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Toddler Sleeping


Looking for some tips/advice?! I have a toddler whos 2 next month and a baby who's 6 months and shes just joined her big brother in his room. For a while now my toddler has been going to bed no problems but wakes up a few hours later crying. we will put him back down and he will be fine until he wakes again soon after and crys until we take him it's our bed and he settles. 


Has anyone got some tips tips or anything for for getying him to stay the night in his own bed? Sometimes we will lie with him in his bed and he will settle but will wake up if we leave!! 


Thanks in advance! 


  • Try getting into the bed with your son when he wakes up till he goes off then get back into your bed it will just be a faze my 2 year old was the same x

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