Babies due October 2018

Hey ladies, 

Ive started this thread for those of us due in October. 

I’m currently 6 weeks exactly with my first 😊 I’m super excited but full of nerves too! 

Ive got another 3 weeks before I see the midwife for my booking appointment... it’s going to be a long 3 weeks! 


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    An October thread already! Congratulation!xx

  • Hello Toni, I am cautiously joining you. I’m only 14dpo but have had positives since 9dpo and the line is getting stronger so it’s looking ok at the moment. Little bit about me - I’m 34 and this will be my third baby (I have two sons who are 3 and 18months old) This is also the 6th time I’ve had positive tests (2 cps and a mc) only Last month I had a cp so that’s why I’m only cautiously joining you!

    Anyway enough about me, congratulations to you :)

  • I’m a bit keen I know but this is all so new to me that I wanted to have ladies to talk to about it all. 

    FunkyBride, I am sorry to hear about your losses but congratulations on this pregnancy. I’m sure everything will be just fine. I’m 26 and recently married. I feel so lucky that after not long of trying we have fallen pregnant but I’m struggling with feelings of anxiety and worry but I guess that is normal? 


  • Toni yes anxiety is normal, after all it is a major life change and you just want everything to be ok. You will probably feel much better after your 12 week scan (which I know seems forever away!) I was very nervous with my first son because I got Pregnant straight after a mc so I just thought it would happen again. However everything was fine :) 

    Im going to phone the doctors today to get the ball rolling.

    Fingers crossed some more lovely ladies will join us soon!x

  • I phoned the doctors yesterday and now I’m just waiting for the midwife to call me at some point to sort out the booking in appointment. So now it’s just a waiting game! Hoping we get some more ladies join us on here soon :)

  • Hi FunkyBride, sorry I haven’t replied. Sadly I have been back and forth from the hospital having had a MC 😔 Me and my husband are devastated.

    Anyway, I hope that your pregnancy is going well and you have your booking appointment in the diary now. Wishing you and your family all the best! X 

  • Oh no Toni I’m so sorry for you. I know nothing I say will make you and your husband feel any better right now as I know how devastating a mc is. Just take your time to grieve and look after yourselves. The miscarriage association forum really helped me after I had mine, maybe it’s worth you taking a look xxx

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,808 New bride

    So sorry Toni - I also know how devastating a miscarriage is. Take time to grieve and you will get your rainbow one day. Sending lots of hugs. 

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