How small of a house is too small?

I'm not pregnant or looking to have a baby yet but me and my fiance have been talking about having our own little family a lot recently and I "yearn" to have his kids more and more. 

He'd like to be married first which I understand and respect as his parent's aren't married themselves but 'practically married' as they have been together since they were teens (their now in their 40's) and have been engaged for many years. And I want them to have his name. 

But I was just having lots of thoughts about starting a family.

I was thinking ; Do we save for a house deposit and buy a house together before we have a baby 

or do we just try for a baby in the current house we are in?

My fiance isn't fussed about which comes first . He just wants to marry me before. 
He keeps saying multiple times a day he wants my babies (lol) 

But I'm just asking out of curiosity ; how small would be too small to raise a child? Our house is 42meter squared. 

We have an okay sized Living room but a very small kitchen and our bedroom can fit 2 desks & a king sized bed in it and has built in storage cupboards that we use as wardrobes. 

Our bathroom is a small square with little storage room however we do have a good sized space storage cupboard under the stairs. 

We have a shared back garden with our neighbors with no fence (we aren't allowed to put one up as far as I'm aware but it doesn't bother us anyway... we respect each others "sides") 

I'm sure many people have coped in tiny rooms but I always get scared about if i can provide for them in the size we have. Funny though, as I work with kids 



  • Mrs2018Mrs2018 Posts: 398

    Your house would be fine for the first 6-12months but after that your really going to be wanting to put baby into a toddler bed in their own room. I'd advise atleast renting a 2 bed house before you have a baby so you have space for all the stuff they need and a room there ready and waiting x

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    At least 2 bedrooms so the baby has space once they leave your room 

  • Becky111Becky111 Posts: 222 New bride

    Yep you definitely need a second bedroom. Also if you do eventually want to buy your own home, I'd suggest to do it before you have a child.

    Our friends moaned at us so much because it took us ages to buy and move out of our parents. We'd been together 9 years on the day we moved in but we have our forever home that we don't need to move out of. Unless we end up with triplets or something. 

    We'd seen the hard way what negative equity and not realistically being able to extend your family can do and it had really serious ramifications for one couple we know. 

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride

    Yes, you need 2 bedrooms as a minimum really once baby is about 6 months.

    Poster above is correct, if you want to buy it's also a lot easier to do that before you have children than after. If you have time off work or give up work it will also make it much harder to get a mortgage than with 2 full time incomes.

    We bought after having our son but we've had to go down the shared ownership route for now which isn't ideal - but better than renting for us.Once wedding is paid for next year and our childcare costs reduce when our son goes to school we will then be putting all our financial effort into overpaying our mortgage and buying the other half of our house, which will then give us the freedom to move or extend easily if we want/need to.


  • KittyFiennesKittyFiennes Posts: 975 New bride

    As someone with three kids running around, I can vouch for the fact the more room is always better.  I wouldn't even consider having a child in a home with only one bedroom.  And whomever above pointed out about the two incomes is right: you're going to be in a much better position to buy when you are both earning maximum wages than if you've cut back due to pregnancy or a newborn. 

    I would get the house first and then wait another year or two to replenish your savings before having a baby. Once you've scraped together a downpayment, then there's all the repairs and changes you'll want to make to the house once you're in it.  You aren't not going to want to have the expense of a baby (and the lose of your income) until you're had time to replenish your savings after the downpayment and the repairs. 

    My sister is in a similar place right now, having had the baby first. They have their downpayment together now which has taken her years to do, but they aren't going to have any money to fix anything up and are going to be one major house problem (i.e. a dead furnace) away from financial destruction as they will have no savings left.

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