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Hi ladies

Taking the advice from ThelegacyofMrsM for a new thread given the old one has run its course. I know a lot of people didn't feel like being involved in a thread at the moment but if anyone fancies joining me for the ride, then welcome!

To recap on me:

TTC since May, just off birth control and no idea what cycle is doing. Still awaiting first AF but not had a positive OPK and HPT I did on the off chance was negative.

I've started taking supplements I had recommended for fertility, co-enzyme q10, vitamin D, vitamin E, as well as folic acid. No idea if it wil help but I can't imagine it will do any harm!



  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    Ah ignore my previous message on the last thread RS!

    Sounds as though you are doing all the right things. I have heard good things about co-enzyme q10. What does it do? Also heard good things about acai berry supplements.

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    MrsRoseGH wrote (see post):

    Ah ignore my previous message on the last thread RS!

    Sounds as though you are doing all the right things. I have heard good things about co-enzyme q10. What does it do? Also heard good things about acai berry supplements.


    Im actually feeling a little low as I don't even know yet when to test (for pregnancy or ovulation), when to expect AF, what any of the things my body is doing actually mean for my cycle. I just feel a bit in limbo, but I know it's very early days for me yet. I don't mean to sound insensitive to those who have been having a much harder time and for much longer.

    I know what the stats say, but I was told you are super fertile the first month you come off the pill and i've got it into my head if it was going to ever happen it would have happened this month.

    q10 possibly helps produce better quality eggs- the research I read was that it's not brilliantly evidenced (only on mice so far), but that it is u likely to do any harm so I figured why not! 

    Ill look into the berries suggestion, thanks 

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    Hi RS - I am keeping my distance from this thread at the moment but wanted to pop in to say if your interested in supplements my reflexologist recommended all the ones you are already taking plus Vitamin B6 (balances hormones), Royal Jelly (for both you and your hubby) and Macca Root (same again both of you can take it). Give royal jelly and the macca root a google - its quite interesting!

    I can't comment on the success of either because I have never had a BFP, but I feel they have made a difference in my cycle


    Married October 2016
    TTC since May 2016

    'Shout out to all of us fighting a battle that most people will never understand'
  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198

    Hi Kirbe, those supplements sound amazing - thank you. Even just helping my to regulate my cycle is enough as that will probably have to be stage 1 xx

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    I can totally relate that that RS as it's a really daunting journey and the first time you realise that it's actually quite painstaking! You have every right to feel whatever you're feeling.

    Tadpole suggesting temping daily (bbt) and I would highly recommend it as you start to know where you're at in your cycle and you can work out over time when you are likely to ovulate. And more than anything, it just gives you the feeling that you are doing something proactive. When I didn't get my positive OPK, it was a rise on my temp chart that showed I had ovulated the previous day, otherwise I would have panicked that I wasn't ovulating.

    All those stats about fertility when coming off the pill are very generalised. It could depend what pill you're on, how long you have been on it. There are even reports that say women who conceive right after coming off the pill have higher risk of MC. I think it's a good thing that your body is readjusting sensibly.

    Going to look up macca root now!

  • TheLegacyofMrsMTheLegacyofMrsM Posts: 2,188 New bride

    I just wanted to post to wish all ladies who are on their TTC journey all the best and lots of Babydust! It can be a very tough journey, but key things to remember:

    TTC is a marathon not a sprint. It also isn't a competition. Even if you caught first time, a 28 day cycle is a long time when trying! Hang in there and look after yourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. 

    Statistically the chances are:

    20% pregnant in first month

    80% in first year

    95% in two years

    Don't expect it to happen first time and prepare yourself for it to take a year. Any sooner is a blessing. But realistically, prepare for a year

    Everyones experience of TTC is different and everyone's experience of being pregnant is different. The genuine best advice I have for the first few cycles is don't expect anything, just learn about your body. Use an app and record every feeling so you start to build a pattern. Getting excited every month because your boobs grow 3 days before AF is due will wear you down over time. Log it to manage your own expectations 

    And also, remember we are a crazy bunch of ladies. Some of my friends brought spreader bars to get pregnant! Each to their own, we are fine with all overshares and funny stories, but please no CM pictures. Descriptions are fine, other than that Google. 

    Much love xxx

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    Great advice MrsM 😘

  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    Spreader bars 😂

    Totally second the no CM pics! In fact all of the above

  • KirBeKirBe Posts: 1,160 New bride
    RS2017 wrote (see post):

    Hi Kirbe, those supplements sound amazing - thank you. Even just helping my to regulate my cycle is enough as that will probably have to be stage 1 xx

    Thats what I use them all for. My cycles have been a mess for years, I had a cycle in January that was 58 days! But since I started my supplements/vitamins and reflexology I have settled into having cycles that are between 37/38 days. Still on the long side but a hell of a lot better then going between 31 and 58 days!


    Married October 2016
    TTC since May 2016

    'Shout out to all of us fighting a battle that most people will never understand'
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    Good morning ladies! Been a lurker for a while now but with a new thread I think it is time to join!

    So a bit about me, I have been with my other half for 6 years and we get married in a few weeks and then we will be straight on to baby making! Holding off until then as I want to enjoy our honeymoon with no worries about all the wine I plan to consume 

    I had my implant out at the start of May and so far everything seems to have went back to normal but this month will be the real test of this fc

    I have just been taking folic acid and vit d since end of march and have been tracking so i think my fertile window is just before our wedding so August really be our first month


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    Just popping on to say i'm still lurking and wishing everyone the best of luck for the new shiny TTC thread. 

    I'm CD28 so due tomorrow or Friday. Pretty confident AF will come although still got the sore boobs & crazy sore nipples. Our bodies do like to give us the run around don't they?! Also felt a heavy feeling in my tummy yesterday but not reading into that too much. It's so hard not to get your hopes up.

    6 months TTC and no BFP seems like a milestone but I know it's still early days. I wish I could have been one of the lucky ones to catch early but it wasn't to be. Still repeating the mantra 'Pregnant by Christmas'!

    Babydust ladies, newbies & old timers :-) x

  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198

    mrsRG thank you - I've ordered my shiny new BBT thermometer and a chart to go with it! Desperate for any sign I'm ovulating!

    MrsM great advice as ever. I think the stat of 80% in a year is really important in helping to rationalise because sometimes when it happens to others first time you can think "ahhhh what's wrong with me?" whereas in fact, it's not the norm for it to happen straightaway. Of my friends who have babies (who I know well enough to discuss this with, so only about 6 people to be fair!), they all caught really quickly. The fact I haven't means only that I'm the same as the majority of people!

    And CM pictures - people actually do that? No one wants to see that!

    kirbe - pleased you have seen improvements in your cycle! Long may it continue.

    kgal welcome! That's great that your body has adjusted straight away to being off the implant, it doesn't happen that way for everyone (increasingly likely to include me!) Enjoy the last few weeks of wedding planning, jealous you still have it all to come! I think you're right that you probably don't want to be pregnant for the wedding/honeymoon.

    MrsE it's impossible not to get your hopes up, and you never know! Let us know how you get on. A baby by Christmas is a great mantra, I'll join you in it if I may even though it won't be a year for me then! I just think it's a nice thought 

    Baby dust to all x


  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    That's great RS you have a shiny new bbt thermometer. I was worried about the beep waking up hubby but as luck would have it they sent me a faulty one with no sound. It still lights up when the temp is ready but I have been known to drift back off with it in my gob! Let us know how you get on :) I would also recommend Fertility Friend app to add your temps daily, as it plots it all on a monthly chart for you.

    It's definitely not the norm for people to get pregnant right away and in my experience a lot of people lie about how long they have been trying. No idea why! I have a friend who is 7 months now and insists they struck gold on their first try, even though I have emails from her 8 months before she got her BFP saying that they weren't having any joy and hubby was starting to take it personally. She even told me he cried at one of their BFNs. She has been saying to me recently 'if we can do it on our first go, then so can you' which really put the pressure on. I did mention that I thought they had been trying for about a year and she just shook her head and said I was getting confused so I just have to let it go over my head. So the point of all that, don't always believe what people say :)

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    Welcome KGal and fingers crossed MrsE, you never know... Although in a similar boat to you so know the feeling well!

    MrsRose - haha I'm with you on the nodding off with thermometer in mouth, although mine does beep! Also second the fertility friend app. Although it doesn't look as good as Clue, the other app I'd been using, it's much better for charting temps and since my frustratingly long cycle after 4 consistent ones it's been really helpful. 

    I also do not get why people lie?! It's so frustrating and really doesn't help people starting out TTC and perpetuates the myth of TTC being easy - a bit of a reality check is definitely needed and sharing how long it took could help give sanity to people in our situation! I certainly won't be lying about it if/when it finally happens 

  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,209 New bride

    Your friend has a short memory MrsRGH! Bit patronising too saying that to you, especially when you don't have a short memory ;-) 

    Only one of my friends has children & i've spoken to her about it. It took them around 6 months to conceive their first but they had two MCs before she conceived their second. They're trying for a 3rd at the moment but she's had a lot of problems so isn't sure they will be able to. It's nice to have a friend to talk to about it & i'm keeping everything crossed that we can be pregnancy buddies!

    The reason why I ditched OPKs is because I was talking to one of my work colleagues (the only one who knows we're trying) and she said when they were trying for their first she stressed about it and used ovulation tests etc and it damaged her relationship with her husband as there was so much pressure on them. They ditched them and conceived soon after. It took them about 7/8 months. They caught pretty quickly second time though!

    Don't even get me started on the 'we weren't even trying' brigade... 

  • Elle26Elle26 Posts: 132

    MrsE I get so wound up by the "we weren't even trying" brigade that I have to pitch in here. Mainly because when you then ask said folk if they were using protection they then say "no" - that bl00dy means you were trying then!!!

  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,209 New bride

    I'm in the camp that 'not preventing' is 'trying'!

  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    Totally agree! MrsE I can see why you got frustrated with the OPKs, I must have peed on about 60 and only ever got one smiley. That's nice that you have someone you can talk to who understands.

    I'm seeing that "first try" friend tonight actually and I'll bet she says it again!

  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198

    Why would people lie? It's so unnecessary and rude!

    Sadly I got my thermometer online so it hasn't arrived yet but something to look forward to! 

    Speaking of OPKs, I've got some and used one today but I don't know how to read it.

    The test line is easily visible, but it's not quite as dark as the control line. I think that means it is negative but does it mean I am possibly gearing up to ovulate or is it just a straight negative?

    i don't know if this is allowed and if not I apologise and will delete, but this is a pic of it about 3 mins after I tested:


    Sorry to ask, I just have no idea what I'm doing 

  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    Test window shots aren't at all offensive RS! I would say that looks like a surge. Do the instructions say it has to be darker than the test line? The diagram they give you is a bit ambiguous?! Be interesting to see what it's like tomorrow but I'd get your baby jig on!

    What cycle day are you now?

    Lou glad it's not just me who falls asleep with thermo-mouth :) it did take a while to get used to remembering but it's second nature now and exciting when you see a pattern emerge

  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198
    MrsRoseGH wrote (see post):

    Test window shots aren't at all offensive RS! I would say that looks like a surge. Do the instructions say it has to be darker than the test line? The diagram they give you is a bit ambiguous?! Be interesting to see what it's like tomorrow but I'd get your baby jig on!

    What cycle day are you now?

    Lou glad it's not just me who falls asleep with thermo-mouth :) it did take a while to get used to remembering but it's second nature now and exciting when you see a pattern emerge

    Thanks MrsRoseG! I would love to tell you what cycle day I'm on but I've no idea. It's 4 weeks today since my last pill so I could have ovulated at any time since then or not have started ovulating again yet. So I'm just chancing my arm, hoping for anything to give me a clue! AF would also be very welcome (probably first and last time I'll say that!!)

    Instructions are clear it has to be equally as dark, and says "no line or possibly a faint line" is negative. So it's definitely not O day but yesterday I got no line at all so just wondered if it built up. Probably not, I've no other symptoms to think i would be ovulating... Frustrating being in limbo and I'm worried I'm one of those people whose period won't come back for months! Though it has only been 4 weeks, so I know I'm being a bit irrational. 

    Looking forward to getting my thermo-mouth action in when my thermometer arrives...!

  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682

    Ladies, I think I said this on the previous thread too but I'm just thread hopping to say good luck everyone and I agree it helps to know people's real journeys, so... With my first it took 13 months and while we didn't track or anything, we were DTD every couple of days pretty much throughout the whole time. I didn't get back to regular cycles at all in that time (had taken the pill for years) which was super frustrating  but it just happened after just over a year. A close friend had a very similar experience but it was 18 months for them.

    To give you further hope, after stopping breastfeeding when my little one after 13 months, I had regular cycles immediately and was lucky enough to get pregnant the first month of trying with our second. So a long time the first time might not mean the same in future!

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Hi RS, based on your pic I would say that you haven't surged yet. The test line needs to be the same colour or darker than the control line for it to be positive.  Bear in mind that there will always be LH in your body but the amounts will change depending on when you test. The only way to be sure whether you've had a surge is to test every day twice a day over a period of time to see a pattern. This is why opks don't work for everyone (they didn't work for me and I tested for months without any surge but as soon as I started using my clearblue fertility monitor that showed a surge straight away and was much easier to use).

    It took us 16 months to get our BFP and I strongly believe that the reason for that was using the clearblue fertility monitor along with temping. I fell pregnant on cycle 4 of using the monitor,  this was despite my periods never getting into a pattern coming off the pill (they were anything from 21 to 90 days).

  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    Hi all,

    I posted a few months ago after an odd panic that i could be pregnant despite being on the pill - unsurprisingly i wasn't! Anyway, we had always planned to try for baby 2 around July/Aug so as we're nearing that time now and there is a new thread, i thought i would pop back in.

    Rosegold - congratulations on your bfp! so happy that it happened so quickly for you. I can't believe your friend keeps lying to you about how long it took them to get their bfp, what is she gaining from being so dishonest?!

    RS - Vitamin D and folic acid are the only vitamins you need to worry about. If you're eating a healthy diet then you don't need any other vitamins whilst trying to conceive or when pregnant (this is from a midwife so should be true!). i'm sure AF will be along shortly (or perhaps you are already pregnant and it's too early to show on a hpt). are you planning on testing again?

    KGal - congratulations on your upcoming wedding, how exciting! i like your plan of waiting until after honeymoon to start ttc - have a last hurrah of drinking and eating what you fancy.

    Bit of background info about me. I had my baby 16 months ago and my husband and i planned to start trying for baby 2 around August but have decided to bring it forward slightly. I came off the pill in early May and had AF about 4 weeks later. We aren't actively trying yet (avoiding BD around ovulation time) but will do in July.

    We were extremely lucky to get pregnant in the first month last time. I was very shocked as i was well aware of the statistics so knew how unlikely it was. It's also making me quite optimistic that we will catch quickly again this time around, which i think will make it much harder to take if we don't. Need to get my head into gear that we could well be trying for over a year, will just have to see!

    Looking forward to starting the journey again, it's a very special and exciting time :)

    Good luck to everyone!

  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198

    Carly thank you for sharing that experience, it is good to know there is hope even if it takes a while and no regular periods!

    bella thank you for your advice, I have ordered 50 sticks which I will use every day just in case until I get my period back, and then splash out on the monitor you mention, it's about £80 I think? Always good to get a recommendation and once I (hopefully) know I'm ovulating I'll get one.

    KPAPR welcome back, and congrats on your first little one! Hopefully it is just as quick for you this time round - it might not be but no reason it won't be! Some people do catch very quickly twice in a row!

    Its not totally impossible I could be pregnant already but I don't think it's likely. I've tested this week based on a hunch I ovulated around 14 days after stopping the pill (so around start of June). BFN even using FRER.

    I could potentially have ovulated at the end of last week as I had a small amount of EWCM, but it was only small. If thats the case I guess I could have conceived but equally my period wouldn't then be due till next weekend.

    i was on honeymoon till Monday and didnt take any OPKs so I way to say for sure if or when I ovulated, I'm assuming I probably didn't but hopefully I did.

    Equally I might have a slightly longer than average luteal phase and AF could be here any minute, just a waiting game for me! It will be good to get charting once AF comes. I know it's normal for it to take up to 3 months so trying mot to worry but I'm just impatient to get going properly!

    If no AF next week I might test again then just in case but sadly I think no period this soon after coming off pill isn't unusual 😕

  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    Ah RS it must be annoying not having a scooby where you are in your cycle! Hopefully it will all make sense very soon and you either have good news, or can get stuck into the next cycle fully armed. I think the twice a day testing is good advice too, especially around EWCM time.

    Hey KPAPR good to see you back and wishing you the best on your next journey. Thanks so much for your lovely words. I know it's really weird about my friend. I do like her a lot but she does exhibit some very strange behaviours! I think some people are just too competitive.

    Carly great to read your backstory and it is very encouraging. It's so interesting to see how your cycles changed after breastfeeding. And Bella it's great to see that the fertility monitors are totally worth the investment. I found it fascinating to see what my body gets up to without me knowing.

    The way I see it, we could all start the year knowing that we will hit the jackpot one month. Some of us will get our lucky month in January and some of us in December. It's one big lottery but it will happen eventually.

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Hi RS, I bought my monitor second hand off ebay and it was £30 so much cheaper than buying new. They can be reset so no issue with buying second hand. The beauty of it is that you only need to test once daily and the monitor does all the work so no second guessing the result- you'll get either low, high or peak fertility - peak meaning you are due to ov within next 48 hours. Mine was right every time as I backed it up with temping. 

  • LouBLouB Posts: 1,129 New bride

    That's really helpful to know Bella - I'm struggling with cm, opks and temps all throwing me in different directions after last month so may investigate eBay for a second hand monitor next month if no joy!

    hope everyone else is ok - I echo MrsRose's messages above 😁

  • KGalKGal Posts: 22

    That is useful to know Bella! I even had a wee look on eBay myself, I like to plan and know everything so a monitor might something I would be interested in!


    That is a good message MrsRose, I think it is wise going in to it all thinking right this will take at least year as it hopefully will manage expectations! I have to say I would probably be in a blind panic if we fell first month 😬


    That is me in my fertile window according to Ovia and I have some EWCM to back this up 😊 So happy that everything appears to be settled, especially after the irregularity I had on the implant 


  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198

    Thank you Bella, I'll definitely get one if/when my cycle returns. I also had preseed conception recommended to me, has anyone tried it?

    LouB sorry your cycle has been messing you around. This monitor will hopefully help and then you can march towards that BFP!

    Kgal oh amazing, get baby dancing!

    Sorry for question but does anyone ever ovulate without EWCM? I'm clinging to hope I may have ovulated without realising on honeymoon but I didn't get very much CM, a small amount of EWCM that was a little cloudy so assumed it wasn't the stuff. I suppose I'm wondering if it is possible to ovulate and not have EWCM or whether the fact I didn't get any means I still await my first egg!

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