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Quick question - tax on benefits?

Hello ladies 

I was hoping someone here could answer a quick question I have. My first baby is due in a few months and I'm hoping to get child benefits as I will be out of work for a few months. I was wondering if the child benefits will be taxable on top of my normal income? I've looked at sites like this one ( - has been extremely useful with budgeting for the baby recently!) but there isn't an option for benefits. I'll be on paid maternity leave but as I'm told children are rather expensive, so hopefully will be able to cope with it! My husband will be staying in full time work which will definitely help. Anyway, hope to hear from someone soon :)



  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398

    Child benefit isn't counted as taxable income :)

  • LucaSRLucaSR Posts: 2
    Mrs2018 wrote (see post):

    Child benefit isn't counted as taxable income :)

    Thank you! Sorry if it was a bit of a silly question, can't quite think straight. Thanks again :)

  • Mrs_BadgerMrs_Badger Posts: 1,440 New bride

    And you get Child benefit anyway.... Not just because you're out of work.  It's is paid right up until child is out of full time education.

    You may be able to get Child tax credit but you'll have to enquire on that.

  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398

    Your husband may also be entitled to working tax credits aswell. All the best with the rest of your pregancy :) 

  • DreamCatcher_DreamCatcher_ Posts: 119

    You will get child benefit as the income limit is fairly high, tax credits aren't guaranteed as they are income dependent and assessed.

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