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Due April 2018

MrsJMrsJ Posts: 122

Hi Ladies,

Anyone else due April?

Think I am due around 15th so around 8 weeks just now. This is 3rd baby!! I have a son who has just turned 3 last week (used this forum when I was pregnant with him and made some friends I still speak to now!) and a daughter who is just over 1 and a half.

Feeling extremely tired and sick (mostly in the morning and evenings) limited appetite too.

We have had an early scan last week and all is good with baby lovely strong heartbeat.

Please come and join me soon.



  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    Hi MrsJ,

    Well done for starting a thread! i am currently 9+2 with my second baby and due on 10th April. Also feeling sick a lot but some days are worse than others. I'm also in bed by 9 every night and tired within an hour of waking up. I find this early stage quite lonely as only our parents know that i'm pregnant (and people on this forum), so there's no-one to moan to about how awful i feel and i'm having to miss social events as i don't feel up to it, but can't give the real reason why to my friends. Hopefully only a few weeks left until i start feeling better, although last pregnancy i started being sick at 12 weeks and didn't stop until 16 weeks!

    Did you pay for your early scan MrsJ? I've been so tempted to do that as i can't wait to see baby. Need to phone hospital today to book my 12 week scan - i'm even excited about making the phone call!

    When was your daughter born? Just asking as my son is just over 18 months too - he was born on 17th Feb 2016.

    Hopefully there are some other ladies out there who will join us soon x

  • MrsJMrsJ Posts: 122

    Yay someone else!!!

    Congratulations KPAPR.

    The tiredness is a killer. My daughter has been unwell this week too and up quite a bit at night which hasn't been helping.

    Yeah we paid for an early scan, I'm too impatient to wait until 12 weeks. It was lovely to see that little heart beating away. I have my 12 week scan on the 29th it can't come quick enough.

    My daughter was born on the 3rd Jan so very close in age. Its such a funny age just no. She is full of attitude already. So different to my son who turned 3 last week. He is so laid back.


    Do you think you will find out what your having? we are going to pay for a gender scan at 16 weeks as our NHS trust don't tell you sex at 20 week scan. I'm dying to know so I know what to keep and what to get rid of and also for names!! I have a million names floating around my head and want to narrow it down by at least know if its a boy of girl lol!


  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    That's so weird that your NHS trust doesn't tell you gender at 20 weeks, how annoying that it means you have to pay for an extra scan. I think we're going to keep gender a surprise. We had a surprise with my son, and although we are both more tempted to find out this time, i think we will hold out until the birth.

    My nausea had improved for a few days which was lovely but came back with a vengeance yesterday and still feeling rough today. So relieved that i work at home so am currently sitting on my bed with the laptop. I'm sure the nausea wasn't this bad last time. Did you notice a big difference in pregnancy symptoms between your son and daughter? Do you think this will be your last pregnancy? x


  • MrsJMrsJ Posts: 122

    I was never actually sick with my son just felt sick. With my daughter however I was sick most days for about 3 weeks it was horrendous.

    Apparently some couples tried to sue the local NHS trust for telling them the incorrect sex at their 20 weeks scan so they withdrew it about 5 years ago. Thankfully the gender scan is only £39 but it is annoying having to fork out more money!

    My nausea seems to have subsided loads over the last few days but my hormones are literally all over the place. I'm either extremely giddy or hysterical there is no in between lol. My poor husband doesn't know whether he is coming or going.


  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    That's great that your nausea has subsided, hope it stays away for you now. Do you think this baby might be a boy if the sickness hasn't been too bad? Mine has upgraded to dry heaving over the toilet since last night - still managed to avoid actually being sick so far but fear it's only a matter of time now.

    I've booked tomorrow off work so i don't have to go to London (woo!) and was hoping to do lots of fun activities with my son, however, i'm now thinking that i'm going to be too ill to do anything and it might be better to send him to nursery as usual in the morning so i don't have to entertain him while feeling horrendous. wish i could find a magic cure for my nausea but so far nothing makes any difference! x

  • Jo189Jo189 Posts: 15

    Hi ladies, I'm 11+4 and have been fairly absent from this forum due to sickness and holiday. It's so nice to see an April thread and congratulations to everyone!

    I have ended up taking Cyclizine tablets for my sickness as it was getting in the way of work. They worked a treat whilst on holiday but I seem to have gone back to how I was before. Hopefully I only have a few more weeks left of feeling like this and then i can start to enjoy being pregnant. this is my third baby, I have two boys (aged 6 and 2). This is also our final baby, I don't think I could cope with another pregnancy and I think we will be kept fairly busy with three children!

    I have my scan next Thursday, i can't wait to see the baby and make sure everything is okay and that there is also only one in there lol.

    KPAPR, sorry you have felt so bad with your sickness, nothing helped me aside from the tablets. It was much worse in my last pregnancy so I am thankful I'm not bed bound like I was then. x

  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    Hi Jo, Congratulations! Sorry you're suffering so much with sickness, at least you managed to enjoy your holiday. People keep telling me that it'll be better soon, which is true but isn't actually providing much comfort. Thankfully, the nausea can be kept at bay by eating every 60-90mins. If i don't do this, then i'm throwing up. I'm so relieved that i work from home 4 days a week, really don't know how i would be surviving if i was commuting to London every day like i was last pregnancy.

    I have my scan on Tuesday first thing, so excited as i've been struggling to enjoy any part of pregnancy so far due to nausea. Starting to get a bit anxious about it though in case something is wrong.

    Where did you go on holiday? x

  • Jo189Jo189 Posts: 15

    Hi KAPR, hope your scan went okay this morning and you weren't too bothered by the full bladder (I always dread that as they usually keep you waiting for ages). I think the anxiety up until the first scan is quite common, I always feel the same, but at least you can relax now and hopefully the sickness will disappear soon for you. 

    It must be so much easier to work from home. I managed to do that in my last pregnancy but I only work part-time now so it hasn't been as bad. I also find eating regularly helps with the sickness although my colleagues must think what on earth is going on! I often have two lunches (one early morning and one at midday or I feel nauseous). 

    We went to Spain which was lovely, I can't really bear the thought of travelling any where further with my boys although they were really good on the plane (thank you Ipad). x

  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    Scan went really well thanks Jo, very active little baby. My son barely moved for the 12 week scan and has been a very calm boy, so it looks like this one could be the opposite! Fortunately, you don't need a full bladder at my hospital, I can imagine it must be horrible sitting there desperate for a week, and anxious. Must be horrendous when they actually do the scan and press down on your bladder! How did your scan go?

    My sickness has definitely improved over the last few days, no longer feeling nauseous all the time and haven't been sick in about 10 days now. I have been very busy though, so that might have something to do with it. I did feel pretty ill last night but i think tiredness might've been contributing as it's been a pretty full on few days with celebrating my birthday, having a night away with hubby and meeting our new niece. Also went to the local NCT sale yesterday to stock up on more clothes for my son and get a sling for new baby. meant to look at maternity clothes too but completely forgot, quite annoyed now! Did you have a nice weekend? x

  • MrsJMrsJ Posts: 122

    HI Ladies,


    Congratulations Jo, glad I'm not the only mad one having 3 kids!! How did your scan go?

    I've been on holiday too last week and have been feeling fine now but my tummy has definitely popped and heartburn has reared its ugly head too.

    We had our scan on Friday and all was good, due date 15th April. So glad to finally tell everyone, I always feel so deceitful lying about why I'm not drinking etc.

    We have started looking at double prams and thinking either the Bugaboo Donkey (will try and pick up second hand as don't want to spend £1500 on a new one!) or the mountain buggy duet. I had one before but sold it as didn't think I would be needing it any more and kicking myself now as I loved that pram.

    Hope the sickness is subsiding for you both. Its the worst feeling.


  • Jo189Jo189 Posts: 15

    Hi ladies, glad your scans went well. I had mine on Thursday and the baby spent the entire time lying on its tummy. 

    MrsJ I too am happy not to be the only one having a third, I thought we were done after my you best arrived and I sold everything apart from my bugaboo cameleon. I have found a chicco next to me cot second hand for £75. I'm buying another sleepyhead too and first car seat/base so it's all adding up. 

    The NCT sale sounds good, I'll have to keep an eye out for one by me. I really want to buy another close caboo carrier and ergo. My husband and I went away at the weekend for two nights without the boys, it was so nice. Once the baby comes that will be it for a while So we are determined to get a few more nights away in before April! 

    Glad everyones sickness seems to have subsided. Mine has too but the exhaustion is still there. 

  • Jo189Jo189 Posts: 15

    Just a suggestion, but would you like to create a Facebook group for us? Hopefully more people will join this thread and can join the group too? 

  • MrsJMrsJ Posts: 122

    Facebook group sounds good I'm still in contact with all the girls from the August 2014 group!! They knew I was pregnant this time before most people!! x

  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    Sorry i've been so quite, work is hectic at the moment. One of my colleagues is leaving, so instead of getting someone new in to replace her, they've decided to spread her contacts among the rest of us so we're all getting a load of extra work. not happy about this at all as i was quite content knowing exactly what work i needed to do before Christmas and now it's all doubled.

    Did you have a nice holiday MrsJ? We were hoping to have a short UK break before Christmas but as our house move has been delayed until November, we're not sure we'll really have time before Christmas.

    Last week i found out that 2 of my NCT friends are also expecting their second babies in April, one of them is having twins! Will be so nice to be on maternity leave together again and go to various baby classes with a toddler in tow.

    My friend bought a second hand Bugaboo Donkey when she had her second baby and she really likes it. It's very cute as her toddler can see into the carrycot from the toddler chair and keeps checking on the baby x

  • Jo189Jo189 Posts: 15

    Hi ladies, hope everyone is doing okay. Do you think we should maybe expand this group to include anyone due in March? Also, if you would like me to create a Facebook group, please can you message me your names on Facebook and I will add you? I always find it easier going on there than here x

  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    I think expanding the group would be a good idea as it's so quiet, although i'm not sure if its possible once the group has already been set up.

    I'll send you a message for Facebook.

    had my 16 week appointment yesterday, heard the heartbeat which is always the perk of the 16 week appointment. Unfortunately my urine had trace amounts of glucose in it, so my overly cautious midwife is sending me for the dreaded glucose tolerance test next Thurs. Not bothered about having the blood taken twice, it's more the not being able to eat and having to sit in a hospital chair for 2 hours, how boring! At least i get to miss work :) x

  • Jo189Jo189 Posts: 15

    I have to have the GTT test too but I have to book it in myself at the local community hospital. I don't fancy sitting around there for two hours and really hope I get a morning appointment. You have to drink polycal (never heard of that) now instead of lucozade. Just hope it's not horrible lol. I only have to have it done because my dad is from India so I'm at higher risk apparently. But yes, at least it's time our from work. 

    Our hospital doesn't allow children into appointments with you, so all of my scans etc are during working hours when they are at school/nursery. At least you don't have to work back that time :) x

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Hi there ladies,

    I've decided to come and join in! I'm Vicky, this is my second baby and I'm due on 25th April so 14+1 today. 

    I have a 2 year old who was born in August 2015 and I am still regularly in contact with the ladies from the forum thread back then!

    This pregnancy so far has been completely different from the first time round - with my daughter I was sick at least once a day until about 15 weeks but this time I've been sick the sum total of once. Wonder if it's a boy this time. 

    Had my scan last Monday and they brought my DD forward - it was 28th by dates, so only 3 days forward. 

    I have a big advantage this time as since my daughter was born, my little sister qualified as a midwife and is now my community midwife  no problems getting hold of my MW when I need to ask something and I can ask really daft questions without worrying about sounding stupid haha! 

    My daughter was 12 days overdue and after 2 sweeps, a very long labour with a back-to-back baby, I ended up with a c-section for failure to progress (4cm after 40 hours  ) - and she was born weighing 10lb 2oz! So this time it is highly highly likely I will have an elective CS. I am just too scared of trying VBAC with a baby that might be even bigger than my daughter was! 


  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I had to have the GTT last time and will again this time as my dad is T1 diabetic. The drink you have to have is, if it's the same as I had, just a very sweet orange-flavoured still drink. When I went she said it used to be this horrible gloop and really hard for people to drink but is now much thinner and easier to drink. I found the 'down-in-one' approach worked best! 

  • Jo189Jo189 Posts: 15

    Hi Vic, welcome and congratulations! 

    You must be relieved the sickness wasn't bad this time round! My due date was also brought forward by 3 days. 

    How amazing that your sister is your midwife, very handy! I haven't even met mine as she was away for both of my appointments and I had stand-ins. I have my GTT booked for 19th December, not looking forward to going without food for that long as all I have done in this pregnancy is eat! 

    And it will be give you peace of mind having an elective after your previous experience. My first was 6 days early and 2nd arrived on his due date, so hoping this one keeps up the tradition of not going over as I'm not sure how I would cope with going two weeks over! x

  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    Welcome Vic and congratulations :)

    I'm amazed that everyone in this group, so far, already has at least 1 child. Means we all have a lot in common with trying to cope with a pregnancy, whilst running around after active little ones.

    I'm hopefully going to get out of my GTT. i phoned the diabetes midwife at the hospital today, as the letter says the test should be performed at 24 weeks and i'm only 17. I explained that there was only a trace of glucose and there were no other risk factors and she agreed with me that the best thing to do is get my midwife to re-test my urine and if there is still glucose, then keep the appointment but otherwise, cancel it. Waiting for midwife to call me back.

    That's amazing that your sister is your midwife, must make it a very different experience. Would be great to have a midwife who you can contact instantly, mine takes around 2 days to get back to me.

    Anyone feeling movements yet? I've been feeling pops for several weeks now, but they're definitely getting more frequent. Looking forward to them getting stronger :) x

  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    It's gone very quiet in here, everyone okay?

    Things are progressing well here, 19 weeks today and looking forward to my 20 week scan next Tuesday.

    We are moving house in 2 days so everything is a bit manic, doesn't help that both our cat and our little boy are ill at the moment so we're having to fit in vets appointments around packing and little fella isn't well enough to go to nursery so I'm trying to work at home with a poorly boy. Fortunately, he is spending most of the day sleeping which does make it easier! x

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Hey ladies, we are in the midst of a sick bug at the mo, boo. Sophia started with it on Friday but was OK by Sat evening, then Paul came home feeling queasy when he finished work yesterday lunchtime and by the evening I was throwing up too   have stayed off work today to avoid starting an epidemic - sick bugs travel so quickly around schools! 

    I'm nearly 18 weeks now and definitely starting to feel a few little flutters, my sister brought her doppler last week so we could hear its heartbeat and she thinks I have an anterior placenta again from th sounds coming over the doppler, I had one last time too so didn't feel proper kicks til a bit later. 

    Still don't really have much of a bump, if people didn't know I was pregnant I don't think they'd guess. I was allowed to tell my class on Friday though so at least when it does start to show I won't have to hide it too much. 

    Don't know if I said but there are 5 of us at work pregnant (I'm the 4th due) and the first one arrived yesterday. Had a great time looking through all the lovely girly things on Next's site and remembering Sophia being small enough to fit into them. Was restrained though and bought a gorgeous 3 pack of sleepsuits. More useful but still gorgeous, ha. 

    Have you had your 20 week scan now KPAPR? Mine is on Friday 8th December - Paul really doesn't want to know what it is and I was determined with Sophia, but everyone else on 2nd/3rd babies seem to be finding out and it is making me so jealous! Serious willpower needed! 

  • Jo189Jo189 Posts: 15

    Hi ladies,


    Sorry its been a while! I find facebook or whatsapp so much easier. I have set up a group on facebook. If you would like me to add you, please send me your facebook name and I will (I will have to add you a s a friend first as the group is closed). KPAPR - I sent you a message about your facebook page as there are lots of people with your name and I didn't want to add the wrong person.

    I had my 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago and everything is perfect! I have an anterior placenta in front of the baby meaning I don't feel as many moevments or even kicks which is disheartening but at least everything is okay otherwise. 


    I've also managed to buy lots of baby items that I sold after my last son was born, mostly second hand (a part from the sleepyhead mattress and baby monitor) which I'm very pleased with as they are all in amazing condition. 


    Hope everyone is doing well xx


  • KPAPRKPAPR Posts: 123

    Not sure if anyone is still checking this group but i thought i'd post an update anyway.

    Currently 37+2 and really feeling it. Had a growth scan yesterday as i was measuring small but everything is fine, although baby's tummy is huge and estimated weight is already 7lb 2oz, which has worried me somewhat. i'm also getting a horrible pain at the top of my bump which makes it impossible to move or do anything at times, so hubby is having to work from home quite a bit and we're getting parents to come down and help out. Midwives don't think it's anything to do with baby, which is reassuring but wish there was a cure as i feel so useless just sitting all the time.

    Our house is crazy right now, we have a guys fitting soundproofing in 4 rooms of the house, which means we've had to take out fitted furniture and the contents of the furniture is scattered all over the house. We've also got our driveway being bricked and landscaped, so tradesmen everywhere! Plus, my cat, husband and toddler are all ill.

    Hope baby stays put until everything is sorted and we're all well again, especially as i'm having a homebirth and don't want tradesmen being here!

    If i remember rightly, quite a few of us have children already, how are you all coping with being heavily pregnant and entertaining little ones? i'm finding it a struggle but as my son as been ill for a week, all we've really done is watch tv!

    Hope you're all doing well x

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Hey, I had a little boy, Joseph, on 20th April. He was born by elective section at 39 weeks and we were rather surprised to learn that he weighed in at 10lb 4oz! My little girl was 10lb 2oz but she was born at 42 weeks so we didn't expect him to be bigger, ha.

    We are settling in to being a family of 4 and all getting to know each other. Hope you're well :-)

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