Due January/February 2018

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Ta-da!  I decided it was time to be brave. I'll add due dates as we go along.


MrsNH17 - 6 January 

MrsLjC - 14 January 

October2013 - 13 February 

MrsRoseGH - 16 February 



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    Hello there and I'll join too! Due 6 Jan - 16 weeks exactly today! 

  • MrsLjCMrsLjC Posts: 1,225 New bride

    Hello! That's you added. Happy 16 weeks day! 

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    MrsLjC wrote (see post):

    Hello! That's you added. Happy 16 weeks day! 

    Thanks! Finally bit the bullet yesterday and bought a pregnancy pillow as although bump isn't massive or anything I am finding sleeping is getting harder - this does help with the "staying on your side is better" approach! I also tried on some maternity jeans and oh my goodness they are super comfortable!!! 

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    Ooh I've heard how comfy the jeans are! I'm 5 ft 9 and I can't tell you how happy I was to see Next do long length maternity jeans! I'm feeling apprehensive about buying anything again until the next scan  My parents have said they'll buy us our pram which will be such a help and so lovely of them! I might start having a browse online today 

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    Happy 15 weeks MrsLjC  and happy belated 16 weeks for yesterday MrsNH17

    Random question do Boobs get stretch marks? I've already gone up a cup size  think this is where all my hormones are going. I didn't wear a bra the other night and found them to be sore when turning over in bed but are fine when I wear a bra 24/7. I've got a non-wired bra for bed time, took it off this morning and they were instantly sore, think it's the extra weight  trying to prevent sagging hence wearing a bra all the time


  • MrsNH17MrsNH17 Posts: 644 New bride

    Yes I think boobs can get stretch marks - I guess anywhere that grows rapidly will risk them! I have been putting bio oil on my boobs too lol! But I'm top heavy already so to be honest they just feel massive now   I'd come to accept years ago having already had big boobs and the perils that come with them that after babies they will go to shit ha ha!! 

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    Hi all! Hope you don't mind me joining this thread. I was a bride to be on here over 4 years ago (eek, gone so quickly) but now coming back to talk babies! I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my second baby, and just lookimg for some fellow mummies to be really to chat to! Even though I've been through it all before, it's nice to know other people due around the same time! 

  • October2013October2013 Posts: 390

    Hi mrs AJ, I was also the same a bride in here over 4 years ago and now pregnant with our 2nd and I'm 10 weeks. How spooky!! 

    I love this place, it's so comforting to speak to people that are dealing and going through exactly how your feeling and brilliant for advice when you can't really ask anyone else if you haven't told anyone yet. Theses ladies are what have got me through the past 10 weeks x

  • Emma236Emma236 Posts: 215

    A proper due thread! How exciting! 😍

    I'm due 8th Feb but imagine this will change after dating scan next week. I just pray I'm further on and don't have my date pushed back! 

    Hope you're all doing well and any feelings of ickiness are subsiding. Xx

  • MrsLjCMrsLjC Posts: 1,225 New bride

    Welcome Mrs AJ and congratulations!  How old is your first child? How exciting. 

    October you're so right about having somewhere to talk to people with things you wouldn't normally ask others! Hope you're keeping a bit better now. 

    Emma so you want added on the list now? 

  • Emma236Emma236 Posts: 215

    Actually MrsL, I should probably wait until next Tuesday then I'll have a definite date. Xx

  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    Thanks for setting this up MrsLJC! My due date so far is 21st Feb. How lovely to have some more of us on here, especially as you can offer some wisdom from first time around!

    I too am 10 weeks (on Weds) and my 12 week scan date is 9th August - same as you Laura!

    Had a busy weekend. Am still trying to keep it quiet from friends. I went for lunch with two friends yesterday and one is preggers and 3 weeks from her due date now. I think she suspected and goodness me did she make it her mission to get me to drink! I told her I was doing dry July and managed to get through lunch in a lovely Italian, but the waiter brought up 3 shots with our bill and proudly said 'that's 40% alcohol'. With that my preggers friend downed it! I came up with an excuse that I can't do shots. But we went back to hers and she planted a glass of fizz in my hand to toast our other friend's birthday. I sipped half of it but really didn't want to as I haven't touched a drop since the BFP. Oh well.

    How are you all doing with the symptoms?

  • MrsL-K2017MrsL-K2017 Posts: 654 New bride

    Nice to have some new people in here

    I've been trying and failing to upload wedding photos to get prints for people, frustrating that I got all way to placing order and something has gone wrong  So I've probably 5 times the amount now.

    Trying to decide what I can be arsed to do for tea , think it's going to be bacon with some form of potato (whether that's the pre-made dauphniouse (can't spell that!) I have in the freezer or some form or new potatoes with cheese on)

    MrsRose how funny are scan is on same day, don't know about you but am counting down the days  think my due date will be put back from the 17th as cycle was 31/32 days (well think that's what it was going to be anyway)

    Symptom wise nothing new here, barely feel pregnant which is worrying me quite a lot, if my boobs weren't on a mission to take over the world in size (lol theyre only a C cup , were a B,  but hubby can't stop staring at them ) I wouldn't even think peanut was real   


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    OK Emma that makes sense just let me know and I'll add you!

    I have a really stupid question so apologies. Would you eat two Indian meals in one week? We're going out for my birthday on Wednesday and I'll most likely have a mild dish like a korma. Now I've been invited to another meal at an Indian restaurant on Saturday with hubby  and dunno what to do 🤔

  • MrsNH17MrsNH17 Posts: 644 New bride

    Hi everyone! 

    MrsLjC yeah I'd deffo eat two Indians and have certainly done it whilst being pregnant. I make curry a lot and prefer spicy food generally so it's more the type of food I like to eat anyway! why would it be an issue? There's nothing prohibited in there?

    (also I've eaten super spicy ones too and was fine but I usually enjoy them so I think anything you are already used to is generally going to be ok)

  • MrsLjCMrsLjC Posts: 1,225 New bride

    I dunno I've just had one of those days where I'm being paranoid 🙈 thanks for your advice. 

  • MrsL-K2017MrsL-K2017 Posts: 654 New bride

    Hello ladies  hope everyone has had a good day.

    Lovely weather here, abit too hot for me though. Had an agility lesson with our dog today, think last one was over 3 months ago but we both remembered where we left off. Have been given some homework before next week

    Belly keeps really showing towards evening, Hubby keeps saying you sure you're only 10 weeks


  • MrsNH17MrsNH17 Posts: 644 New bride

    Hi all! I had my 16 week midwife appointment today. Felt a bit gutted as my doctors don't listen for heartbeat at it but lots of my pregnant friends' doctors do and they had heartbeat at theirs so I feel like I've missed out! Oh well! 

    Belly is definitely here for me now!!

    ive also emailed about starting some aquanatal classes and I need to look into pregnancy yoga for when I am back from holiday! 

  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    Hi all! MrsLJC did you decide to go for the Indians? I would. Like MrsNH I just love spicy food. I did go for a Chinese recently and worried that some of the flavourings might be risky (MSGs) but it was lovely.

    Laura that's so cute that your pooch remembered all his lessons! Crufts next year?  I definitely feel that my navel area is starting to swell now. Definitely strange how it is more in the evenings.

    MrsNH that's annoying about the heartbeat. Wonder why it was different in yours! I bet the 20 week scan still feels quite far away?

    I had to go for my blood tests yesterday and while I was in the waiting room, I saw a girl rush out clutching the same colourful folder that I was given in my midwife appointment. It looked a lot like my cousin's wife but she was so fast I wasn't sure. When it was my turn and the nurse took my name, she asked if the last woman was my sister - so it was definitely her! I wonder if she saw me too and that's why she scarpered off. She only gave birth to her second child in September, so quick work if so!

  • MrsL-K2017MrsL-K2017 Posts: 654 New bride

    How funny MrsRose to think of you both scarpering around avoiding eachother

    Well not sure whether I should be worried. We DTD last night and it was good  if you know what I mean but I've had abit of brown CM this morning, no pain or anything. Just not sure whether to txt midwife or not. I'm thinking brown is probably nothing to worry about and to maybe see how I am tomorrow

    Have been trying to do accounts today as weather is bad but am knackered  

  • MrsL-K2017MrsL-K2017 Posts: 654 New bride

    Well I txt midwife but haven't had a response. They don't work tomorrow. Not sure whether to call the maternity triage it's a 24hr number but don't know whether i'm wasting their time.


  • MrsNH17MrsNH17 Posts: 644 New bride

    MrsRose 20 week scan does feel ages away yes! I'm impatient for every scan though! 

    How funny that you spied her - are you going to say anything?

    laura - I think they generally say brown is fine so I would try not to worry too much. I can totally understand why you'd want to check in with the midwife to check though so if you felt better to call the number you could? But I'm sure it's totally fine. 

  • MrsL-K2017MrsL-K2017 Posts: 654 New bride

    Well it went abit red/brown earlier, so I freaked out and am still freaking out tbh. Called the maternity triage and she said to bed rest, if I get a lot of pain go to A&E but basically to ride it out I think. She said bleeding isn't normal but a lot of woman get it

  • MrsLjCMrsLjC Posts: 1,225 New bride

    Hi ladies I'll reply properly later on. It was my birthday yesterday so was a bit full on and I'm back to work today and shattered! 

    Laura just wanted to check you were okay? Xx

  • MrsL-K2017MrsL-K2017 Posts: 654 New bride

    Thanks MrsLjC just waiting for doctor to call me bk. Had horrid night feeling ill worrying. Had red/brown stuff all night not loads but tis scaring me. 

  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    Ah Laura thinking of you but am confident it will be fine! They say that our veins grow massively during pregnancy to get lots of blood to the uterus, so any pressure (such as sex) is much more likely to cause slight bleeding around the cervix than it normally would but it shouldn't be anything to worry about. Let us know if you hear anything and definitely lots of bed rest for you!

  • MrsRoseGHMrsRoseGH Posts: 193

    Happy birthday for yesterday MrsLJC! Did you do anything nice?

    Ha MrsNH I think I might wait until my cousin announces it and then tell her that I had an idea already! Another friend announced that she is due in December yesterday so seems there will be lots of playmates.

  • MrsL-K2017MrsL-K2017 Posts: 654 New bride

    Well doctors called back and wanted me to go see them. They checked me over and decided to see how I am tomorrow if i'm still getting blood then i'll go for a scan. Don't know why they always have to wait and see, i'm still getting blood. So worried keep worrying that I was going to wake up in a pool of blood or in excruciating pain last night

    Poor dog isn't feeling very well either

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    Laura - im just thread hopping to try to reassure you. I had my son in Jan of this year and I had quite a few bleeds during pregnancy. One had me in hospital overnight. They weren't too sure what caused it but just said I had a sensitive cervix so to take it easy and no sex :-( 

    id say chances are it's the sex that triggered it, but on the plus it will stop and isn't anything serious. 

    Sure all is fine but it's still stressful. Take it easy today and rest.

  • MrsL-K2017MrsL-K2017 Posts: 654 New bride

    Thanks Mrs Twizbe how much blood was there? I'm still getting dark red blood and seem to be having more period type pains. I phoned the doctor but despite the fact that i'm really upset she still wants to wait to tomorrow so I have suffer another night of no sleep and feeling ill.

    Just feels like they don't seem to care, I would of thought if it was due to the sex then leaving me upset and worried is bad fro baby.

    I just feel like i'm loosing it, I hope i'm overacting and it's something else.

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