New Mummies with babies due in April?

Hi girls - We've just found out we've got a little bun in the oven - which should be due end of April - any others out there who want to share stories through the months?! xxx :\)


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    Ah Mrs Betty that's great news! We have our first due in the beginning of March-9th we think but dating scan should confirm on the 28th! How are you feeling so far? xx
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    Hi Mrs Betty

    Congratulations, thats great news, we are in the same boat, I've estimated 14th April for us.

    Feel ok at the moment, very tired tho !

    Hows it all going ?
  • Congrats everyone!

    we're due April 9th at the moment - waiting for dating scan to confirm image Any having any symptons yet?
  • Yay!! There's loads of us!! Yippeeee!! I feel ecstatic - hubby is too. Needing lots of tinkles - and my tummy is too big for my trousers - (I reckon I'm carrying a whopper!!) - but no other symptons really at the mo!! We bought a pregnancy Journal from Mothercare, and we're enjoying filling that in. How have other people taken your news? Hubby arranged for a massive bunch of pink lillies and roses to be delivered to my work yesterday with 2 boxes of chocs, and took me out to dinner as soon as we found out - I feel so spoilt at the moment!! How old is everyone? I'm 25 and its my first - soooo excited!! xxx
  • Congratulations. I'm due end of March beginning of April but need a scan to give me dates.

    I got my first midwife appointment next Tuesday so excited.

    How long have you been married?


  • That's brilliant Kelly - congrats!! I've got my date from Fertility Friend as I used their charts to help us bake our little bun!! Enjoy Tuesday - that's well exciting!! We've been married less that two months - got married June 23rd - you? xxx
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    congrats - my first is due 14th Jan so I am now 18 + 5 and have no noticable bump or anything still in all ordinary clothes etc. Off for second scan on tues though so that is exciting! Loving it all hope you enjoy your pregnancy too!
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    Hi Mrs Betty - congratulations!!!

    My dates are the same as MCC and so I am also due on 14th Jan. I do now have a bump though!! I has appeared in the last week from nothing and so has been a bit weird but so amazing. I am still in my normal jeans with the help of a belly belt but now need to wear longer tops to prevent that awful looking gap between my top and jeans!

    I have my scan next wednesday and we are so excited about it!!! MCC, you will have to let me know how yours goes on Tuesday and also if you need to drink a pile of water again before the scan???
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    Wow, how lucky are you all to not be showing yet - i'm only 6 weeks and showing already - like Mrs betty, my trousers are getting too tight - even rang midwife as was worried I was carrying a few babies - he he

    We got married 14th July & concieved on honeymoon, its my 2nd child, i have a 23month old little girl.

    Yes - drink plenty of water for your scan, its a nightmare he he
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    Hi, I have symptoms galore but it's all part of pregnancy I guess so I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can! As for showing, in the first few weeks it was awful as I was so bloated, but it's rarely baby bump on your first this early on, I've started to develop a bit of a tummy now at 11 weeks but it's only noticable to me and Andy as it's covered in clothes, so don't expect to be properly showing for a little while yet! I have my dating scan on the 28th, which I'm dead excited about but also a bit nervous incase it shows a problem! We were lucky enough to have a scan at 7 weeks so have seen little one's heartbeat already, which was just amazing and such a relief after a miscarriage in the very beginning of June! Hope you're all well xx
  • Congratulations to all of us then!! Anyone know at what age you can have a scan to tell the sex? We'd have to go private for this as our NHS hospital doesn't do it.

    I'm quite enjoying having a little bump - makes me feel even more pregnant which is great! Mrs Stresshead are you having morning sickness yet?
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    Mrs Betty - on the NHS it is your 20-24 week scan that they can offer to tell you the sex of the baby - but like you say not all authorities do this as it can result in a spate of late abortions awful I know but it happens! Hope you can get one privately. We don't want to know the sex we are looking forward to a suprise!
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    No not having any morning sickness as yet (touch wood) i didnt with my first child either so am hoping that I wont again - although i prob wont be as lucky to get away with it twice, but up to now i feel ok. My breasts are sore although not as bad as last time, so at the moment i doing ok really - think i will make the most of it sure it wont last too long !!

    We cant decide if we want to find out the sex, we did with our little girl, but not sure this time - i really want to know tho !
  • I got married the 30th May. But didn't start trying till after my first period after coming off the pill. Couldn't believe we got caught so quick.

    I'm showing a little bit, but it could be all the food on our honeymoon. (it was a delayed honeymoon cos got married in Cyprus) But my mum as said you can see you are getting bigger and I'm eating quick healthy!!!


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    Hi, We are due on the 11th April altho i say 9th by my dates, going for a dating scan on 20 Sept as Dr thinks i may be a bit further along than we think and that my last af on the 4th July was maybe an implantation bleed. I am definately showing already and started with morning sickness last Saturday. CarlyC the god damn sea bands havent worked today, i have been running thro reception again at work to be sick, Hope everyone has a happy healthy and sick free pregnancy (unlike carlyc and me)

  • Oh bless you Kt2!! Hope that goes away sharpish!!! Any other tips to help with the dreaded sickness?

    so who wants girls and who wants boys?!!

    Have great weekends girls!! xx
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    Hi Kt2

    whats an implantation bleed ? I feel so big at the mo (am only 5 weeks) - rang the midwife yesterday as its not normal the size of my stomach, people are thinking I am 4 months +. she said that it could be that my dates are wrong but not to worry and she'll access it when she sees me but my appoint aint till 18th sept - seems an awful long way away.

    Hope the sickness wears off x
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    Ah KT2 I'm sorry you're getting sick again! Not a nice feeling! I've just been signed off for 2 more weeks, they've found protein in my urine so just waiting for more test results! I'd love to tell you what worked for me, but honestly only rest eases it, and still it doesn't make it go away, just a bit easier when you're not having to worry about work! As sad as it is, you sort of get used to it and realise what you can and can't stomach-smells are the worst though! Ice poles are fantastic if you're not able to drink, and do go to the docs if it gets to the stage where it's unbearable-can't have you dehydrating! At least you know you're full of pregnancy hormones though!

    Mrs Betty-I change my mind every two seconds about what I want! I know I'll be overjoyed with whatever it is, but sometimes I see the cutest stuff and that's normally what sways me! I find it really hard to think of names for boys too, have a few in mind for a little girl though, how about you? xx
  • Mrs Stresshead - I know I'm 5 weeks too, and I look much bigger. I have a high metabolism though so my tummy is normally as flat as a pancake - so I suppose its just the comparision between how I normally am? We have our appointment with the Dr on Weds, so are not anywhere near a midwife appointment yet!!

    CarlyC - I don't care as long as the baby is perfect - though same as you - have more names for a little girl - and the girl stuff are sooo much more cuter - I'd be overjoyed if it was a girl - but just as happy with a llittle lad! We told hubby's mum yesterday she was over the moon - it was lovely - we bought her a Granny certificate and put awarded by 'BabyBump' she thought it was from our dog first - then put her glasses on and realised!!! xx
  • Girls - what happened at your first Dr's appointment after finding out you were preggers?! xx
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    Ha, mine was ridiculous! The Dr said congrats, book yourself in with the midwife and that was it. I wanted them to test or something just to confirm-even though I knew I was. Think I wanted to hear someone official say it! I was really worried, but alot of people say their Dr was the same! What happened with yours hon? xx
  • Mine's tomorrow - just wanted a heads up on what to expect!! Fron what I've heard it ranges from yours to scary internals!!! Eeeek!! Suppose we're going to have to get used to that though..!! he he x
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    Ha ha! Yep, think all dignity's about to go out the window! When you're very early on there's not much they can do anyway so it doesn't tend to be too invasive! Saying that, I had an internal scan at 6 and a half weeks because of my previous miscarriage, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and definitely worth it as we got to see the heartbeat. Hope it goes well tomorrow! Hopefully you'll be able to book your booking in appt with the midwife, that's when they start to really take an interest! xx
  • Hi been for my booking in appointment with my midwife today. She thinks i'm due on the 28th March 2008. So earlier then i thought.

    Got to go back next week for blood tests.

    They have refered me to the hospital for a scan.

    Se excited.


  • It's getting exciting isn't it!! Our first dr's appointment was today - just had weight, blood pressure, pulse, heartbeat and height checked/measured, and were given a bounty pack. Apparently our midwife is called Maureen and she'll contact us over the next few weeks. The Dr confirmed our due date - 20th April. Practically a whole month before us then Kelly!! Hubby is telling his work today, was nice for him to be able to come with me today. Yes I can imagine it would be really nice to see/ hear the heartbeat Carly!! Is it everyone's first baby? xx
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    My first!
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    my doc was a bit like CarlyC's - he said congrats & not much else, he sent a from to hospital & made me an appoing for midwife for 18th sept, which has now been brought forward due to the size of me to the 5th sept, they need to check whats going on !!

    This is my second child
  • I can't wait to go for the scan to hear and see the baby. Its our first.

    I know i think I'm less than that though cos had 32 cycle before so mayb due a little later.

    I will get the dates again at my 12 week scan when it comes through

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  • lt's our first too!! Which areas are everyone? We're bedfordshire xx
  • I'm near bham west mids

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