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I can't believe I'm actually writing this, but I've just found out that I'm pregnant with our second baby. I'm around 4 weeks I think and should be due next June.

My ds is 13 months old and, while we had  planned to start trying for number 2 early next year, this baby is a surprise! A very welcome one; I am acutely aware from following everyone's stories on here that I am extremely lucky and blessed. I'm only just back to work after 13.5 months off which I'm a bit worried about and because this wasn't a wholly planned pregnancy, I wasn't taking any supplements and I've also had a fair few glasses of wine. So basically I'm going to stress until I can book an early scan at 8 weeks. Just hoping that everything is ok in there...

I used this forum a lot when planning my wedding and again when pregnant with my first; I met some lovely ladies and most of us are still in touch (some are still active on here so the cat is out of the bag!). I really hope that some of you other ladies will come and join me soon and we can share this journey together. Warts and all!




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    Hello and congratulations! I’m pregnant with my first, due 27th May. Have a scan this Saturday when I’ll be 6+6 and I’m extremely nervous...

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    Hello RS! Congratulations! Thank you for joining me! 

    We're due quite close together - think I'm due around 12th June. Last time they brought me forward by 8 days at my 12-week scan though so let's see!

    I am nervous too! Exciting that you're having a scan so soon though! I had one at 8 weeks last time, it was amazing and it really helped me relax.

    How are you feeling? I just feel very crampy and bloated which isn't a nice feeling but I remember feeling this way last time which reassures me a little.


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    I think if anything they might put my due date back as I'm a late ovulation but we will see!

    I am actually not feeling anything! I am not sick at all, and my boobs were a little sore but now they're fine. I don't actually feel pregnant and I'm really worried about it. I just did another FRER which is still really dark but I'm terrified the lack of symptoms is a bad sign.

    Don't worry about the cramps, one of my best mates who is a doctor says unless it is severe pain it is totally normal. Bloating is no fun though!

    Are you going to get another early scan this time?


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    Oh I know, it's so nerve wracking. You're just waiting and it's not obvious that you're pregnant and I think it's quite normal at this stage to have no symptoms at all! So stressful. Last time, I started to get queasy around week 6 so that joyous time could be just around the corner for you 😀

    Try and relax tho lovely. My only advice is to eat well, drink lots of water and get lots of sleep. The first trimester is really exhausting as the baby takes all your energy growing so get lots of early nights! You'll probably start to feel it soon anyway. I'm suffering from insomnia - fall asleep fine and then wake at 3am wide awake! So annoying! I think I've got a lot on my mind - it's only my first week back at work 🙈

    Who've you told? Only my husband and I know! I feel really nervous about it, so don't want to tell anyone; partly because I wasn't taking my supplement - I am now though obviously! Last time I told my mum immediately (then swore her to secrecy) and then we didn't tell anyone else until about 15 weeks! Not looking forward to telling my poor boss; we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

    I think I'll definitely get an early scan again. I'm too impatient and nervous! I'll wait til I'm 8 weeks though as I really want to hear the heartbeat. I don't think it beats much before then - I must check. I'm actually on holiday at the end of October (and I'll be 8 weeks on 31st) so I'll maybe try and go a bit earlier!

    I was actually at the doc today as my baby had his 13 month jabs so I asked the nurses what the next steps where and they said to book a flu jab and a midwife appointment for when I'm 8-10 weeks, so I've actually got that booked in for 15 Nov. It feels like tempting fate but might as well get its booked in I suppose - last time they booked me in for my scan after that midwife appointment but this time I can self refer apparently; going to wait a few weeks tho 😬


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    Ps, I am also addicted to testing. I've done two clearblue tests that show me at 1-2 weeks and I already have two more tests in. One for a weeks time where I will hopefully go to 2-3 weeks and again a week later where I hope to see 3+

    Im obviously a weirdo 😬😬

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    You were right! I'm now feeling properly queasy, although not actually been sick which is great. Just got back from booking in with the nurse, had to tell her where I wanted to give birth! I hadn't even started to think about it, I didn't realise I would be asked so soon. But I am all booked in and got my flu jab. 8-10 weeks seems ages to wait but I am sure it will be here before you know it!

    How is it being back at work? I am also having the insomnia. I drop off ok but wake up early feeling sick. In a weird way I find it quite reassuring. I am sure your boss will be fine about it, they have to be, but I understand it is nervewracking. We have told parents and a couple of close friends, who are GPs and dishing out medical advice to me when I get worried about something.

    My scan is tomorrow, I am going to be 6+6, they say they might hear a heartbeat then. Hopefully they do (please please!!) but if not then I'll take their advice in if that's a problem. I'm really scared!

    Have a lovely weekend xxx

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    Good luck with your scan! I will be thinking of you! Reeaalllly hope you get to hear a heartbeat. Be sure to report back! 

    Being back work is ok actually; I was in bits last week after leaving my baby at nursery for the first time (on reflection, probably pregnancy hormones!) but this week I've been ok. I've actually enjoyed work this week and I only work three days so it's a lovely balance. 

    Sorry you're feeling sicky, but you're right! It is reassuring. The insomnia is so rubbish, I just wake at 3am wide awake and then can't get back to sleep until 5am. I didn't have this last time. I have zero symptoms tho otherwise though, really trying not to stress. 

    Where abouts are you? I'm in Surrey; going to go to the same hospital I had my son in as I had a brilliant experience. Of course, I am possibly getting way ahead of myself!

    I hope other ladies join us soon ☺️


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    All well with the scan! Measuring at 6w2d (fits with my late ovulation) and healthy heartbeat of 120. I was in tears with worry going in but so relieved all is well!

    I’m pleased being back at work is going ok. I’m self employed so I don’t know how long I’d be able to take off but however long it is it’ll be a wrench going back.

    I am in Birmingham so will probably end up at the big women’s Hospital - that’s what I said to Doctor anyway. I think I might want an epidural which rules a lot of places out. It’s great you had a good experience with your first birth, hopefully you will again with this one!

    I know I can’t wait for some more BFPs on the TTC thread! Xxx

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    Oh yay! That's really fantastic news! So pleased for you, what a relief! Did you get a pic?


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    Hi ladies! Huge congratulations to you both! Can I join you?? I'm currently 8+2 weeks and due around the 18th May :) This is my first pregnancy and therefore I'm feeling super anxious and nervous about everything! - symptoms and then lack of symptoms, think I'm driving my OH crazy!

    RS2017 I totally get your nerves with your scan, I've got mine tomorrow and just keep worrying that they won't find anything! 

    Very pleased to have some ladies to talk to as only my OH and close family know at the moment :) Let's all hope for a happy and healthy 9 months together!

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    Welcome MrsCZ! Many congratulations on your pregnancy! Lovely to have you join our little group! Where in the world are you?

    I hear you re the nerves, I am currently tying myself up in knots worrying about it. I wish it was easier the second time around but it isn't! I'm about a month behind you.

    Good luck with your scan! Keeping it all crossed that everything is ok with your beautiful baba! What time is your scan?

    How old are we all? I've just turned 32 so I'll still be hanging onto my early thirties come June :)

    All is well with me so far! No real symptoms so far apart from waking up in the night to wee and then staying awake!! When I originally calculated my due date, I forgot to take into account my slightly longer cycles so I think I'm probably only 4+2 today. Did  a digi yesterday and it still read 1-2 weeks which upset me initially, but then once I sat and thought about it I realised that I was probably a few days behind where I thought I was (much like you, RS). I'm going to hold out until mid next week to test again. Bloody obsessed with peeing on a stick, me! 


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    Thank you! It's so nice to talk to people going through it at the same time :) I'm based in South Yorkshire and am 27 but will be 28 when baby is born!

    My scan isn't until 6.50pm tonight, so a long day at work of waiting and worrying! Just keep telling myself that the odds are in our favour!

    Glad you've not had too many symptoms so far Lou85, I thought I was out of the woods until morning sickness hit me like a ton of bricks around 6+4 weeks - just being sick in the morning and then feeling icky all day, but it'll be worth it!

    Don't worry too much about the digi not showing the 2-3 weeks yet, mine didn't show that until I was well into 5 weeks :)

    Has anyone decided whether they will find the gender out? I think we are going to have a surprise and wait until the day of, but I might change my mind yet!

    Have a great day!xxx


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    Welcome MrsCZ14! Waiting for the scan is torture isn’t it? Mine was 12:30 and I wasn’t called in till 12:50, during which time I watched lots of people coming out clutching pictures and looking happy and I just felt sick. I didn’t sleep the night before at all. It’s so nice though when you get good news and I am sure you will later - good luck and do let us know! As you say, odds are with you.

    lou85 we did get a picture but you can barely see anything!


    So strange to think that little blob is our future child! especially as I don’t feel pregnant at all so it is weird (but wonderful) to think my child is growing inside me. Can’t really process it and it hasn’t sunk in at all. Don’t think it will till I get a bump or feel kicking.

    I am 34, and will still be 34 in May so just missing out on that all important 35 and being a geriatric mother! I will be for any future pregnancies though. I’m in Birmingham.

    I am unsure about finding out sex. I assume we will because I have no willpower at all but I think it is a lovely idea to have a surprise. We shall see! I don’t think I have it in me to not know for an extra four months!

    Those clear blue digis are a menace!!! I had a meltdown when mine said 2-3 when it should have said 3+. I spent ages googling and apparently they are not very exact and everyone has different levels of HCG anyway. Mine then said 3+ the next day anyway so please try not to worry, but I understand it’s horrible.

    Hope everyone is having a happy Monday - I can see a few on the TTC thread are testing soon so hopefully we will have sone new members shortly! Xxx

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    Hello lovelies! Hope you're both feeling well? Sorry to hear about the sickness MrsCZ - that's no fun at all! Hope you don't have a horrible commute or anything? I have to get a train into London for work and last time I kept feeling spewey every time I stood standing for any period of time (which is daily on my train) so it really was the pits. Worth it tho! Makes you feel happy somehow! Can't wait to feel a bit sick again! Ha!

    Even though it's a little blob RS, it's still the most beautiful blob in the world! Bet you felt on top of the world when you saw that. Good luck for tonight MrsCZ, I will be thinking of you and keeping it all crossed.

    We didn't find out the sex last time and it was lovely - a real surprise. I thought it would keep me going through the labour, not knowing, which it did, but actually once my little boy was born I was so ecstatic that he was here and he was ok (and that it was over, sorry girls...), that I forgot to ask! I had a water birth and I just sat there in the water cradling him and it wasn't until the midwife asked if we knew what we were having that we thought to look! It really is the most incredible experienc! Eek.

    I am almost certain that we'll find out this time. My husband wanted to know last time, but I didn't, and I think this time it will be good to know for practical reasons. We have so much baby boy stuff - do we keep or do we buy all new? Luckily I have a fair bit of unisex newborn stuff so that'll do although I'll almost certainly be buying pink or blue things as I missed not having that last time. I also feel that a lot of gender neutral stuff is actually quite boyish.

    Thanks for the reassurance about the digi tests! They really are stressful little things. I'm still going to test again on Wednesday when I'll be 4+5 (5+1 by dates) though, as I'm insane. Haha!

    Today is my day off (I work Tues, Wed, Thur) so I've spent the morning with my Mum and then I'm meeting a friend and her baby at soft play this afternoon! She's an NCT mummy friend - I really recommend NCT if you have the classss near you. I've made loads of friends which has made mat leave amazing!

    I'm also wishing all the TTC ladies lots of baby dust, I really hope more can join us soon.



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    Hi ladies! Thanks so much for the encouragement for the scan - it all went really well :) We heard a strong heartbeat and saw our little blob wiggling around - I'm measuring a couple of days behind what I thought I was but the Dr. said it can sometimes be a few days out and at least I'm still measuring over the 8 week mark. Definitely feel more relaxed now and it's starting to feel very real! Roll on the 12 week scan!

    Luckily, I don't have a long commute - but I definitely start to feel woozy on the drive in!

    Hope you've both had good days and not felt too rubbish :)


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    Yay! That's wonderful! So pleased for you, what a relief! Pic???

    God its soooo long until I can have an early scan! I can't handle the wait!

    I had my flu jab this morning so a bit of a sore arm but other than that I feel good! Super tired so I'm already in bed. Ha!xxx

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    lou85 practical reasons is another reason we might find out the sex! I have 2 nephews who are 3 and 4, and their mother (my SIL) is having another baby. She is 4 weeks ahead of me, if she has a girl, and I have a boy, no need at all for me to buy any clothes really (except vests and things)! Then again if she is having another boy it doesn’t make any difference I suppose!

    I am definitely doing NCT! So many of my friends have made lifelong friendships from it. I’ve even found the course we want to do and reserved the days! Not registered yet as don’t want to tempt fate and doubt it will book up this far in advance anyway.

    mrsCZ that is brilliant news!!! It was wriggling around? How exciting! You must be so relieved, the chances of a successful pregnancy after a heartbeat at 8 weeks are super high 

    Waiting for my 12 week scan appointment now - rang the hospital to set it in motion. I’m a bit worried because my husband is a surgeon so he can’t get time off at short notice (needs to give 6 weeks) because they would have to cancel patients so if they send it a day he is operating he won’t be able to come. I can try to change it but we basically need it to be a Friday or a Monday! I don’t know how much flexibility the hospital gives you. I think if it comes at a time when he can’t come, we will go for a private 12 week scan together before the NHS one so that we get the reassurance/bad news together and the NHS one is more of a formality.

    I’ve been having headaches, are they a pregnancy thing?!

    I’m so tired at the moment and after work I have to drive to Surrey (from Birmingham) to stay overnight for work in the morning. I’m there till Friday, going to be exhausting!

    Happy Tuesday everyone xxx

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    Thanks girls! Yes, definitely a huge relief! A colleague at work has just told me she's 6 weeks along so we will be going off on maternity leave at practically the same time...sorry HR!

    Hope your arms feeling better Lou85, I've just booked mine in for a couple of weeks time. I'm definitely going to do NCT as well, my mum is still friends with some of the ladies she met whilst pregnant with me - good idea to book on RS2017 - I'm going to have a sneaky look whilst at work today.

    Hopefully you will get a scan date that works for both of you RS2017, is your husband at the same hospital? Maybe he could just run out of surgery for a few minutes! And yes, I've definitely heard headaches are a thing, hope you feel better soon. Gosh, you'll be exhausted - try and have a quiet weekend to catch up :)

    Nearly halfway through the week!xxx

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    Aw, look ar your little blob MrsCZ! Amazing. It's really quite incredible how different they look at 12 weeks; they go from a wiggly tadpole to an actual baby!

    That's exciting to have a maternity leave buddy! It'll be so nice to share the journey with her! And us of course!

    Gosh RS you will be exhausted. I hope the traffics kind? I also hope you have a nice hotel with a bathtub and a snuggly bed so that you can have a good sleep. At least you have avoided a drive early tomorrow morning. Don't worry about the scan - last time the date of my 12-week scan fell when my husband was away at a conference and they changed it to a few days later. I'm sure they can be flexible. I've been getting some headaches too. I've just been drinking lots of water. And then running to the loo of course!

    Im glad you are both thinking of NCT! Its such a great way to make friends. I don't know what I would have done without those girls when my son was newborn, especially in those early weeks when they're too little to do classes. We just used to go to each other's houses and go out of cake! It's nice to have a buddy at 3am too. Ha! Apparently there's a class for second time mum's too. Hopefully there'll be a class at the right time! Be good to make some more mat leave buddies, although my friend so I met through waterbabies is also pregnant! A month ahead of me! Yay!

    I am literally counting down the days until I can have my early scan. For some reason I don't dare book it but I know I need to get on it otherwise I won't be able to get a lunch slot on the day I want! I should hopefully be around 7 weeks on 27th Oct so I can have one then! I'm too scared...


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    Morning girls! Drumroll please...we've had 2-3 weeks on the clearblue! Woo! So I think I was right in being a few days behind my dates. 

    I've decided to just book the early scan and get positive about this pregnancy. I'm young and healthy and have had a healthy baby so there's no need for me to be fearing the worst. If the worst happens then me worrying about it isn't actually going to have helped anyway.

    Yay to being 4+5!

    RS, hope you had a safe drive and a good sleep.

    Have a lovely day girls xx

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    Yaayy!! That's fantastic news :) And I'm absolutely loving your positive attitude! You absolutely should be getting positive about the pregnancy, all the odds are in your favour. Get that scan booked and then you have something to look forward to and count down to.

    I've got a little calendar on my desk at work and have starred certain dates that I'm counting down to - 12 week scan, next midwife appointment etc. and seeing them like little milestones :)

    RS have a safe journey and try to enjoy some hotel time!

    Happy hump day ladies, nearly halfway to the weekend! xxx

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    I love that idea MrsCZ! It's so exciting seeing all the little milestones laid out in front of you. I'm going to do the same - surreptitiously obviously :)


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    Hi ladies. May I tentatively join you please? 

    I had my BFP yesterday and Ovia puts me at 4+4 although I suspect that'll be incorrect as I think I ovulated late! Apparently my estimated due date is 17th June. 

    I had a feeling, as I've had heartburn, a bit of nausea and I've had to undo my jeans after lunch for a few days now. But aside from that, i feel fine, and I'm completely terrified! Excited, but so worried.

    Ive been reading this thread since it started - congratulations to both the ladies who've had scans 

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    Hi Mrs-17! Yay! Congratulations and welcome! I was having a little read of the TTC thread and when I saw your BFP I hoped that you would come and join us. Lovely to meet you. Is this your first?

    I think you and I will be due similar times - I think I'm around 4+6 but I'm not really sure. Are you thinking about getting an early scan? Mine's booked for 26th. Woop!

    Bloating and nausea aren't very enjoyable but are fairly par for the course I'm afraid - I completely escaped heartburn last time so hoping to be lucky enough this time too! I still have zero symptoms apart from the usual tiredness and this insomnia which is not helping!

    Wishing you a healthly 9 months xx

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    Ha - did you see me post my BFP under a completely different username?! Doh... 

    Yes I think we will, as my partner is forces and will be out of the country by 12 weeks, and id like to do that first one together (just in case). I think I'm going to try and book on for 6th November as we are on leave that week! 

    This is my first. Is this your second? Ooh the 26th isn't too long to wait! How exciting. 

    Wishing us all a healthy 9 months  x

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    Hello all! I didn't realise a group had been set up 🤦🏼‍♀️ 

    It's lovely to see some May/June due dates - I'm due on 15 May and had first hospital and midwife appointments this week so starting to feel very real!

    Had a lot of nausea but luckily no sickness and this week seem to be feeling better, although do get waves of it at times! 

    I wondered whether to get an early scan but decided against it as felt if something happened between that and 12 week one I'd find it even harder I think. Lovely that you've had them though - it's so weird when you haven't seen anything and aren't showing isn't it?!

    Welcome to the newest BFP, Mrs-17, how exciting!

    Has anyone had their scan date through yet? I'm desperate to know when mine is - midwife said they usually sent out 2 weeks before so I should get soon as I'm 9+2 😬 X

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    Hey LouB! Thank you

    That's very exciting for you, won't be long until your scan now! Will you start to tell people after the scan?

    I understand what you mean about the early scan. I think I am just going to be terrified right through...

    I have a silly question... Do I need to go and see my Dr now? I'm unsure of what my next steps should be, as I have some questions about my asthma medication and exercise levels!

  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198

    Yay more members!

    mrs17 I called me doctor straightaway and they said they don‘t see you for pregnancy till 6 weeks but it varies from surgery to surgery. I’m sure if you have a specific health concern you can have a normal GP appointment? It is shocking how scary first trimester is isn’t it? the fear has been all consuming and I’m on constant knicker watch. I was in tears before the scan as I was so scared. If our 12 week scan is for when my husband can’t get off work we will do a private one together too.

    LouB cant believe you’re 9+2 already! I’ve not been feeling too sick either and my boobs are totally fine now too. I get waves of nausea and generally feel shitty but nothing like some of the horror stories I’ve heard... yet!! I’ve rung out hospital to request an appointment for a scan and then that sets in motion a chain of events where they send it to you a week or so later. In theory. Other people i know haven’t had them and have had to chase.

    lou85 the 26th will be here before you know it! So pleased you’ve had the 2-3 weeks on the clear blue digi 

    mrsCZ that is such a nice idea about the calendar, might do the same!

    No news here really. Midwife next Thursday afternoon. Currently debating whether to have a 9 week scan because I am just the most paranoid pregnant person ever!

    Also I am self employed so get no maternity pay, so will need to get saving pretty bloody hard over next 8 months!

    Happy Thursday! Xxx

  • Mrs-17Mrs-17 Posts: 89 New bride

    I think I might just book an apt for peace of mind over it all!

    RS - what are you exercise levels like now you're pregnant, as I remember from the 'Slimming down...' thread that you were a regular exerciser too! Have you needed to slow anything down?

    How long are you planning to take off?

    I am really glad that I'm not being totally unreasonable in my fear. I know that I cannot control this, but I am going to be positive about it.


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    Hi LouB! Congratulations to you!! I remember you from wedding planning :) I was bride310514.  Cryptic eh? Decided that was the least exciting username ever so changed it once I started TTC. If I remember correctly you're not too far from me...I used to live in Richmond but moved out to Surrey a few years ago. Eek 9+2, you're so close to seeing your baby for the first time! I remember getting my scan date through pretty early last time because I'd seen the midwife at 8 weeks. This time I'm not even seeing the midwife until I'm nearly 10 weeks so I have to self refer to the hospital at 6 weeks. Everywhere is different it seems. I do know what you mean about the early scan but I am just too impatient. I'm glad you're feeling better and have managed to escape the spew. Hopefully that continues for you. 

    Mrs-17, yes, this is my second baby. I have a gorgeous, gorgeous baby boy who is just the best thing ever. He's 13 months. I have a struggled a bit with Mummy guilt today because he cried when I left him at nursery (it's only his third week). It put me in a really sad mood to be honest (ruddy hormones). I called up shortly after and he'd settled right down but it's still hard. I feel a bit guilty that having a second means that he won't get all my attention but I really wanted a small age gap as I think it'll be amazing for him to have a sibling close in age. It's a shame that your hubby will be away for the 12-week scan. Is he away much? Definitely have an early scan together, that'll be lovely.

    RS - don't worry about the paranoia! I totally know what you mean. Last time I had two private scans before my 12-week one. And then a 4D scan at 30 weeks too - I loved all the scans! I seriously don't think we get enough in this country. Exciting to have the midwife next week too, its all ticking along nicely for you :)




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