When to TTC - fertility problems

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  • Hi FurureMrsDraper, it's a tough one. We got married 18 months ago today and wanted to try before hand but got persuaded not to by traditional family. We then found I have endo after 10 months of trying. I had a laproscopy last week to treat my endo and do other fertility tests and am pleased to say we have no reasons why we can't get pregnant... But 18 months in and we aren't. I'm 32, hubby is 36.

    So...questions I'd ask.

    Firstly, how bad is the endo? Even stage 1 reduces your chances of getting pregnant by two thirds. That isn't insurmountable, but means you should expect for it to take a while. Ditto the PCOS... How bad is it?

    You said about losing your weight, have you checked your bmi? Anything above 30 and most NHS trusts won't give you ivf etc for free, I know you're not at that stage (where I live also states they won't do it for under 30s!) but it's a good guideline to work towards as bmi over 30 can affect fertility.

    What id probably suggest, not knowing the answer to those questions is just that you not not try. Ie. Have unprotected sex as and when you want to but focus mainly on getting healthy. Actually TTC is quite hard work, with scheduled shags etc so it can put a strain on a relationship, so if you're unsure about whether you want to commit to full on TTC just be relaxed and if you get pregnant, youre really lucky. In terms of the miscarriage, I've had them myself so don't mean this in a flippant way, but you do know you can get pregnant. Let that help soothe away some of the endo PCOS panic. 

    Hope that helps, feel free to dm me or follow my TTC Instagram if you want to chat more (the_truth_about_ttc). Xx

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