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TTC and looking for buddies :)

Hi ladies

So I've spent the past 2 years on here planning & discussing my wedding and found it to be a great support network, meeting some lovely people along the way. 

Now that we are beginning our journey of TTC our first baby I thought where better than to share with others and am hoping to see some familiar faces (or names) as well as meeting new ones!

A bit about us - we have been together for 11 years and got married in March this year. I have been on different pills for quite a long time (12 years) - initially Microgynon for about 8 years, Marvelon for about a year and then onto Logynon. I finished my last pill packet on the 16th July and had a withdrawal bleed so if we are speaking in cycle terms of this being one I'm on CD22. However, I don't know how long it will be before my first proper AF. I know it could happen instantly or could take months (or even years) but we have been DTD regularly anyway. I've bought some OPKs from eBay but haven't found any LH surge as yet. I feel myself getting a bit obsessed already but know that I need to chill a bit! 

Before going on the pill I had bad cramps when due AF but they were pretty much 28 day cycles so hoping that they will go back to normal asap, but who knows! My biggest worry atm is "Are there even any eggs & can I carry a baby?" Which I imagine everyone feels at this stage. I'm currently taking morrisons pregnancy supplement which I've found contains almost exactly the same as pregnacare but is cheaper and follow a pretty healthy diet anyway. Have also cut down on alcohol.

Since coming off of the pill I'm a bit like a hormonal teenager! I've been getting more spots, I'm so tired (sleeping about an hour earlier than usual and still lethargic throughout the day) and am a bit of an emotional wreck! I cried hysterically the other night over nothing and then started laughingI feel happy and then instantly irritable. On top of that I'd hoped to lose some weight but haven't yet! But hey ho the only way is up I suppose!

That's where I'm at atm, it would be great to hear your experiences and how you are getting onxxx


  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,891 New bride

    Hey Hun :)


    Good Luck with your journey - FC it will be a short & sweet stay on here for you!


    If you are looking for advise & a place to rant its worth checking out the TTC - Part 26 thread lots of helpful advise & lovely ladies on there :) xx

    Married since June 2015
    TTC since August 2015
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  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    Thanks MrsGB, I will do

  • Hey  I'm also ttc number 1.....have joined the ttc thread, it's worth a look. I'm here to join you if you want though lol were on our 3rd month of trying now, hoping it won't be too much longer x x 

  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    Hi Aimee yeah I will pop over to that thread as well! Just always feel it's hard when there's already so many conversations going on, had joined another site but felt the same! 

    Have you been using OPKs or just guessing? I'm finding myself worrying because I've not had a positive test yet but I have heard that it's easy to miss the LH surge. I just want it to happen I'm so impatient!

  • I'm not tracking anythibg-hubby wants us just to relax and let it happen as he knows how stressy I can get about things lol I will admit I was gutted when af showed up this month but it was only month 2 so onwards and upwards 😉 x x 

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    Hi ladies! Like you I used this forum throughout my wedding planning and loved it and found it V useful. I've posted a couple of threads about my horrendous post- pill experience so I'll summarise it here.

    I came off the pill at Xmas 2015. I had been on it for 10 years straight (Femodette then Yasmin). I have been on and off the pill since I was 16 though.

    My husband isn't ready to TTC till the new year, plus we have other reasons for waiting till then but I'm rather gutted to be honest. I'm 33, 34 in Nov so don't want to keep waiting!!!

    We were adamant we would never have kids, then last Oct something changed in both of us and now we do. The desire to have a child has become all consuming for me!! The force of that maternal desire has really knocked me for 6.

    Since coming off the pill I have had no end of probs.

    Came off, had initial normal 'period'

    then 3 months without a period or any menstrual symptoms

    then a 7 week period, ending in 5 days where I was bleeding so heavily it was literally pouring out of me ('flooding')

    then following this 5 weeks of menstrual symptoms being all over the place; bloating, exhaustion, spots, mood swings, even days where I felt depressed, days where I was aggressive. Awful.

    Then a 5 days period but again, flooding and leaking through super plus towel and tampon into my clothes- just really really awful

    then 6.5 wks with nothing, symptoms all over place again but odd week here and there where felt normal

    Been on my latest period for 2 weeks, flooding again for the last 4 days. I'm changing a super plus tampon and heavy duty towel every 1.5 hrs  No end in sight.

    So my post pill experience is horrendous and 8 months down the line no where near 'settling down'. My Dr keeps fobbing me off so getting no joy from the NHS and stuck waiting till try for another 5 months 

    Just want my periods to settle down, they are ridiculously heavy.

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    On up side is mine and hubby's libidos have gone through the roof! So when I'm not bleeding pints of blood a day we're at it like rabbits and having the best sex we've ever had. That at least bodes well for when we do TTC

    I've also gone really hairy since coming off the pill. Its unslightly- having to shave every 3 days or look like a yeti!

    I'm generally feeling very upset and down about my 'cycle' and periods at the moment. Even my Dr said, when I saw him in June, things should have settled down by then. He told me if they still haven't by Oct to go back so its all a waiting game at the moment 

  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    Hi Bekha! A familiar name/face really sorry to hear of your annoying battle with your period, fingers crossed it all settles down soon! Who knows how mine will go but I'm understanding your symptoms of mood swings, spots, depression etc. already, hoping it doesn't get any worse! I really can't believe how tired I've been this past week or so you'd think I was out partying but I'm struggling to motivate myself at work and am in bed and asleep by half 9 latest which isn't like me at all. 

    We are the same - I don't know if it's coming off the pill or the fact that I desperately want to get pregnant but my sex drive has been a great help! And hubby is super keen too and doesn't like to go to bed without making sure we've DTD he's so motivated! Haha. 

    I really hope that my cycles return to normal, I wish there was a way of checking if you have eggs or not coz that's my biggest worry. We had decided to be quite relaxed about it and take it as it comes but it's amazing how quickly it takes over your life. With the wedding I was constantly on Pinterest and eBay doing things but I feel a bit helpless just now coz there's nothing I can do but wait for it to happen!

    Do you know I was thinking yesterday that I needed to shave more regularly but I thought I was just imagining it, maybe it is the effects of coming off the pill!


  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I really would recommend joining the TTC thread as there are lots of useful conversations on there. There are new people joining all the time so don't be worried about joining in.

    I too have had an awful time since being off the pill which was initially in Oct last year. My periods did finally start to get into a pattern recently (although still very heavy/painful) but unfortunately I've had to go back onto the pill for a month due to having a surgical procedure that I couldn't risk being pregnant for, so I'm hoping I'm not back to square one again in terms of cycles being regular. Prior to me going back on the pill we had been TTC for 10 months with no luck but if you go on the TTC thread you'll find lots of women who have been TTC for much longer but equally some have fallen pregnant quite quickly.

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    Ladies, how do you join the TTC thread?

    Memza89x- although its not good for you, I'm so glad I'm not the only one going through this!! A few of my friends have opened up to me about having had similar experiences when they came off the pill after years but they didn't have symptoms/ periods as extreme as mine have and are being :(

    Honestly the tiredness is annoying me and I'm just coming to the end of a 4 week long period thats been so ridiculously heavy I don't know how there's a drop of blood left in me!!!!

    I've booked an appointment to go back to the Dr at the beginning of Oct as they said to do and am taking a friend with me so I don't get fobbed off next time, because thats what I feel is happening. I want checking out and my egg count testing plus tests to see if I'm in early menopause or something to find out why I'm bleeding so much (my mum went into menopause younger than I am now but the Drs I've told that to didn't seem concerned?!). At this point I've sent 12 weeks on my period this year! grrr

    Hubby and I are going to try and be laid back when we start TTC. We usually have sex twice a week- sometimes more, occasionally less if we're busy/ tired/ ill- so we 'do it' enough already to make our chances of succeeding good. When I'm not losing pints of blood we've been having loads of sex- its great :) I really didn't think it would be like this coming off the pill. I naively thought it would all settle down and go back to normal within 3 months!


  • Just come across and introduce yourself Bekha :)

    We are a friendly bunch, I get it Is a bit intimidating at first as we have lots of random convos going on and can know lots of personal info on each other, but it's not at all cliquey so come on over :)

  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    I agree Beckha! Sorry I never noticed your last post on here! I've been on the TTC thread for a couple of weeks now and everyone is lovely  come on over

    Poor you Beckha that sounds very frustrating! Hopefully they will listen to you this time so you can get a bit of help and not be fobbed off again! The tiredness is frustrating me also I was shopping yesterday and had to come home rather than visit my parents like I usually do because I literally felt like I could fall asleep standing up!

    I'm not sure what's happening with my cycles as I've only had one cycle this would be my 2nd if I include withdrawal bleed as AF although I'm not sure if I ovulated or not last month. If that was a cycle it only lasted 23 days. I've done quite a few OPKs which really frustrated me as I never got any sign of anything and was ready to give up on them, until a couple of nights ago and have had 3 with lines but I can't judge which is darkest so not sure if I've already ovulated or if I'm going to. FC I have!

    I'm happy to keep chatting on here but honestly you should come on to the TTC thread I've found it really helpful 

    Babydust to you <3 xxx

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