Conceiving after Cerazette?

Just wondered if any of you ladies had experience of TTC after Cerazette and how long it took for yor cycles to return to normal?


ladyinpink xxx


  • i was wondering this too. stopped taking pill (cerazette) over a month ago and still no show of af.done hpt and was bfn so its not that.

    im just waiting for af to show and hope my cycle returns to normal soon. we want to start trying as soon as we are married. im just glad i have come off pill now and not nearer wedding.

  • Not sure about Cerazette, but i was on Dianette and i didn't have a period for 9 months!! Finally got my first period 2 weeks ago.

  • Thanks ladies, just wondered about personal experiences. I've been browsing other forums and it seems that some people conceive first month while others have waited anything up to 18 months to get their period!!!!

    I'm not getting married until next April but was just thinking aheadimage xxxx
  • ive come off cerezette 2 mths ago and periods been normal since actually more normal now than when on it im due in 11 days and hopefully have concieved as me and h2b have had a lot of fun heee hee hee so hopefully has worked and pregnant
  • blimey - this has got me nervous. I'm on cerazette and haven't had a period in 5 years - i want to be pregant this time next year, not still waiting for my period!
  • ck579ck579 Posts: 294
    I got pregnant within a month of coming of cerazette but it doesn't usually take me long. Funnily enough I only came off it because I was having problems with it was goingto start a different pill after a little break.
  • beaubessiebeaubessie Posts: 321
    I came off cerazette in July 2007 and had a period after about 4 weeks. I have been on time ever since although not activly ttc as yet (although part of me really wants to!)
  • milkiemoomilkiemoo Posts: 144
    Just recently stopped taking it after being annoyed with frequent periods (weekly!) and being a miserable cow on it. Took about 5 weeks for my first period to come. Was originally on it before getting pregnany with my daughter and it took us 4 months to concieve after stopping!

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