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Pre-TTC Advice?

Hi ladies,

Just looking for some advice...

I got married a few weeks ago and my husband and I (still feels funny saying that lol!) have decided to start trying to conceive in January. I've come off the pill in preparation to get my cycle back to normal and I'd like to also use the next few months to lose some weight so I can be at optimum health. I'll be 31 in January and have a feeling we might take a while to conceive.

Is there anything else you could recommend I start thinking about, like vitamins or pregnancy apps etc?

We're going to keep it quiet from our family and friends to minimise any pressure so I don't really have anyone else to speak to about it.

Thanks :) x


  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride


    Congratulations on your wedding.

    In terms of prep, start taking folic acid when you finish you pill. I would get a simple period tracker app to use. I used period tracker which is free and does all you really need. It will tell you when you are due on and when you might be fertile (all based on the standard 28 day / 14 day LP) with all these apps the more data you put in the more accurate they become so it is good to get started now.

    Book a holiday for January - if you are going to start trying you might as well kick it off in style. My husband and I went to Australia the month we started trying.

    Relax - don't buy any ovulation predictors, special lubes (unless you already like to use lube in which case it is worth getting some TTC friendly stuff)

    Get your hubby to switch to lose boxers, no laptops on his crotch and make him take his multi vits.

    Enjoy yourselves - it might take you a while, it might not. I was 29 when we started TTC I was 32 when we finally succeeded. My old boss was 38 and fell pregnant the first month after her implant was out. You won't know what will happen until you try to just enjoy the boost to your sex life.

  • Congratulations on the wedding!

    I'm sure some mummy brides on here will have some good advice for you re vitamins etc. As a non-mum I'm not qualified to give any, but I will just say this...four, yes, four of my friends recently said exactly the same about thinking it would take a while to conceive, for all sorts of different reasons (health niggles, family history etc.). Every single one of them got pregnant immediately as soon as they came off the pill, and not a single one of them was 100% ready. They'd banked on a few months to get themselves organised before getting pregnant, so it was a bit of a shock for them all. A happy shock, obviously, but a bit of a stressy time. One of them was five months off finishing university, and one was about to get married and had to rush out and buy a maternity wedding dress!

    So as well as being prepared for it to take a while to happen, also be prepared for it to take absolutely no time at all!


  • First things first I think you are doing the right thing coming off the pill now, loads of people told me there's no need to give your body a break as you can conceive literally straight after you stop taking it but having been on it for over 10 years it is good to have some time before trying to conceive to understand what your normal cycles are like.  For me this made it sooo much easier to track when I was ovulating.  Definitely download an app, I can highly recommend Ovia, and yes start taking folic acid straight away.

    Personally, I came off the pill in November used condoms un till the end of our honeymoon 11th April this year and fell pregnant 2 weeks later!  I know I was incredibly lucky (I think about 20% conceive in the first month but about 90% after the first year) so just don't put any pressure on yourself and enjoy it!!!

  • Pf2016Pf2016 Posts: 824 New bride

    My advice?  Really enjoy drinking wine while you still can....!!!  

  • Oh yes forgot that one pf!!! *sigh*

  • Thank you all so much for your lovely wishes and advice :)

    MrsTwizbe - so pleased for you that you're expecting after a long journey, I guess it shows that you need to persevere although it must have been tough not to become disheartened. I hope you're enjoying a happy and healthy pregnancy so far! That's such a good idea about booking a trip, might look into that :)

    Becky87 - eeeek 4 friends fell pregnant straight away?! That's crazy! I don't know why I'm convinced it'll take a while, are you ever really 100% ready?

    MrsMinMarch2016 - wow, yours is definitely a success story! I had no idea about those statistics! Thanks for the app recommendation, I'll look into that as I'd like to understand more about my cycles over the next few months. 

    Pf2016 - haha, best advice ever!! Secretly the real reason we're waiting until January is so that I can drink all of the lovely bottles of champagne we were gifted with for our wedding ;) 



  • Me and my h2b have 2 girls we had our first after 2 years and our second 3 years later they are now 2 and 5 and going to be our beautiful bridemaid and flowergirl next year :)  xx

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