newly Pregnant, but confused by dates please help

I hope this doesn't sound silly, I have just confused myself no end and the receptionist at my local doctor has not been helpful at all! see below (sorry it is a lot of info and dates!):

We have been trying for our first baby for quite a while and i finally found out I was pregnant on 15 April - with a BFP clear Blue test saying I was 2-3weeks. However, when i spoke to the receptionist at the doctors they were unable to help validate when i should be counting my pregnancy weeks from (start of AF or when i presume i ovulated...) and they booked me in for a midwife appointment on 13 June. Having now done some reading into dates I am concerned this is too late. Also, I had to have a scan on my ovaries today (PCOS - booked months ago before i was even pregnant) and the nurse thought i was nearer 7 weeks but couldn't be sure. When i rang the doctors surgery again they said all the midwife appointments had gone and that I needed to work out MYSELF with a calendar how many weeks i am . . .  and then call my midwife! 

Firstly, i have no idea how many weeks i am (anything from 4-7 would be my guess), is anyone able to help with how i work this out (is from AF or presumed ovulation?)

Secondly, if my first midwife contact is on 13 June would this be too late?

and finally, i have not been assigned a midwife and have no idea how to go about doing this. Any suggestions? 

more info, (just incase) last AF 5 March, presumed cycle length 31 days

Sorry this is long, but I have worked myself into a state as I don't really know what to do. Hoping you lovely people can help. 


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    Hi Pip, I think that if your cycle is regular they normally date from the first day of your last period, so you would be around 7 weeks + 4 days now. I think first midwife appointment is usually around 8-10 weeks, but I think that depends on area. Your GP doesn't sound very helpful. Are you able to self-refer to your local midwife centre - I did as GP frequently gets things wrong and I don't really trust them!

  • It's always done from date of last period for some bizarre reason :)

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    thank you both, my cycle isn't regular annoyingly, which doesn't help matters (a few months were 31days so i am using that as a guide!). How do you self refer yourself to a midwife? I am so new to this, I thought the doctors would be a lot more helpful and give me at least some information, but everything so far has been found out from google!! only other appointment they have is 30 May - is this too late also?


    What happens at this appointment - should i take my husband? Sorry if all these questions are obvious I just feel a bit in the dark. 



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    If you google due date calculator, that'll help - I used the NHS one and it allows you to adjust for the length of your cycles, as I was a bit irregular I had a play around so at least had a ball-park idea of about a week.

    I don't have a specific midwife and didn't with my last pregnancy so you might just see whoever is available (there aren't that meany in a team so they normally crop up more than once).

    I also skipped the GP and self-referred straight to my local maternity service (there was an e-form on the hospital website) as the GP did absolutely nothing last time around!

    Everything is such an unknown before your booking apt but as soon as you get to speak to a midwife, you'll be able to ask all your questions, as well as being given leaflets about what to expect etc, try not to worry. 

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    Count from the first day of your last period and dont worry too much.

    I have very irregular cycles and so Im never completely accurate with dates (Ive had 4 pregnancies) but when you have a scan that will be your most accurate date.

    My first '12 week scan' turned out to be a 14 week scan but they just adjusted my due date, and carried on as normal, dont worry about a few weeks difference. Its all just an estimate, baby will come when it decides, they dont care about what date youve got!

    So just go off the period date for booking in purposes.

    Booking in with the midwife is different for some areas I think but I had to ring the GP and they passed my details on, the midwife then got in touch.

    Youll have a booking in appointment but this is nothing exciting, just lots of paperwork. Then youll have a scan when youre about 12 weeks.

    Theres no real urgency, try to relax and everybody will have a better idea after the scan.


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    I really wouldn't worry at this stage. You won't get a confirmed due date until your scan anyway.

    But generally work back from your last period, if you search for 'baby med pregnancy calculator' online they have a really good way of working it out.

    You can't self refer to a midwife in all areas- I had to do it via my GP. I rang the surgery reception and the receptionist made the referral- my first appt was at 8 weeks but can be anything from 8-10.


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    Hi  I am a midwife.

    Re. due date - don't worry about this overly. The ladies have rightly said that the due date gets changed in the dating scan (also nicknamed the 12 week scan though it does not have to be at 12 weeks - it can be anything from 11-14 weeks). 99% of women have their date changed as the precise day of conception varies depending on how long your cycles are, and how long after ovulation the sperm met the egg!

    Based on the info you have put - you will be 14+2 on the 13th of June based on the date of your last period, HOWEVER as you have irregular cycles which tend to be on the longer side, this is not likely to be accurate. If you had a positive test on 15th April (which would have been 5+6 according to period) and this said 2-3 weeks, I'd say you could be anything from 10+2 - 14+2 on the date of your booking appointment. or anything between roughly 4 and 8 weeks currently.

    The booking appointment is supposed to be around 7-10 weeks gestation, but it isn't the end of the world if it is later, the more important thing is the scan which I will come on to..... If I were you I would change the appointment to the 30th May if you still can. The appointment is usually quite long, they ask millions of questions about your health and any previous pregnancies, take bloods, discuss screening and care during your pregnancy. Give advice on diet etc. Take your husband, it is a nice, exciting appointment and you will need him to help you remember everything they tell you.

    The scan - if you want screening for the trisomy's 13, 18 and 21 then the most accurate test is done between 11 and 13+6 weeks. There is another way to test beyond this so don't worry. But I would call and say that if you cant have your midwife appointment in time, please can they book you in for your dating scan soonish. They should be able to do this before the booking appointment (my hospital do). If you do go and are a lot later then you expect, then they can just rebook you for a bit later for the screening bit.

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    Afterallthistime wrote (see post):

    It's always done from date of last period for some bizarre reason :)

    Not too bizarre - it is because that is pretty close to the time when the egg would have been fertilised and the cells start multiplying to grow a baby  And is a date that the mother can easily pinpoint.

  • Oh I know, I've been pregnant 3 times :) I just know when it was my first time I thought it was strange :)

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    Thanks all, you have definitely put my mind at ease. I managed to move my appoinntment to the end of May so will be able to find everything out then. Doesn't seem real still! 

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