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Saving for a Wedding?!?!?

So I am asking this question for my friend who does not have an account on here and doesn't wish to make one.

She is currently training to be a doctor and has fallen pregnant in her 1st Foundation Year. She will be completing this Foundation Year in July when she is 7 months pregnant. She will then not be able to start her second foundation year until August 2018 as she can not start the next year then leave during it as it would involve taking more exams etc.

Her and her hubby to be had already booked the wedding venue etc before she fell pregnant and there wedding is set for July 2018. This means that she will not have returned to work by then so they will still be living off of one salary. 

Does anyone have any advice for her as to how to save for the wedding. The venue (ceremony and reception) have been booked with the deposit paid for but everything else was put on hold due to the baby so there is still a lot to pay for!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Are there any family that can contribute, or the option of putting the wedding back? Or perhaps downscaling the wedding?

    Saving on one salary and paying for a new baby will be hard going, so I'm not really sure what to suggest other than putting aside what they can and doing car boot sales, ebaying stuff etc to raise some extra funds. 

  • Maybe postponing would be the best option? 

    We postponed our wedding due to other financial commitments, but I also say this from the point of view of having a young baby in tow. Had we got married when our DD was 10 months old, it would have been a nightmare. She would've been due a nap during the ceremony, but she would only nap in her cot so we would've ended up with a very cranky little lady, this also meant we couldn't leave her with anyone overnight and she had just started to walk so wouldn't sit still. If you're friend breastfeeds, she may still be doing it at 10 months old, we weaned our little girl at 9 months old but that was because she was ready, had she not been ready, I would've still been bfing. 

    I think she needs to think about this from the point of view of having a young child. Our DD wouldn't been 2 at our original date, but even this would've been difficult as she was still napping in the afternoon. She may well have brilliant intentions with the baby when they are here, but then there's reality which is usually very different!

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    I think im more optimistic if they are willing to downsize the wedding. Ive had a pay as you go wedding saving plan for two year and its worked well.    Diy as much as they can . Think seriously do you need those fireworks chair covers wedding favours ?   I found lollies for a pound and am making my own iced biscuuits.  


    Catering cost 1200 for hog roast salads and eton mess.  

    Cake 4 tiers very elaborate £450.


     Shoes rainbow club £100

    hire suits £100 each

    venue not a hotel or posh venue save £4000!


    make table planner menus name places.   Rest of stationery £350


    total cost so far £7,500.  Includes £1500 flowers £2100 for dress.  


    You just need to decide what is really important to you and if you can do it yourself.  


    Good luck with exams i worked in nhs for 5 years 


  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    We are doing it one salary, plus my own small 'pocket money' wage from 2 days a week work. We have 3 young children.

    I cant really advise on how to do it, only they will know how much what theyve booked costs and what they earn. They need to work out if they can afford it with the expense of a baby as well. I dont personally find the kids expensive while theyre little but there are upfront costs for a pram and crib etc that all need to take priority.

    If they work out they cant afford it then they can either try and work out ways to cut back, or postpone the wedding until shes back in work.

    Ive saved money inadvertantly in some ways, which had meant I can splash out a bit on other things. 

    Were having a family friend make our cake, we wanted 4 tiers with a simple design, so its costing £200. I was expecting double tbh! I ended up getting bridesmaid dresses from the highstreet for £60 each I think it was, again less than half what id budgeted. My dress was a sample, saved £400 I think.

    Things like making her own invites might save money as well but its really faffy so with a new baby it probably wouldnt be practical. Vistaprint do invites quite cheap and sometimes have offer on for 50% off.

  • QueenDQueenD Posts: 325 New bride

    Hi Matilda, I believe your friend has to make a difficult decision - we can only give our opinions but at the end of the day she needs to do what is best for her and her family (fiance and baby).

    I also had to make this same difficult decision recently to postpone due to family and finances, but we didn't lose a penny in doing so, simply by discussing with all the vendors already booked and choosing a date where they are all free.

    That way they have no excuse to charge you for anything (maybe their usual annual price rise for some but most didn't) since you are still using their services but simply at a different date.

    So it is an option to postpone everything without losing any money but like I said it is a difficult decision to make.

    Good luck and all the best to your friend! Hope it will all work out in the end xx

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. She has decided to downscale the wedding (DIY most things and try to get other things at the cheapest price possible). Instead of using a professional photographer she is having her sister take the main, staged pictures but then leave disposable cameras on the tables so guests can take their own pictures

  • Norma6Norma6 Posts: 1

    Try budgeting hard and when it comes to buying baby products, go for online well priced sites. I was on a tight budget during my pregnancy and bought things from - was really helpful because it helped me save so much money. Good luck to your friend

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