samples etc, she also couldn't try a teeth whitening thing or have a back massage! And when I offered to take her to my local pool for a chill out she said she can't go in the hot tub. But bubble bath and oil is a new one on me!

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