How soon do you know??

Hey girls, just for future reference, I just wanted to ask - how 'pregnant' do you have to be before you start getting some symptoms?? Is it always after you've missed the first period, or could it be before that? Want to know what to look out for when the time comes! Ta! Mrs S x


  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    it depends person to person I think. I didn't really get any symptoms till the 7th or 8th week but I tested as soon as my period was due (4th week) - does that make sense?

    But I know other people had symptoms before that. But I think it can be easy to convince yourself of symptoms too so be careful - hehe!
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Hi! My morning sickness started when I was 4 weeks and 3 days, but I had a couple of odd little symptoms before that which I now think were to do with pregnancy! About 2 days before my period was due, I completely went off alcohol and certain foods made me feel really queasy, plus my mouth tasted like I'd been carrying pennies in it, not sure if it was just me hoping for symptoms though! xx
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