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We've been trying to concieve since the wedding (May) but so far no luck. I'm using ovulation sticks and we're having sex at the right times, taking all the supplements and staying off the booze etc so doing everything right. Hubby went to doc and whilst there asked about the risks of reduced fertility caused by hernia ops (he had one when he was a baby) and the doc thought there could be a chance this may cause problems with the 'quality' of sperm. I am getting pretty concerned that we may have severe problems concieving naturally. At the time hubby asked we weren't trying for a baby so didnt go into much detail and the doc only said there was a chance, but all the same. :\( Not sure waht advice I want but getting it off my chest helps.

ps: Should add that when I say 'concerned' I really mean very very worried. It's only been 4 months but expected to be pregnant by now. Feel like crying. Due on on 30th August so please cross all your fingers and toes for us and if anyone has any baby dust left can I have some please. All I want is a baby!! xxx

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    jules please don't get worried about this just yet (I am sure that is impossible to do but seriously try not to). The average couple can take up to a year to get preg so 4 months is really not long to be trying so just keep at it and make it as relaxed and 'normal' as possible ie don't get too clinical! I am sure it will happen for you and I know it must be frustrating as the months go past and still no success but there is no reason to think it is a problem just yet!

    Fingers crossed for you!
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    hi jules try not to worry as stressing will make it worse for you. I understand how anxious it can be i was lucky and conceived first month with my two but my best friend it took her nine months. You are doing all the right things re supplements and staying off booze etc. It must be incredibly frustrating. Would it be worth going to see the GP amd discussing your concerns or maybe asking for a sperm count test. ((Big Hugs ))) I hope it happens soon for you xx
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    I can't offer any pearls of wisdom with regards to trying to conceive (as we're not trying) but thought I would comment on the hernia op thing. Htb's brother has had more than 1 hernia op (not sure if he had first one when he was young though) His wife is currently pregnant with baby number 3 (their other kids are nearly 5 and over 2.5) and although we don't talk about fertility etc with them I am not aware of them having any issues when conceiving.

    Fingers crossed for you.
    Dont worry Jules I have been off the pill for a year (last August stopped taking it before my wedding day on 9th September 2006) and I have not yet fallen pregnant. We weren't really trying to be begin with as we had a holiday skiing booked at the end of Jan 2007 - but we always thought if it happened we would deal with it. It has only been the last 6 month we have really been trying but still nothing. Until this month I have been guessing my ovulations times but obviously that has not worked. I have just brought ovulation sticks (as recommended by other users here) to make sure I am ovulating and naturally doing the deed at the right times and if nothing in the next few months then I suppose we will have to go and see the doctor and have 'tests' done. Now all my friends are having kids and more than ever I really want to be pregnant so fingers crossed. Just keep your chin up. At the moment I am wishing my life away so I can use my new ovulations sticks and then I will be wishing my life away to see if the AF comes.

    Mrs Welshbale xxx
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    Hey Jules! *hugs*

    I havent been in here for ages and I come in and find you.. I am not really sure what to say but try not to get too anxious hunny, as the others have said it can take over a year or so. Try and tell yourself for now if it happens it happens (easy for me to say perhaps as I am not trying yet!), but being anxious is so not going to help you and may start to add stress on your partner and I know you dont want that.

    We have not started to try yet, but we plan for next year so I guess I should come off the pill now LOL.

    How are you doing today?

    luv un hugs

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    Hi, thank you everyone. I found the TTC support thread after posting this so that was a big help. It's similar to when I was still wedding planning in that it is always a huge relief to know you aren't the only one feeling what your feeling and worrying etc.

    Thank you for that Future Mrs L. That really does help. The sort if things I was redaing in various books etc made it sound like pure doom and gloom but clearly that isn't true. I'll pass that on to MrJules as I think he was beginning to worry too.

    MrsWB i am exactly the same wishing the days away just to find out if this month has been successful and then if it isn't I'll chill out for afew days and then start getting impatient for ovulation time. Feel guilty for wishing time away like that but can't stop myself! lol.

    Hi Suzie!! I'm trying to chill out and I am better at it than I was. Maybe if this carries on I'll get better at handling the dissappointment. Hope you have been doing okay. Haven't 'seen' you for ages image I came off my pill about 5 months before we were starting to try. My period took 3 months to get back to normal. I read somewhere that a womans fetility is slightly higher in the couple of months after she stops taking the pill but as I read a lot of stuff that confuses me I'd check that out first!image

    Thank you MummyC and Mrs Good. I promise I'll stop panicking and take it as it comes ( pun intended!)


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