Will it be our month? TTC 32

Hi ladies


New thread as promised. We seem to have left off the BFP hall of fame recently so I will re start.

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So CD1 for me. There was a point where every owner of the TTC thread got pregnant that thread.... let see.



  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198

    Just jumping on to say that I think the last thread was by MrsE who got pregnant, the one before was by me, who got pregnant, and the one before that was TheLegacyofMrsM who is now pregnant so very high hopes for you this thread Mrs Twizbe!

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,858 New bride

    Good luck ladies! Wishing you lots of baby dust :) xxx

  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 861 New bride

    Fingers crossed for you Twiz. I think I made a ttc thread back in the day so maybe it works! Sorry af got you.

    Nothing much to report from me. I don't think this'll be our month. Ds has been poorly and not sleeping well so we've just been trying to catch up with sleep. It's his first birthday tomorrow 😔

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    Happy birthday to your DS Mrs Shark. How are you feeling about it? I was SO emotional on my little boy's birthday. I managed to hold it together until the evening when hubby surprised me with a bunch of flowers. Think he was a bit shocked by my reaction, crying like a crazy woman (all happy tears though)

    Do you have anything planned?

    I am OK about AF coming. we DTD twice this month and both after ovulation so chances were not high.

    I have now dried up though which is good news from a fertility point of view. I can't believe it took so long for that to stop.

  • Just popping over to this brand spanking new thread to say hi! Fingers crossed for you Twiz, that would be a brilliant tradition to continue with :p Oh a wedding that will be great.

    I am still waiting for AF to arrive, living in limbo until she decides to appear.

    A huge handful of baby dust to everyone! 2019 will be our year!

    Never late to the party if I’m late to the party with you!
  • Yay to a new thread and hopefully lots of babydust!!  Never for one moment thought it would be this hard. xx

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    Katie - no one ever does. We have it so drilled into us that having sex once without protection will result in pregnancy. I know it does for some people, but for others it take just a bit longer.

    Mrs Richardson - yeah, I am really looking forward to this wedding. It is a uni friend and his boyfriend and they are just so perfect for each other.

    In other news - hubby has said I can book us a night away for next month :-) we are going to leave DS with my parents for the night and then go into the city near where they live. It is the weekend of Eurovision so I have told husband that we can order in deliveroo, get some vino and watch it in dressing gowns. I LOVE Eurovision and hubby is on strict instructions to indulge me (his punishment for not letting me have a Eurovision party this year) That means he has to stay awake for the whole thing, he has to comment with me on the bad song and outfit choices, he has to vote and wave a little flag around during the UK entry.

  • Absolutely Katie I never thought it would be anything like it  has been. Rollercoaster is such an apt word. We will get there and so happy when we are :)

    Never late to the party if I’m late to the party with you!
  • MrsN82MrsN82 Posts: 212 New bride

    Fingers crossed this thread has the same effect for you twiz!

    MrsShark, I cannot believe they are turning 1 already!! The time has literally flown by. Are you doing anything? My lb is 1 on the 10th so just under 2 weeks, crazy!!

    Goid luck for everyone on this thread xx

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride

    Yay a new thread. I’m hoping this one brings us all some much needed BFPs! AF is due on Tuesday for me so I’m patiently waiting for it to arrive so we can get back on it.

  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,209 New bride

    RS is right - the last few thread makers have gone on to get their BFPs, I created TTC31 (which is also my age!) and got my BFP 2 weeks after creating the thread :-) 

    Good luck ladies & I'm keeping everything crossed for lots of beautiful babies in the early part of 2019.

    Babydust xxxx

  • Lots of luck to ladies on the new thread! I created two or three threads, moved on to the Broken thread and then got my BFP. Babydust to you all xxx

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    I was always too scared to start a thread first time round - I didn't want to be the one who didn't get a BFP on the thread they started lol.

    I think I need to give it a few more months before I head back to the broken thread.... though it is soooo tempting.

    Slightly on a broken topic - does anyone have any experience of alopecia? My husband developed it over the summer and it has progressed now to alopecia universalis. He has no hair at all. As it is an autoimmune condition I was trying to find out if it affects fertility. I can find lots about women and alopecia, male pattern baldness and fertility, but nothing about AU and it for men. Perhaps that means there is no impact, but feel like I should check.

    His mum has it too and she had it when she had her children. As far as I know she got pregnant very easily when she wanted to.

  • Hi, I found the new thread. 

    I wrote  the other one that I don’t have much to update. I should have ovulated 2 days ago but I have none of my normal stm so that’s worrying. 

    Sorry to hear that about your husband Twiz. I’m sorry I can’t offer any advice I have no experience of Alopecia. 

  • Amy491Amy491 Posts: 58

    Yay new thread! 

    Ive got no idea on the alopecia. Maybe mention it next time either of you are at a doctors? 

    update from me-my last cycle was 33 days and I’m currently on day 35. But as I’ve mentioned before we didn’t ttd much or at all in my fertile window so I think i’ll wait till Monday to test if there’s no sign of af by then

  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    A new thread! 😊 I'm still more of a lurker at the moment. About to start month 6 (I think) of trying for number 2. I have longer cycles than I used to so we're actually on cycle 5.

    Sorry to hear about your husband's condition Twizbe. I read something that said androgenetic alopecia can impact male fertility. Not sure if your husband's alopecia would fall into this category though, so it might be worth discussing with your GP. 

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride

    MrsTwiz - sorry I can’t be of any help with your husband‘s alopecia. Might be worth taking some advice from your GP? Sometimes Google is great for research but sometimes it can leaving you fearing the worst.

    Nothing much to report from me. Just enjoying the long (wet) Easter break. Me and D went to do a zoo keeper experience on Friday, which was really good. Best thing was cuddling meerkats and holding a 14ft boa constrictor! I have to say the snake scared me a bit when it was wrapping itself round my leg but what an experience holding a massive snake!

    Im patiently waiting for AF’s appearance, which should be here Tues. AF backache has arrived so looks like I’m still bang on cycle.

    Happy Easter ladies! Hope you’re enjoying your chocolate. 

  • MrsSharkMrsShark Posts: 861 New bride

    Has everyone had a lovely Easter? We had a party for DS with family which was lovely. Unfortunately I got a migraine in the evening so had to go to bed :(. I used to suffer with awful migraines when I was a teenager but I started getting them again in late pregnancy after 10 years of not having one! I've had a few since having DS and assumed it was just my hormones settling down but I'm pretty bummed I'm still getting them every now and then.

    I have everything crossed for you Nikki & Amy. Are you going to test or just wait it out?

    I don't have any knowledge of alopecia, sorry Twiz. Might be worth asking the Dr though so you know either way.

    Af is due over the weekend for me. We only managed to Dtd twice, I think only once over ovulation, so I don't hold much hope.

  • Amy491Amy491 Posts: 58

    Tested and it was negative.  Looks like I’m just having one of those randomly long cycles.

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride

    I won’t test unless I’m late. We only DTD once this month as we didn’t want a December baby so it will be a miracle if there is a BFP this cycle! We’ll be back on it properly next cycle with everything crossed that we can have a 2019 baby!

  • Lol557Lol557 Posts: 10

    Hello everyone,

    I hope it's ok to join you. I tentatively said hi a while back on the old thread but hadn't really started ttc properly so became more of a lurker.

    But new thread, new start and my DH and I are now really on our ttc journey. 

    I've got a lot of worries about ttc as my cycles are very irregular and can range up to 72 days. I had been on the pill for 10 years till last August which I know can affect it but they were also irregular before.... 

    I have doc's appointments coming up in may to discuss things so hoping that'll help me feel more clearer and for now I'm using Glow to try and feel a bit more in control of things if that makes sense?! anyone else using any apps?


    Anyway just wanted to say hello everyone, baby dust to all and fingers crossed for 2019 babies :-)

  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 483 New bride

    I used Ovia and then downloaded Fertility Friend. I found it much better, and there's loads of analysis tools. Its free for 30 days and then I bought a years membership for £24, would highly recommend it! 

  • Hi Lol welcome aboard! Hopefully you are only here a short while. I understand comple about your worries with irregular cycles as I am in the throws of it myself, currently CD74. These have only come about recently so am speaking to doc’s about it. You’re certainly not alone and we are all here to help :)

    MrsShark I’m sorry youve been feeling under the weather, it’s never nice to hear. I have only ever had one migraine but it was awful so feel for you.

     Sorry to hear about your test Amy

    I have Ovia and Glow to keep track of things, they’ve both been usefulish, but have considered the Ava bracelet to help with BBT and other tracking features. It’s quite expensive though so am not sure yet. Any thoughts?

    Overall had a lovely weekend with family and eating chocolate. Got a follow up appointment on Thursday to see what we can do about my progesterone so fingers crossed. I hope you don’t mind me hanging around here, (not sure if I belong here or on the broken thread). I have been using vitex for the last few weeks and hopefully will bring on AF soon.


    Never late to the party if I’m late to the party with you!
  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    Hello all, Hello to the new faces.

    MrsRichardson - you belong wherever you want to :-) both threads are here for anyone TTC. Good news on your follow up appointment though. Things will start to move a bit quicker for you now.

    Sorry to those having a hard time and with BFNs :-(

    We had such a busy weekend. We were at a wedding on Saturday and I drank WAY too much so spent a lot of Sunday morning feeling horrific. Managed to pull it together to get to church for the 10:30 service though. Even more exciting DS took his first steps during the service :-)

    AF is out the building so we are back on DTD. Decided to risk at 2nd Jan due date and just go for it. That said, hubby is now in Scandinavia until Friday so no more DTD until he gets back.

    So tired this morning and my coffee isn't quite cutting it yet. I was tempted to get a double shot this morning, but that is a slippery slope. I remember once seeing a bloke order an espresso with 5 shots! even the barristas were shocked.

    Got a crazy day ahead at work as well today...... is it bed time yet?

  • Hope everyone has enjoyed the Easter break. I'm off work until next Monday, yay!

    Mrs Richardson - I've read good things about the Ava bracelet but like you said it's pricey.

    I will be coming up to fertile time the end of this week so will see how it goes and keep my fingers crossed. 

    Good luck all. 

    Katie xx



  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,352 New bride

    I also meant to say, thank you for the comments on the alopecia. Hubby has been to his GP, but they weren't much use. She didn't know much about the condition and just referred him on to the dermatologist. He is seeing them in June so we will see what they say.

    Don't think we will bother with him having any fertility tests done though - but it would be interesting if there was any link. His is not the same as the male pattern though.

    On the subject of apps - I use natural cycles - it is pricy, but you can use it for contraception as well. I tried fertility friend but didn't get on with it. I like natural cycles. I am not using it this month though as we are just going to do what we fancy. I will use it for contraception again once I've had another baby though. Partly I don't want to go back on hormonal and partly because it is good to use while BFing.

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride

    Last day off work for me today. Went to a farm with my sister and her kids (along with A LOT of other parents/kids). It was so muddy/busy. 

    AF arrived on schedule today. So hopefully we’ll get back on the baby making train once it’s gone. I casually mentioned to my Mum that we had been trying since last June and she seemed a bit shocked we hadn’t gotten pregnant yet. I don’t tend to tell many people we are TTC other than my sister and my two best friends. My mum was the first one who was shocked and then questioned what we had been doing. It made me feel a little defensive. Definitely won’t be telling anyone else!

  • Amy491Amy491 Posts: 58

    Random bit of a moan- I bought two twin packs of tests from Tescos. I think they were Tesco’s one brand. Only 1 out of the 4 worked. The control failed on 3 of them! 

    Ive only told one friend, but a couple of other friends have pretty much figured it out. I am dreading the questions if we get to a year or so and nothings happened

  • Lol557Lol557 Posts: 10

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for thoughts on the apps, I'm going to keep going with Glow for now and see how we go, I like that it's quite cheerful and upbeat but that may wear thin!

    Nikki that sounds really tough dealing with people's reactions, I'm sorry to hear that. and how rubbish about those tests Amy.

    According to Glow it's my fertile windows this weekend so lots of DTD ahead. Though I don't really trust it's truly happening after the crazy cycles of the past 6 months but it's good to imagine that it is!

  • Ahh Nikki - I can understand why that would have upset you and why you would get defensive. I would have been exactly the same. It's just not that easy and if more people talked about it instead of hysteria when you are younger that is it so easy to get pregnant, I think more people would be relaxed when TTC in the genuine knowledge that it sometimes does not happen at the click of a finger. 

    I use Glow, also have Ovia but I find Glow much user friendly. Can't seem to view my full BBT chart in Ovia and I love to obsess over that at times!! 


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