Period tracking app- recommendations

Hello all, hubby and I started TTC in October. I was using the Android period tracker app 'Pink Daily' but wasn't impressed with it at all. Felt I was putting in a lot of data but not getting anything useful out of it.

At the weekend I had a hysteroscopy, D&C and biopsy so have been told to refrain from sex for 6 weeks while everything heals (I'm climbing the walls already, like to have sex every coupla days!!!). When we resume TTC I would like to try a different app but I'm the only person I know without an Iphone (all my friends used Apple only trackers). Can anyone recommend a good, Android friendly period/ fertility tracker?

Thanks in advance xxx


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    Hi, I have an Android phone and use Glow which I like as it's very user friendly and there is a very active forum attached which can be useful if you have questions etc. I did try Fertility Friend but didn't like it. I know some people use Ovia but I haven't myself so can't comment on it xx

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    I used my period diary which I really liked. I have the Ovia pregnacy app but it isn't my favourite 

    There is a great Baby Centre forum you can use for lots of TTC advice then you can go onto the Due in whatever month page. It's been my life line while pregnant 

    Good luck and baby dust Xx 

  • I used "Period Tracker" app from before I was TTC, and it has a TTC and a pregnancy function. It worked okay for me. I upgraded to the paid version once I started temping and charting so that I could see the charts.


    Best of luck!

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    Thanks ladies 

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    I'm not TTC, but I swear by the App 'Cycles'. It's really easy to use (if I can do it, you can) and I'm pretty sure you get it on Android.

    Good luck with the baby making when you're all healed and ready to go! 

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