Delayed Ejaculation

Hi All,

My H2B will be 40 at our wedding so I am keen to crack on with trying for our first baby.

Unfortunately, and upsettingly, he suffers from delayed ejaculation and has never (in 2.5 years of being together) been able to finish inside of me. I am so worried about what this will mean for TTC - we are going to have to use a syringe or something.

Has anyone else had/have this problem?


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    I haven't had this problem so can't speak from experience at all here, however I do know there are ways round it. Syringues may be an option but has he spoken to the doctor first? If he doesn't want to then could you make an appointment to discuss it with them? 

    Is he able to finish outside of you? 

  • There was a lady on here maybe a year or so ago on one of the TTC threads that had a husband with the same problem. If you use the search bar at the top of this website, I would bet you could find that thread and see what methods they tried.

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    Hi Anxious Bride, 

    I am a member of the Broken thread on here and  my husband suffers with delayed ejaculation. You are not alone. Have a google and you will find it’s extremely common. He has never in our whole relationship ‘finished’ inside me. My husband‘s problem is physical whereas I know for some men it is more pyscological. He is now getting treatment for the physical issue. We have been TTC since May 2016 using at home insemination, with syringes and cups. Obviously we haven’t been successful but have since found out hubby has a low count and I don’t ovulate regularly so I don’t think our lack of baby has much to do with our method. 

    I just wanted to hold my hand up as someone else out there dealing with this problem and someone who has researched the brains out of it! Different methods, success stories etc etc.

    Lots of luck to you and your husband and if you ever need any support or anything just give me a shout xx

    Married October 2016
    TTC since May 2016

    'Shout out to all of us fighting a battle that most people will never understand'
  • I feel for you here and understand however I don't want to discuss my experience on a public forum so feel free to send me a message anytime 

  • Thanks for commenting ladies.

    yes he can finish ok outside of me if I put in the effort to help him. But I worry that he wouldn’t be able to if he knew he was under pressure due to TTC (We don’t want to start trying until we are married).

    i am pretty sure his prob is psychological as he is such a worrier. 

    I love him to bits and just want to be able to find a way round this x

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