baby due 3 weeks before wedding abroad

ok so two weeks ago my H2B and i had unprotected sex and i did not take the morning after pill because we do want another child, but we were a little worried about our wedding.

wedding is booked in the dominican republic on 2 june 08, we are leaving on the 25 may, and we have both sets of parents comong with us.

well i was due my period today, i sent H2B to boots and he came back with two clearblue digitals.

i said i will do one now and mabey the other in the morning as we may not get the right result as they are ment to be done in the morning.

i done it and i am PREGNANT, the test actually says PREGNANT. i ripped the test apart to get the test strip out, two lines both dark. image

i am so exited, we both really wanted at least one more but were going to wait until after the wedding.

IF all goes well i will be due 3 may 08 - 3 weeks before we are due to leave for the dominican republic.

now thing is i dont want to cancel, do i leave everything as it is and go with a 10 year old a 23 month old and a 3 WEEK OLD, or put the wedding back as far as i can, which is october when the new baby will be aprox 5 months :\? image image image


  • Gosh don't know what to say... do you really think you'll be up and ready to go with a three week old - relying on a prompt baby and quick passport service?

    I would be tempted to wait a week and see then think about delaying the wedding by a month or so... Good luck and congratulations!!
  • bleurgh_25bleurgh_25 Posts: 159
    Congratulations! It's a hard decision to make, as you're probably like to rest of us and desperate to have your wedding day now it's been planned. Can you remember how you felt that soon after having your previous two? The one thing you don't want is to be tired on your wedding day and if you're breast feeding you'll be tied to the baby!

    If it was me, I'd be tempted to put it back a little bit, so the baby can be looked after by relatives and you won't be worrying too much about it in the run up to giving birth.

    Hope all goes well. B
  • thats a toughey but congrats that will be a lovely wedding picture. if the weather was not so warm you could just go for i but with a tiny baby i am not sure i would like to bring it would you be willing to leave knew baby behind but if you do this then it will be missing out,,,,,,,dont know why dont you wait on see another month wont matter will it,,,,talk to family
  • congratulations. wow how exciting!

    anyawy back to the question pmsl. were your other babies early or late? bear in mind that if u go over due it could be only a week til u get married and u dont know how the birth will go.(if u have a c-secion u cant fly straight away or so i was told)

    will u be breast feeding? i would either try and bring it forward or put it back but its entirly upi to how u and your h2b feel about everything.

    plus u will have to get a passport for your new baby too.

    let us all know what u decide and good luck with it all, bet u feel like your in a dream world right now :\)
  • sarahfwildsarahfwild Posts: 139
    Congrats!! What a lot to think about tho!! Not sure what it would be like for baby being that hot, but what about you - and what if its late????? It could only be born the week before if you went over??? And what if you had to have a section - would they even let you fly??? Sorry - have obviously got my practical head on this afto!!
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