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Hi, I'm TTC, well i'm three days away from my period being due and have a pregnancy test on standby. It's such an anxious process for me cause i miscarried two years ago. Even today

I'm wondering if there are other ladies in my position, anxious to get pregnant. We could share our experiences, worries and concerns and hopes! :\)


  • Hi Jess,

    Ive got my fingers crossed for you....hope you get some good news soon!

    Im also ttc, came off the pill in may and just had first af.....which was hardly worth the wait as it barely i think im now on day 5 - but who knows.....ended up getting to day until i get a bit more of a pattern together im not really getting excited!

    however id be happy to share your excitement if you do have a bfp!

    good luck

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    Well I'll be hoping the best for you to msice. thanks for replying I was beginning to feel like a dud , here all alone, and was beginning to wonder if i'm alone in my predicament.

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    Hi Ladies

    So we start all over again making new friends and sharing our experiences. Great to meet you!

    We got married on 14th July and I'd been off the pill for a month before that after about 10 years but we didn't start "trying" until the honeymoon. I was 3 days late and got just a bit excited but then my period arrived so was disappointed. I'm due tomorrow but our "baby making practice sessions" have been limited due to being back at work and being absolutely shattered despite a fantastic 2 weeks in Italy after which we thought we'd be rejuvanated - but no.

    Sorry if I'm being thick but what are an af and a bfp? New to this.

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    Thanks for asking the question MrsC07, cause i have no clue either what that means af and bfp.

    It's great to meet you. Have any of you been trackin gyour dates or bought ovulation sticks etc. I haven't done neither, I don't if or when I ovulate. I was so scared to hear that some peopl eonly ovulate maybe once or twice a year and wondered if I could be in this category??!!!
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    thanks lyndsey, now i know why people say you are a fountain of all knowledge. I would never have guessed what af was.

    Well I dread having an af, i'm beginning to feel so out of place. I so want a baby now.
  • havent been able to track anything yet due to abnormal cycles....have been throughly confused about most things since ttc. i cant believe how paranoid i used to be about falling i know the facts it seems like a mission....and how people 'accidentally' fall preganant i dont know - lol!

    i think if you have regular cycles its a good indication that you're ovulating???

    great to have others in a similar position to 'talk' to! xx
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    tell me about it when I was young it sounded like if you just sat next to a bloke you would get pregnant. I've got a friend who got pregnant on one romp with a does it work so easily for others and not so for some of us. Well just realised my af is actually due tomorrow or Sunday, not sure which cause sometimes my cycle is 29 days sometimes 30. So keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't start! And if it hasn't started by Tuesday I will take the test Wednesday!!
  • Hi,

    we have been trying for just over a month. so no baby yet. Even tho done 3 tests cos was very late.

    So we are keeping trying.

    Good luck to you all


    Hi Jess

    Like you I am trying to conceive.

    I have now bit the bullet and brought 90 days supply of pregnacare Tablets (£12.79) and a digital thermometer and fertility diary (£12.99) from Boots. I thought I would try and monitor my temperature at first and then try the ovulating sticks (which I have not brought yet but cost approximately £15 for just 5. I have brought a pregnancy test aswell (digital one) - which is under my bed waiting to be used.

    Send the baby dust mine and Jess's way.

    Kerrie xx
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    Good luck to all of you ttc, i hope it works out.......x
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    good luck to you all

  • hi girls,

    we got married on April 4th, been trying since then and no luck yet. Really disappointed and upset about it. I really thought i was pregnant this month but i got my period yesterday. i'm the only one of my friends who doesn't have a baby and i'm beginning to feel really left out (and quite resentful of them at times, even though i know that is very selfish).

    Good luck to everyone trying.

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    Well I got my period on Saturday right on time as scheduled. My husband consoled me by saying we won't worry about it until December then we will have to go see someone.

    I don't know how other fall pregnant so easily.
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm jumping on your bandwagon as your just what I've been looking for. It feels such a relief to share these feelings.

    We got married 3 weeks ago but have been trying for our 2ud child for nearly 2 years. I fell pregnant last october but miscarried in december, I then fell pregnant again in january but again I miscarried in march,image I was pretty devasted and we decided to take a break and get marriedimage.

    We started trying again last month and I must admit I cried when I got my AF last Monday, although it probably wasn't helped by the fact my SIL had her baby a week after our first loss was due. I found that incredibly hard and had a week of real grieving. I have been having therapy to help, however trying again I am filled with a real mix of emotions, we really want another baby but I am so terrified of having another miscarriage and I am worried about how I will manage to stay calm and not stress during another pregnancy. image

    I have polysistic ovarium syndrome which doesn't help, it reduces the chance of getting pregnant and increases the chance of miscarriage, my endicrologist (hormone specialist) has put me on glucophage to help regulate my hormones and it has made my cycle quite regular now, so I have invested in some ovulation strips to see if they help.....

    phew...ladies lots of baby dust to you all and wishing you luck in concieving anf happy healthy preganacies...

    I mean I must admit, it's so much fun trying image

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    Hi purplebabes, sprinkling some baby dust your way. When do you start using ovulation sticks, maybe if i get some it might help me determine exactly when i ovulate.
  • Mrs Welsh - do not buy ovulation tests from shops! Go to - they sell them for so much cheaper!

    I got 50 ACON ov sticks for about £13 - see here:

    it says for "professional" use only but they don't ring you and check you're a nurse or anything - and they deliver quickly too.

    I tested every day from day 8 of my first cycle and got pos on day 16, then next cycle from day 12 and got pos day 16 and so on.. so getting them cheaper allowed me to test for longer so I could get more accurate results!

    I am ttc after a miscarriage in June and I am so desperate to be pregnant again. I hope we can share the ups and downs together.

    I have a blog on here called Baking a baby penguin which started off as a pregnancy diary then turned into a coping with miscarriage diary and I am now using as a ttc diary - please feel free to have a look, maybe start your own - it does help me to write down all my feelings of frustration and anger so that I don't burden Mr P too much! (go to chat, wedding diaries and find mine in the list if you want to see)

    best of luck, lots of love and babydust to us all

  • Hi Mrs P,

    thanks for the advice on ov sticks, ive put off buying them as my cycles are long and erratic, but at this price its worth a go.

    I'm glad you're ttc again after your sad loss, wishing you and everyone else on here lots of luck xx
  • Hi Jess,

    Sorry I've only just been able to get back online but it seems the ever knowledgable Mrs P has answered your question for me.

    Those ovulation sticks are such a bargain, I paid £22 for a digital set of 7!!!!! Won't be making that mistake again. I haven't used them before so I'll let you know how I get along with them, I'm not very good at peeing on sicks, it can get messy...he he he...

    Mrs. P I really do relate to your desperation to get pregnant again, I was completely obsessed our first month of trying and thought about it every day, I've def chilled a bit this month (although it's still niggling there)

    I use a period and ovulation tracker

    It really helps me to keep track of whats going on with my irregular periods.


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    Hi purple babes, I'm also using mymonthly cycles now to keep track of my periods. My cycle is 29/30 days but i guess i've got to use the sticks to find out when exactly i ovulate i.e calculate my luteal phase
  • Hello, ive been ttc since september and nothing as yet. A girl that i work with came into work yesterday to tell us that she is having a baby, and i know it sound awful but i was really upset and went home and had a bit of a cry. Im very late on my period at the mo .. however we have been waiting a couple of week to test . so im going to test today and as im so late on my period im going to get a digital one just to be sure. I was speaking to my h2b yesterday and we both feel quite miserable about it because each month we get our hopes up and its just not working for us. So im going to test today and see if there is a stork visiting us in 9 months if not think im gonna cry some more.
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    hi, i've also been ttc for about a year now, every1 around me is up the duff!! i am going to be an aunty for the first time tho which is really exiting!!

    we tried tho ovulation sticks for a while, but gave up after about 6 months, and thought maybe if we didnt put so much preassure on ourselves it would happen.... but nothing yet,

    it's so upsetting, but it's just nice to know that there are other ppl to talk to here that are in the same boat.

    thanx ladies, love jules. x x
    Thanks for the advice Mrs Penguin. I will definitely buy some ovulation sticks from where you have recommended. You have saved me absolute fortune. I really feel ready for a baby now and it would be great to say I am pregnant on my first anniversary on 9th September (must practice like made this month then). At the moment I am taking my temperature every morning which Mr Welshbale has to do aswell (you would think it was a competition) and my pregnacare tablets after tea every night (says has to be on a full stomach). I am trying everything I know possible to make it happen. Mr Welsh Bale is being really supportive and really understands how much I now want this. Still thinking about the Blog thing (a bit of a scary thought). As stated in previous posts I am a terrible lurker and only post every now and again. I have followed the up and downs of everyone for the last few months. The mad thing is I only discovered this site after I got married!!!!
    Just purchased 50 Ovulation sticks - £16.10- Bring it on!!!!!!
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    lol, Honeysuckle, will be wishing you all the best, let us now if you have a bfp. MrsWelshbaby you made me laugh, it's like you've just registered for the Olympics. I must sayi think being a contender in the olympics must be easier than ttc.
  • BFN - Poor me !! lol i've cried iv'e eaten a large cream cake. and ready for some more baby dancing.
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    I got married on the 14th July 2007 and we always said that we would start trying as soon as the wedding was over. I came off my pill about 2 weeks ago and now that my AF has been we are now going to start trying.

    I am spreading baby making dust to all you ladies and hope that everyone gets there stork with the little bundle to you all and good luck xxxx
  • Oh poor honeysuckle, I know it's no comfort to you but I do totally understand what our going through...

    When your trying to have a baby there is nothing worse then when once a month AF comes to visit, even more so when it's late, it's almost like your own body is teasing you and making you think, maybe this is finally the month it's gonna happen and then bam AF arrives and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach and if your anything like me, you have a bit of a cry (man those hormones have a lo to answer for)

    I take comfort in the fact that my friends were ttc for over 4 years with there 2ud child and finally after one month of clomid (fertility drug) she was pregnant and is due in 3 weeks, so there is hope for us all.

    What is also hard is when you trying so hard to get pregnant and everyone else sems to be...I find myself being so envious couples out with there new babies thinking, that should be me, the same when I see women with bumps...I have nicknamed it bump envy...

    Mrs Welshbale good luck with the sticks and can I be nosey and ask why Mr Welshbale takes his temp!!!!

    Right I've got my sticks...OH has a few weeks off work so we are nice and relaxed and making sure we get lots of practise and the more your do it the better the quality of the mans swimmers , he he he...any excuse my hubby says it's a tough job but it's all for the greater good and he'll do what he can...he he he gotta love him...

    babydust to all


  • Welsh - so glad I could help with the ov sticks - they take a bit of getting used to but once you do it's a doddle.

    We were ttc 8 months before we conceived and it's such a hard process and so emotionally draining. I am so scared of ttc again after I lost our baby. I hate all the waiting, I hate all the frustration, I hate getting my hopes up only to have them dashed.... and even when I do get my next BFP I still won't be able to relax, knowing what happened last time.

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    Hi everyone, it has been a while since i have been on here...I got married in February, and we decided to start trying for a baby last month. So this has been our first month of trying...AF due on wed or thurs, hopefull it won't show and I'll be doing a test on Friday...Good luck to all XXX
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    Hi all, can I join in? Just posted a whinge and now feel bad when I see how long others have been trying. It's been 4 months for us so seems pathetic in comparision to others. Still finding it stressful though. I can't help getting my hopes up at the end of every month and it is such a come down when AF turns up yet again. I guess I expected to get pregnant instantly. Been using ovulation sticks (thanks for the tip Mrs P, it's getting expensive so that'll be helpful) and taking omaga 3, folic acid, multi vits etc. Mr Jules is out of his jockeys and into boxers so doing all we can. Doesn't help that my peroids are irregular. They can differ up to 6 days from month to month. So I haven't been sure when I', due on a couple of months and got very excited only to be gutted when test was negative. Think I've worked it out with the ovulation sticks though so expecting AF on 30th this month. Fingers and toes crossed. Ovulated this month so I'm doing the impatient hopeful waiting thing again. Good luck to you all image

    Glad I found this post. Seeing I'm not alone has chilled me out a little. xxx
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