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Zika virus

Hiya all, me and hubby had decided we wanted to go costa rica next year on holiday and then start trying for a baby,  but then we found out about the zika virus,  so we changed our destination just to be safe so picked thailand but i read today that it is now there and in asia, iv been on the government website and the nhs and is says if you are trying for a baby and going to a place with zika and the males gets it to wait 6 months after travel before you should try. Do you think that this save,  so if we went to our first pick costa rica and waited 6 months would it be safe, should i maybe speak to a doctor. Many thanks x


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Yes speak to a doctor! But the advice is that IF you were to get bitten and IF you were to display zika symptoms then you need to wait 6 months before trying for a baby. Now for me thats a lot of ifs- and couple that with the fact that zika is moving around too much to predict- means that I'm not letting it dictate my honeymoon plans. However if I was desperate to get pregnant either on or straight after my honeymoon that would be different. If you're not then just take lots of anti mozzie precautions and go where you want!

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride

    Thanks for your reply, we always wanted costa rica or thailand but when we found out it was in costa rica was best to go thailand but now it both, im happy to still go and wait a further 6 months till we try, i just wanted to see what others fort about it being safe enough to go and 6 months being enough waiting time but i will speak to a doctor too x

  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266 New bride

    Defo speak to doctors, 6 months should be enough time if that's what the official advice is. I'm afraid Zika has been in Thailand for a while now, certainly since Feb when I was changing my honeymoon from Mexcio. I ended up being pregnant on our wedding day so it's a good job we did change.

    see how you feel if you are not desperate to try straight away go and have the holiday of a lifetime but use protection. Enjoy all the alcohol you can! 

    We went to Dubai instead of Mexico X 

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride

    I am happy to wait 6 more months as when will i next be able to do a holiday like that, i just wanted to be 100% it was still safe for to go and not affect anything that could be bad towards the baby, i know its says on nhs 6 months but id just like to hear that from the doctor xx

  • Melissa45Melissa45 Posts: 503 New bride

    I think you'll probably be fine. We found out we were expecting 3 days before we went on honeymoon to usa and Mexico! We were careful with our bite protection and where we went and  I luckily I didn't get bitten once. I spoke to a doctor on my return and they reassured me.  I think if you are willing to wait the 6 months then do it you may never get a chance at a holiday like then again once you have children. X

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,342 New bride

    Ya its just iv had so many peopke telling me different things i just wanted to be double sure it was safe because i agree i wont be able to go on a trip like this for a while once i have children so want to enjoy it xx

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