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MrsC - 19th July 2017

EJS - 23rd July 2017

Daisy - 25th July 2017

Sarah - 4th August 2017

FormyLoveofHaribo - 5th August 2017

MrsGee - 6th August 2017

JustaGirl - 8th August 2017

Robyn - 8th September 2017


Ok...I'm being super brave here but I got my BFP on Monday and am VERY tentatively reaching out for others to share stories and general panic! Hubby is way too laid back for my liking and is of the general demeanour 'what will be will be...we'll see what happens' which is of course breathtakingly annoying when I want him to jump around the room with me. Plus we got an offer accepted on our first flat the same day we found out I was pregnant! So exciting times...hoping there's some mums to be out there who'll listen to my rantings! 

My ovia app says I'm due around 21st July but I ovulated late last month so who knows... am a natural panicker and an older mum at 34 so have booked an early scan at 8 weeks in a private clinic - only 3 and a half weeks till then! Eek! 



  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Bumping in case any lovely ladies want to join - surely I'm not the only due in July 2017 out there?! 😩

  • MrsJRMrsJR Posts: 252 New bride

    Hey EJS! Congrats again!! The first weeks are awful. I was so panicked. I am still very cautious and in a way still expecting the worst. 

    I am sure there is someone on the June thread who has just got a bfp so go and poach her lol!! There probably wasn't a July thread when she got her bfp because it was before you.

    I think I am due about 26 June so I might be a July new mamma. Then again applying that logic you might be an August new Mamma. Ha.

    Some tips for you - try to relax and not Google. Also if you spot a bit don't panic. I have had hardly anything but I saw a spec panicked and went for an early scan at about 5 weeks 6 days. The scan was actually scary and they worried me a bit saying the bean was small rather than hey we have a lovely bean with a heartbeat. Basically a crap sonographer!! I wound myself up and ended up having another scan at 6 weeks 3 days through the NHS which my doctor recommended due to me being anxious and that was so much better. The early scans can actually cause more worry so I would say not to scan before 8 weeks! And also research where to go as you would be surprised that the bedside manner isn't great in maternity. And the private places can often be a bit dodgy.

    I am staying away from forums until my 12 week scan so will post a bit more then.

    Fingers crossed for us both 🙏❤️ X

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Aw thanks JR!!! Yes panic central here - I worry when I'm cramping, then I had a few days of no symptoms at all and panic that I'm not pregnant anymore! Cue lots of poas again. The scan I've booked will be me at around 8 weeks so fingers and toes and everything crossed its all ok!! 

    Youre so right with the perils of Google - everyone out there seems to have had MMCs when statistics say they are really rare! Must console myself with positive stats! 

    I just worry being an older first time mum, plus my mum miscarried at 5 months so I'm paranoid it's a genetic thing 😬

    Why do these first few weeks CRAWL by?! I self referred online with St Georges in Tooting on Tuesday, but nothing through yet. If I haven't heard anything by mid week I'll call them to chase up a booking in appointment. Then things will start to seem real! 

    I think it's ok so far though. I know I shouldn't wish myself ill but just a little nausea or sickness would be a relief! 

    Thanks JR, for trying to coax people over for me too! You must be so excited for your 12 week mark approaching so soon! Hopefully I wont be on my own too long. Weird there's no one here esp as I'm due late July!

  • MrsJRMrsJR Posts: 252 New bride

    Oh bless you it is completely normal!! I'm the same worrying about MMC. I hope they are rare. I'm also a bit anxious as I have been relatively OK. Tired and in asleep by 9 pm every night and sore boobs etc but not really sick. I have had some waves of this weird gagging, dry heaving but not nausea and sickness which my friends have had where they are literally unable to do anything. I suppose not everyone gets sickness but I can't help but worry too. I can't remember when but think your cramping should ease soon. I think it is worse at the start as your uterus expands loads. So don't panic when it goes away. And  

    oh your poor Mam!! We should just keep positive and make sure you get lots of rest. Eat well while you can!! I'm now a pig and only eat carbs and crap. I hate veg and salad. I was on a health kick prior to falling so now I'm annoyed ha. I have heard it is normal though and I suppose food aversions is a symptom.

    I have another tip! Stop testing now!! I tested for about a week after and then one morning my test was a bit lighter. Queue a meltdown (and actually this triggered a week of anxiety around my early scans). Basically when your HCG gets too high the tests go lighter (when I diluted my wee with water I got really strong lines using same urine). My HCG was super high and I didn't have sickness so hooefully you willbe the same. 

    So learn from my recent mistakes LOL no more testing (maybe one more ha) and relax until 8 week scan. That should get  through to 12 weeks. I actually relaxed when I stopped testing. All my tests were super strong from the start but the anticipation made me a bit jittery. 

    I am just counting down the days / weeks. So desperate for everything to be OK!! I would give anything 🙏 But don't think I will get excited until I know everything is good. 3 more weeks garghhhh hurry up ha. I think the first few weeks drag too as you expect your AF to come. Once you get to 8 you will be on the home straight xxx

  • Hey ladies, I'm a very tentative July baby baker.  5 weeks preg tomorrow and feeling the fear.  

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Woo hoo!!! Welcome Daisy!!! How are you feeling? It's so scary, isn't it? I have run a gauntlet of emotions from BFP to now and it's literally only been a week. I got my booking in appointment through today though - so starting to be real! Have you contacted GP or hospital yet? Have you got any symptoms?

  • Midwife on Wednesday which I think is far too early but we'll see what she says.  Symptoms wise I've got slightly sore boobs, had intermittently sore nipples. Have been a bit green but all cured by eating. And some cramping which freaked me out. 12 weeks seems so far away

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    I know - even 8 weeks seems a lifetime - I've booked a private scan on the 11th Dec, the day after my booking in, as I'm such a panicker and just want to see a heartbeat! I've had intermittent sore boobs but mostly nipples, some achey cramps a bit like AF coming on and off and waves of feeling queasy but few and far between... I range from being thankful I'm fairly symptom free and then of course wishing my morning sickness will kick in to 'prove' I'm pregnant! Can't win!

    seeing your midwife so soon is unusual, isn't it?! Where abouts are you? 

  • I'm in Scotland.  It was the medical receptionist who booked the appointment. Midwife might just send me away again. Will see.

    Reassured that our symptoms sound just about the same. Am going to get a week 8 scan too. Probably around the 14th. Can't come soon enough.

    Is this your first? It's mine, almost 3 years and two IUI in the making so delighted to be here but terrified it all goes wrong 


  • Hugs EJS. The first few weeks were definitely the worst - absolutely crawled by, felt like I had no idea what was happening and obviously couldn't tell anyone! The eight week scan was a huge relief - I couldn't have waited until 12. 

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Yes first baby, Daisy! I felt so sure it would take a year as I'm 34 and my mum said it took her a while but we were unbelievably lucky to catch 3rd month. Congratulations for you after what must have been an emotionally exhausting journey!! Let's both try and relax for a few weeks!! 

    Little Jules any tips on speeding up time?! Even worse for me, I know I ovulated late last month so adapted my ovia app accordingly and I am depressingly less pregnant than I was yesterday - time is literally in reverse!!!!

  • Ha, I wish EJS! I tried to just focus on things that were happening each week to pass the time. I found it was particularly hard as I cancelled/didn't make plans to avoid seeing people and not telling them that I was pregnant. In some ways, since the 10 week mark, time seems to have flown by, in other ways, it really seems to drag - there's still such a long time to go! 

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Yes its so frustrating the hiding the not drinking thing - I'm having to pretend to be ill when I'm meant to be meeting good girlfriends tomorrow. Anyone else I could make up an excuse but they know me too well and would see straight through it and I wouldn't be able to deny being pregnant - I'm not ready to tell them so just have to avoid them! Feel like such a bitch. Plus hubby is away this week so I'm twiddling my thumbs even more...

  • Had first midwife appointment today. Got referred to preferred hospital, about 100 leaflets and some free vitamins.  All good although still feel like a bit of a fraud.

    more cramping today so knicker watch a gogo. Hey ho. 

    How are you today? X

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Sooo exciting!! V jealous how quick you've been seen. I've had some sharp twinges like a stitch today, not like usual mild AF style cramps. Got me worried and have been feeling wet (sorry tmi) but knicker watch for me has so far been the usual cm. Argh it's so nerve wracking!! I know tweaks and twinges are normal but I just want morning sickness to kick in so I can, like you say, not feel like a fraud! My husbands away all week and Ive developed a terrible habit of waking up at absolutely exhausted!!! Plus I woke up this morn and boobs felt completely normal - I get so panicked when my boobs don't hurt!!! are yours sore? Do they hurt more at night? 

  • Boobs seem to vary in soreness across the day. Sure they're actually a bit sore because of the amount I've poked them! Exactly the same knicker watch report. Just want to see the little splodge and check it's ok. Seems so far away. 

  • MrsC2014MrsC2014 Posts: 822

    Hey ladies! Congratulations to you both! I'm dipping my toes in here too! I got my BFP last week - am 5 weeks today and have also booked an early scan for 8 weeks.

    This will be my second - my little boy will be 2 in December but am super nervous as he was born at 33 weeks so risk is this one could also be early and even more so. Having a baby less than 30 weeks gestation terrifies me so fingers crossed they'll monitor me closely.

    I have booked in with midwife service but they won't see me until I'm at least 8-10 weeks.

    Knicker watch is a very familiar process! I was exactly the same with my first and am the same now. No symptoms at all other than mild cramps every now and then and few pains when getting up/coughing etc- all remembered from last time.

    The first 12 weeks are sooooo slow - I really have no tips on how to make them pass quickly. I really recommend an early scan as it helped put my mind at ease last time. If they see a heartbeat after 8 weeks there is 3% chance something can go wrong.

    Try and enjoy it and relax as much as you can - I remember it flew by after 12 weeks last time...I will be cherishing every kick and inch to my bump that appears this time - for me it was over too quickly!


  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Aw welcome MrsC! I'm 5 weeks 1 day I think from ovulation frustrating because I had last period on 14th Oct, so ovia app thought I was 6 weeks...but I ovulated on the 20th and I adjusted it forward 5 days so I'm literally going backwards in pregnancy. 

    I can't wait for my 7/8 week private scan - mega pricey coz I'm in London but 2 weeks to go! praying with all my might that there's a heartbeat. Knicker watch ok so far...getting some twinges today but not as bad as yesterday. With  your first MrsC do you remember when nausea kicked in? 

    one of my good friends announced she was pregnant yesterday ...due May. Didn't want to steal her thunder and say 'me too!!' Plus a bit early to tell so I bit my tongue but CANT WAIT to tell family!! Have you guys told friends and family yet?

  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    EJS , just popping over from the due January thread - I think my nausea started at about week 6. It was very very mild at first, but at about 8 weeks morning sickness hit really badly! Try not to be worried about not having too many symptoms early on. 

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Thanks Sarah! So hard not to panic and worry as its my first. Time is draaaaaaging! 

  • Welcome MrsC! Congrats on your BFP.

    Am just 5+2 today, had a few sharp pains which I did not enjoy but trying hard not to think the worst constantly.  Such a waiting game.  

  • MrsC2014MrsC2014 Posts: 822

    Hey EJS - nausea never kicked in last time at all but I've heard it hits its peak around 8 weeks. 

    I have had a few queasy moments today but nothing too bad. 

    My friend also told me yesterday she is pregnant with number two. I'm out to dinner with her next week so will have to tell her then. 

    We told my parents today and we are telling in laws tomorrow. Seems early but I'm rubbish at keeping secrets!

    plus - I love a drink and if I'm not drinking at Christmas it will be obvious! 



  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Im so desperate to tell my parents face to face - it's their first grandchild! They're all the way up north and I'm in London though, so I'm buying a 'grandparents' Christmas card to hand over to them when i arrive with a message from the baby saying 'can't wait to meet you in the summer!'  It's so hard not telling them and I tell my mum everything - especially as she had a major operation last week and I was full of - what if it goes wrong and she never knew I was pregnant?! Horrible morbid thoughts 😥

    Anyway, she's fine and back home and only another 3 and  weeks and 5 days to tell them! 

    i went for cocktails last night with 2 girlfriends and I tried the whole 'I'm on antibiotics' but I've just got married and they didn't believe me for a second...sooo hard hiding it from people during bloody festive season!

    Daisy I had sharp pains like a stitch a few days ago, quite persistent and I didn't like it at all. Was worried but they've gone now. Fingers crossed all good! Scan countdown - 14 days! 

  • Had a teeny spot of brown cm last night. Had a bit of a freak. Feeling better again. Cramps still going but not strong. 

    Mrs C, how did telling everyone go? Xx

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    Eek Daisy not nice for you...but it's so common, isn't it? I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine.  I've had a few achey cramps today - trying to tell myself baby just settling in and trying not to worry. Boobs quite tender too. It's a nightmare - yesterday I felt completely not pregnant and worried. Today I worry from cramps. It's a lifetime of worry ahead, isn't it?! 

    A friend of ours just had a baby boy and we stopped by a baby shop for 2 mins to pick up a toy.....and emerged half an hour later having tried out all the buggies. Eek. Can't help but get excited but equally fearful im going to jinx things! 

  • MrsC2014MrsC2014 Posts: 822

    Cramping is so scary as is spotting but it's totally normal. I had a bit of spotting with my son when I was 13 weeks I think. But even more common earlier than that.

    EJS - so hard to keep things from family but it will be so great when you hand over that card :) 

    My parents reaction was 'no!!! You can't cope with one'!! Followed by 'only joking, congratulations'. To be honest it's their fifth grandchild and since I work full time in London they do help out with my son a fair whilst pleased are worrrying they will be asked for more help with number two!

    The in laws were much better and very pleased -  no happy shrieks and tears like last time but then nothing compares to finding out about first grandchild I guess! 

  • Awh can't wait to tell the parents. Sounds amazing.

    So, no more spotting but last night ran a fever and have got up with a stonking cold. Never ever sick, can't believe how quickly your immune system is compromised.  Was excessively worried about the fever having Googled it so now I'm even more of neural tube defects and cleft palates.  I swear TTC and actually being preggers has just turned me into an anxious wreck. Pretty sure fever broke within about 6 hours so sure everything will be fine.  Just the stuffed head, ears, nose and throat to tackle today. And without trusty echinacea.  Sure ill beat it into submission over the course of the day.

    EJS - totallt the same with symptoms. Felt very not pregnant yesterday and today tte same. Boobs varying loads from totally normal to painful to touch. Guess there's a lot going on in there. Just hope everything is behaving itself

  • EJS1982EJS1982 Posts: 664

    How is everyone feeling today? nearly hump day! Daisy hows the fever? I'm feeling more and more tired. I think I'm about 6 weeks now and just so exhausted half way through the working day! nausea has started to rear it's head a bit. Just a couple of mild waves but defo getting worse over last couple of days! No more cramping - only real sign is the fatigue and my boobs feel HUGE. Although I'm originally an a/b cup so anything that can bounce as I move is novel for me. So sore though, even taking tops off! 10 days till my booking appointment - eek! 

  • Hey EJS, my nausea has been in full flow. It only seems to be sorted when I'm eating but have no appetite. Eating a wee cracker before I get out of bed on orders of DH who's been leaving them under the pillow. 

    Fever totally gone, just getting shot of the cold now.

    Boobs sore, particularly nipples. Feeling the fatigue starting, deep joy.

    Glad to have made it to 6 weeks, now just to make it to 8 and scan number 1!

  • Hi ladies, I'm going to quickly dip my toes in here if thats ok. Got my BFP today so I think my EDD is between 5th and 8th of August though it will likely become a July baby as I'm going to opt for an elective section. no symptoms yet except for some nausea whilst travelling but I suffer travel sickness in cars and buses anyway so who knows how it will turn out. 

    anyhoo just a quick note, fingers crossed for happy and healthy 9 months for us all xx

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